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  1. I still have that phase to go through but will try to paint as much of the kit as I can to avoid using them.
  2. Excellent work you've done there. I to have found bandai kits to be quite problematic at times
  3. That's been said since the middle of last year and there has been no hard evidence to back this claim up. All they do say is that they hope to release the Raptor soon which is what they have said since November 2015
  4. This isn't really news as they announced that 9-12 months ago and despite some one posting a comment about a release later on this year, there hasn't been a raptor added to the moebius website never mind a "coming soon" tag. I got fed up with waiting and bought the resin bad@$$ version
  5. Is this a repop of the old tamiya kit as a academy used to do that a lot in the past? Nice work there btw
  6. Sheesh 99 viewings, and no comments or likes for this little seasonal jolly jape. i think that says it all about this site
  7. Thanks to my good friend Shinzo Abe who is well known throughout Japan. I can tell you that Bandai plan to release a 1/72 B-Wing in the near future, possibly in October. Below is a teaser picture of the future kit. April Fool!
  8. Nice work. I'd like to point out that the LRDG usually had a lot more in the way of stores and provisions loaded onto their vehicles. As far as I can remember the Tamiya kit doesn't even have "greedy boards" to help load more items on the truck.
  9. FYI Rogue One will be released on dvd & blue ray on 4th April 2017
  10. yeah i got a set lat year at the scottish ipms show, sadly they aren't attending this year
  11. Well tamiya first produced this kit back in 1967!
  12. Could you write a tutorial on how to do that as I am having a hard time finding the signs that I am looking for
  13. Where do you get all the signs from, do you make them yourself?
  14. This is the Tamiya 1/35 Walker M41 Bulldog in South Vietnamese markings, very little weathering was done as this was used in Saigon during one of the many Coups. alterations include re-siting the .50 cal machine gun and scratch-building a main gun cover for the gun mantle, as well as accurate armour fuel can holders and an academy .50 cal machine gun. wonder if anyone will comment on this w won
  15. I think you will find that syria is also "test driving " some at the moment as well
  16. What about the new Revell version that was released last year?
  17. can i delete my own account or does it have to be done by the admin?

  18. Trumpeter 1/35 T-62 (Captured by Mujahadeen)
  19. Magnificent work there can you tell us more about the figures please
  20. I really hope that is star wars you are quoting and not debbie does dallas so is zvesda and revell both doing the two foot long star destroyer then?
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