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  1. Congrats sir....wonderful build. Its the best FM Halifax I've seen so far. Little to busy to get back to mine....but one day. Phil.
  2. Hi Warbird78, Gee that's a very nice F-102 and re-scribe to boot. I built on of these many moons ago and it was the time it first came out under Monogram label. I used Superscale decals for a Penn Air National Guard...Main problem I found was the rear air-brake and burner can seam line and weird molding. All good fun...but yours is simply a stunner. And I agree the photos you posted are magic and show it off well... Congrats. PHIL.
  3. Hi Woody37, Yeah its looking very nice....hope its on its wheels soon. Keep up the good work... PHIL.
  4. Hi Woody37, Its looking real sharp...and the bomb bay is looking great. Been stuck here with problems but hope to start up my build again very soon. Phil.
  5. Hi Woody37, Yeah its looking real sharp...just kinda thinking about mine right now. Hope to kick on with mine for the new year... Keep going with it....one of the best FM Halifax MkIII I've seen so far. PHIL.
  6. Hi Fritag, Yeah the little Hawk looks cool....but dear me tell them little Airfix pilots to wipe their feet before they jump in the cockpit next time....lol! Phil.
  7. Hi Woddy37, Yeah I kinda like the work you have done. Keep going with it and forget the quick builds...thats just my advise. Phil.
  8. Hi Mr.Woody37, I suggest finding a wide 3 blade prop...B-17, B-24 or B-29 and using the blades. I have used a Tamiya tape master pattern and lay it on top of the wide prop...then shape it. It sounds difficult to start with but if you have a certain level of redundancy pick the best of the bunch and you have something. Yeah it mightn't be 100% accurate for my liking but the basic shape and direction will be there...and it will be much better than the FM props. Just a thought... Keep going with it.....it looks good! PHIL.
  9. Hi Woody37, Yeah its an option using the kit exhausts...I'm still debating on that one. I'm still fool'n around with the messed up wings and that is a pain. Keep up the good work. PHIL.
  10. Hi Woody37, Yeah its the Boulton Paul "D" type turret, and its different to the Lancaster rear turret, yet was fitted to some Mk IIIs. No Liberator rear turret was ever used operationally...yet I remember text saying it was considered somewhere for Halifax's when the "D" rotated, because of shuddering and poor ammunition feed (coastal command)? I think parts from a Me410 were used helped solve this at BD? I have photos and drawings of type "D" if you need them. Yeah you waits till you get to that bomb bay and the split door alignments. I figure you have that already wor
  11. Hi Woody37, Yeah I tried fool'n around with the Tamiya engines buts its the molding for the porcupine exhausts with the breather pipes that will be in the incorrect position. The 5th Tamiya Beaufighter engine will allow you to cut out and mod the molding and put the exhaust in the correct position. Yeah it is a lot of trouble yet it is a distinguishing feature of the Halifax with the Herc's. We must build to the prototype Mr Woody37...after all it is scale modelling; however its your kit......so its what ever you wish to do. Don't forgets to notch the flaps if your gonn
  12. Hi Woody37, Hmm, Mr Eduard again...will have to look into that one. I find it tough with some of Eduards early stuff to get it to fit. Wish they would jack up the 1/72 Revell Halifax bits to 1/48...but I'm dreaming there. I'm still stuck on the outer engine nacelles because FM seems to have got it a little confused somewhat. I'm looking for wood to make a master for a vac of those parts. I'm prob gonna have to vac a lot of parts for this build because of parts being not what they seem. Need to source some decals as well...don't know what Halifax I will end up with...lol
  13. Hi Woody37, Nice work keep at it M8. Was wondering where you gots the bomb racks? To Tonyot : It looks like the bottom pic is from the original early Mk III which was converted from a Mk II. The pic looks to staged? to be a squadron ready aircraft IMHO. The bomb bay next to the engine bay on a Mk III and later marks was designated for a emergency fuel cell. The rack of incendiary bombs with the ground crew man has both his hands on is obviously not the red fuel cell. Phil.
  14. Hi Woody37, Gee that’s your wife….she looks like your daughter! Hmmm………..the things we do for love and it looks like you two had a great night. My Halifax kit wings are giving me trouble....stuck'em together and both are different. I guess that's what you get with a limited run kit. Ok back to the serious stuff. Good work there on the wings. Gee I can never get those rivet lines straight with my huge hands so I think I will leave’em out on mine. I was wondering if you Halifax buffs know what angle those Herc’s stick upward from the center-line of the wing ai
  15. Hi Mr. Woody37, Its look'n good there woody and I like the idea of adding to the wing root for strength. I hope you take a look'ie at the rear elevators and do some strength'n up there to. I carried my main spar all the way to the inside of the wheel well and spare/auxiliary tank in the 3rd bomb bay position. Effectively creating a wing box... Yeah its moving along nicely. Phil.
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