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  1. If it's old and forgotten, why not just remove a panel or two from the canopy? Or scratch it back with some fine sandpaper to get that faded look.
  2. That's really cool and well done! Good work! I seem the cockpit has misted up a bit. Did you use a spray varnish? If you did, try masking the canopy with some masking tape to protect it whilst varnishing. Or you could do what I do, and put it on after I've varnished. Well done though!
  3. Hi, first of all - what a beautiful model! I love it! I'm doing their 1/32 E3 as part of the Bf109 group build - any pointers with the kit, perhaps places I should watch out for?
  4. P.S. Airfix is so going in the right direction now. When you consider the standard which was being produced 5 years ago, to modern kits like this, the gnat, the swordfish, the vixen etc, it really is remarkable. Especially for price when you consider that a resin seat might cost the same (or even more!) as this kit.
  5. Could we have some pics of the instructions please?
  6. Set up a petition. The thing is if you can go to Airfix and say "we've got X number of people wanting to buy Y number of kits", they'd be bound to listen. If you have enough, you can say "even if only 3/4s of people honor their word, you've still got all these immediate sales". Hit them with numbers they can't refuse, and like any business they take notice. Sparky P.S. I too would buy as many kits as there are options in the box.
  7. Sparky

    RLM to Tamiya Help

    Hi everyone, I've got my model for the 109 group build, and as it's a 1/32, I thought I might give some spray paints a try. However, I'm having some problems converting the RLM colours to tamiya. I realy need: RLM02, RLM66 and RLM76. So far, I believe that RLM76 matches with AS-5. But, I don't know about the other two. My main problem is that Tamiya has weird names, and I can't find anything which gives them as a RLM number. :/ Many thanks for your help in advance guys. Sparky
  8. I know it's unlikely, but if anyone wants a 1/32 engine, they can have mine.
  9. You ask for C&C and I'll say this: Can you improve upon perfection?
  10. I've seen some Japanese kits going for £5. Hasegawe or something like that - I'm afraid I'm not very 'in the know' when it comes to modelling. Would they be any good - or are they cheap rubbish?
  11. If I win my Ebay auction, I'll be happy to join you guys, if you're happy to have me.
  12. Hi, I love your model! May I ask a quick question? The first photo in #49 shows the tail with decals, and you can quite easily see the edge of the clear decal part - where it is raised. However, in your later pictures, it is beautifully smooth. How did you achieve this? many thanks, Sparky
  13. Many thanks, does anyone know of any spray paints which match these?
  14. Hi, I'd be happy to join in. If I may ask, what equivalents can I use instead of RLM 67, RLM 02, RLM 71, RLM 70? Many thanks.
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