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  1. JBZ

    ICM 2021

    How about of Gladiator and CR.42 1/48 similar to I-16 & I-153?
  2. Lady Godiva GL O: - incorrect colors - Desert Scheme instead of Temperate Scheme (by DuPont), - incorrect RAF marking instead SAAF, - incorrect roundels on top of wings
  3. Where is rhodesian Gannet? https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.flightlineweekly.com%2Fpost%2F2019%2F01%2F15%2Fthe-history-of-the-rhodesian-air-force&psig=AOvVaw0FHToO-C8nvj_gyZBCuqBz&ust=1600786614770000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCNjUwYbB-usCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  4. Nice kit. I didn't knew that Yugoslavia used metal covered wings Hurricanes.
  5. Everything but mainly Shadow for Desert Brown on the bottom (Sky & Black) and DAK wash for upper surfaces. Those centeres I wiped (like a dry brush) by Landing Gear wash. Below a few photos of painting bottom.
  6. New Tamiya set with a few resin and PE extras. Decals by Model Maker and MRP painst so simply, easy model that needs only half of year. Marking: 303 SQN Polish Air Force, beginning of 1941. Every comments are welcome.
  7. Two semptember news - P.11a & P.11g.
  8. It's simply Tamiya - no rivets lines, no 10 different version but every detal fits perfectly. I've bought second 109 kit for Royal Romanian A.F. markings. New tamiyas Spit I is so good as 109 is.
  9. JBZ

    Turkish Fw 190 A-3a

    I'm looking information about camo of Fw 190 in Turkish A.F. Some sources claim that were standard LW camo RLM 74/75/76 but according to others (for example Tiger Head Decals) RLM71/02/65. In in the end od service 190 received own camo - by RAF Dark Earth/Dark Green/Azure or all green (US Olive Drab?). Every helps are welcome - eduards kits is waiting.
  10. I bought Hataka C293 FS25550 for my IAR.
  11. Very, very old post but I just found very interesting fictitious art work of finnish PZL.37. Completing information about export plans: - China - offer for sale used PZL.37A/Abis in 1938, - Bulgaria - version with italian FIAT A.74 engines, - Greece - 12 to 24 planes with GR-14N engine, order was cancelled in 1939, - Iran - 12 planes, - Switzerland - very initial interests, - Egipt - 1 or 2 planes as a gift of polish goverment.
  12. Markings by SBS decals Stencils by HGW wet transfer.
  13. Just, yesterday finished excellent tamiyas Bf 109G-6 in colours of finnish HleLv 34 during the summer 1944.
  14. How about common forgotten P-38 Ligtning?
  15. Gloss coat, decals & idea wings camo.
  16. RLM76 episode 1 RLM76 episode 2 German colours + finnish accent
  17. In Poland commom "smooth" (no rivet lines )plastic Tamiya is 50 % more expensive than Eduard (with mask & PE). IMHO the main tamiyas adventages are very clever projekt of parts - a geometry of planes is made by itself and putty is needed only for a few covers (for future G-14?).
  18. One yellow colour = 4 paints.
  19. The quickest and the most boring kit in my over 30 years plastic career. Building almost from box except Yahu cockpit panel (for Eduard kit) and Master Barrels.
  20. Do you know that attaching wheels legs must be after cover with drop tank rack?
  21. Family T-50/TA-50/FA-50? Academy made T-50 but forgot about next version. Next idea - Su-25.
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