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  1. Cheers everybody, Apologies for the size of the pictures, I never checked that! Apart from the rigging ( and you can buy a photo etch Tamiya rigging set separately for the swordfish) everything you see was included in the box. I built this for one of my relatives for display so used ez-line for the rigging as it's more forgiving if it is handled. You may notice I left off the rudder and elevator control lines, it displayed in the open and I wanted to minimise chance of damage. It is a very nice kit to build I had no problems and no filler needed! Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, Tamiya Swordfish finished with Vallejo acrylics, e-z line for the rigging. Great kit to build, the markings were made from the kit decals. All the best Gary
  3. Hi Everyone, This is a recent build of mine, Eduard's Spitfire finished using Montex masks. Vallejo paints used throughout, even for the panel wash. Its a very nice kit to build .... All the best Gary
  4. Hi Ivan, Lovely finish on the Tornado, What paints did you use? I am planning a similar build in the future, Cheers Gary
  5. Cheers everyone, Really appreciate the lovely comments. I cant resist building F-4s, gotta love the Spooks! All the best Gary
  6. Hello everyone, Finished this recently its Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4F finished as one of the Luftwaffe ICE Phantoms. I used Aeromaster decals for the data blocks and sections from a cutting edge sheet for the unit markings. A pair of verlinden ejection seats and an eduard cockpit set finished the inside Paints from Vallejo the Aim120 came from a Tamiya F-16 Happy sticking, Gary
  7. Cheers everyone, Apologies for the late reply, The cockpit was oob the instrument panel is the decal as supplied by eduard. I used a good bit of Micro sol/ set to get it to snuggle down on to the Instrument Panel. Thanks again Gary
  8. Hello everybody, This is Eduard’s 1/48 P-39N weekend edition. Finished using airbrushed Vallejo acrylic paints. Seatbelts from masking tape and aerial wire from ezline. No problems with this kit went together with no fuss, I am in the process of changing over to acrylic paints and find the painting process a lot faster…. All the best, Gary
  9. Cheers all, Alan I had seen that pic but stuck with Hannants instructions, In the same picture you linked it looks like the fuselage under the cockpit was also touched up (intermediate blue?) and possibly the aft section of the wings, now that's mixing up some more colours.... mmmmm Thanks again Gary
  10. Hi everybody, Many thanks for your comments, Firstly yep it is a big beast as you can see scaled to the Tamiya 1/48 F-16.. My display cabinet is recessed into the wall, the advantages of a self build house! As for the Iranian F-4 , I thought I posted it here around 2011 but am not able to find it so will post a few pics over the weekend. Thanks again & Happy sticking Gary
  11. Thanks all, The Xtradecals as always were a pleasure to work with. Its nice to get a different scheme every now and again. Happy modelling Gary
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