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  1. Tamiya AS-12 main metal colour, Alcad II Dark Aluminum for variety
  2. hi mate, decanted Tamiya AS-12 for main paint. Alclad Dark Aluminum for contrast areas.
  3. I also finished a 1/24 Tamiya Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 in between
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates! Decals are on and I've just layed down a Sealing coat of SMS Super Clear. Once that cures I'll be onto weathering.
  5. G'day all, Been lurking for a few years but this is my first WIP. I have added an Aires Cockpit, though TBH it probably doesnt need one, Brassin Exhaust and Master pitot. I'm using a Two Bobs Aggressor sheet and will be doing the 203rd Hikotai (Red & White) markings. Just buttoned it up and layed down some primer- a few spots to tidy up and then on to the paint. thanks for looking.
  6. Ill try anything- mostly aircraft (started out doing WWII props, but now have mostly jets), been buying more car kits lately sci-fi, armour bikes
  7. Hi all, joined years ago but never really posted. Back into modelling and promise to interact and post my work .
  8. Another amazing year Artur!
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