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  1. I emailed Fly re the Bristol 170 and had this reply this morning...a glimmer, just a glimmer at the end of the tunnel.? Hello Phil, the Bristol is in produce and I´m going to release it this year Best regards Jiri Valek -------- Původní zpráva ------- Od: Phil Harding <fidge> Komu: valek1@tiscali.cz Předmět: Bristol 170 Freighter Datum: 01.09.2019 13:48
  2. Thank you very much, will have a look.
  3. Hi Does anyone know if any manufacturer makes 1/35th generic dashboard instrument panel decals for German WW2 trucks, staff cars etc.? I fear my eyes and sausage fingers aren't up to making a job of painting these details but would like to make a representation of them on my models. Any replies are appreciated.
  4. Thank you...I'll have a go at painting subs before assembly I think.
  5. Hi I have a big build coming up, and one of the (many) apprehensions I have about it is when to paint sub assemblies. In the past I usually get this wrong, leaving bits that are virtually impossible to get at once assembled. I'm not the best modeller out there but would like to get this build somewhere near right, do people have hard and fast rules about this or is it go with your gut? My glue of choice is liquid, ie MEK type for raw plastic or Revell Contacta Professional for other bits...but what do you use to stick painted bits together? Once you've stuck them together do you then repaint, prime amd topcoat, to cover up any glue spillage / seepage? So many questions but I would like to get this right if possible. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thank you.
  6. Great, exactly what I was looking for and not too far as I live between Pompey and Southampton. Thank you very much!
  7. Hope this is in right section...does anyone know if there is a bricks and mortar supplier of Vallejo paint in Hampshire? I want to try it, I prefer to buy from a model shop, but I seem to have drawn a blank on this. Any heads up would be appreciated.
  8. I have a growing interest in the tanks of the German Army during WW2, and have acquired a couple of kits to make. I am interested in perhaps making dioramas featuring these kits, although this is a long way off at the moment. I realise that this is probably a 'how long is a piece of string' question but, aside from the specific colours for the kit to be built, is there an 'essential' stock of colours which afv modellers keep for detailing and weathering etc. for a model depicting a vehicle involved in the fighting in Europe? I would like to use acrylics where possible. Any replies to this would be much appreciated. Phil
  9. Is the Academy version (Tiger) not worth considering, especially at around £22?
  10. Cracking build! It was good to have a chat with you at Middle Wallop and to see the AH9A in the plastic - I thought that was fantastic, this one looks as if it might better that! BTW SiL passed and starts Lynx conversion to type in March, then off to Gutersloh in Sept for con to role. He is one happy bunny.
  11. Apologies if everybody knows about these, but these figures look like they might do the job.
  12. But surely this is just another facet of the UK 'screw what we can out of the punters' philosophy - isn't everything in these fair isles expensive compared to most other places on the planet?
  13. Airfix Lynx for me, if for no other reason than SiL has now got his Army wings and will be learning to fly the things in the New Year. 1,690 parts
  14. Just the job - thanks Mike.
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