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  1. Hi Howie, Like everyone has said practice is the key to success you are doing the right thing by getting a book to practice on and also things like coke bottles baked bean cans etc are good for practicing going round corners I would'nt use tap water to thin the paints with only distilled either that or brand of thinners that go with what ever acylic's you are using you won't go wrong with Tamiya or Vallejo both are very forgiving if you mix 50/50 with what ever your using as a thinner you should get a decent result another tip is to cut to air if you want to dry the surface a bit quicker just push the trigger down and it should just be air coming out the nozzle. Hope this helps a little good luck Nige
  2. I use Gorilla glue which is like PVA you have time to position the canopy without fear of it drying on you and if there's any excess you can wipe it away with a slighty moist cotton bud also it drys clear. Cheers Nige
  3. nigec


    I would say the same go for the neo at around £50 its a good little double action gravity feed airbrush. Cheers Nige
  4. Great looking build I'm half way through one at the moment like you say it goes together a treat might just have to get the two seater version to make a nice pair. Cheers Nige
  5. nigec

    Ive done it

    I could'nt agree more there's plenty of options to expand once you get the hang of it what I like about the H&S airbrushes is you can take them apart for cleaning etc without any spanners. Enjoy your airbrushing Nige
  6. nigec

    Ive done it

    Well done on getting the H&S evolution solo I use one of those and it works really well and is easy to maintain. Cheers Nige
  7. Hi Andy I'm sure Ive seen it in Antics if not you can always try the new Modelzone in the Galleries if you don't know where it is" its on the ground floor next to the early learning centre I'm sure I seen some in there as well the last bottle I bought was in Weston Super Mare it was'nt that cheap about a fiver or so its produced by Zap. Hope that's of some help Nige
  8. Ive heard about the freezer trick as well but never tried it what I use is Cyno De Bonder works a treat on Poly type glues it should be avilable from any decent model shop. Cheers Nige
  9. I would agree with merlin if your using Tamiya paints thin with with Tamiya thinners a good tip is put the thinners into the paint cup first and then mix in the paint giving it a good stir round so its well mixed Ive never had any problems doing that way also there's something in the Tamiya thinners that stops it drying out to quickly maybe that's something that's happening with the alcohol way of thinning?. Hope this helps a little Nige
  10. nigec


    I'm no expert on airbrushes but its like everything else you get what you pay for as the saying goes if you want a fairly cheap one there's always the neo by Iwata made in China but to Iwata specifactions for around £40 and there's a good spares backup from what Ive seen on various sites. Hope this helps a little Nige
  11. Brilliant modelling well done.
  12. She's starting to look really really good.
  13. Its got to be filling & sanding when things don't fit as they should.
  14. As they say in your part of the world Boonzer Build Mate" it looks terrific.
  15. I also live in a flat but on the bottom floor what I use is a Sparmax little jet its not a tank type so it runs constantly but its very quite around 40db when my Mrs is in the bedroom which is right next door to the living room she can't hear it I got mine from Paul at Little Cars top trader" if you go on there website you should be able to find all the information about them I agree that a tank type is preferable but its all down to cost and the little jet is a great compressor for the money people say that you get pulsing using a none tank type but Ive found that only happens after the unit has been running for over half an hour without stopping. What ever make you go for make sure its a piston type with a water trap and air pressure adjustment as opposed to a diaphram sort they really are noisy" I had one a few years ago in the shed at the bottom of the garden and you could hear it running in the house apart from that they are really easy to use once setup which is simple enough in itself. Hope this helps a little. Cheers Nige
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