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  1. A truly outstanding collection of models here, Russ ! They look great and are beautifully photographed. Mike
  2. This fascinating aircraft looks wonderful here and it's great to see one of the lesser-knownJapaneseplanes ! A fine build in every area and displayed here very well in the images. Mike
  3. Excellent job on this one ! The weathering looks exceptionally good on this Japanese fighter and you have been well rewarded for your courage to try your hand in this process, Mike
  4. Superb model ! What a great job on this Shackleton patrol bomber. Mike
  5. A great job on all this ....... the build, the backstory and the in-flight posed images ! Mike
  6. Whoa, what an unmistakable color scheme on this beautifully-built Canberra. There would simply be NO excuse for any airplane, bird or UFO to run into this dazzling craft ! Mike
  7. Excellent ! She has done a fine job on this special Harrier and she should be proud of the results of her efforts. Mike
  8. Great job on both of these early model Victor bombers ! As others have said, the first versions of this HP V-bomber have such a sleek and pure look, which you have captured here beautifully. Mike
  9. A really outstanding build and superb images that show it off wonderfully ! Mike
  10. Great job ! This one looks superb and it's an excellent way to get back into the swing of things with models. Mike
  11. Absolutely amazing work ! What a terrific replica in all aspects. Mike
  12. Superb work, Dan ! This replica looks wonderful and with some terrific detail in that cockpit. Mike
  13. A fine model of this classic Spitfire ! It looks excellent in this camouflage scheme. Mike
  14. Beautiful job on this awesome Tomcat ! She displays wonderfully in these images. Mike
  15. Superb work on these Canberras ! A wonderfully diverse and colorful grouping. Mike
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