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  1. The Arma Hobby 1/72 P-39 is cheaper on Hannants site than the new 1/72 Xtrakit SRA/1. Is the SRA overpriced? Which is better value? It’s entirely subjective.
  2. That is just a beautiful model! I would struggle to incorporate that much detail in 1/32 scale, let alone 1/144. You 3-D printed a giant penny, didn’t you…
  3. The thing about Tamiya’s kit tooling choices is they do pretty much whatever they want to do without much worrying if they fit a particular niche or gap in the market. For a long time the choice came down to subjects that Mr Tamiya-san Senior liked or was interested in. I’d guess that the new kits will be an aircraft (1/48) and a military vehicle (1/35th or 1/48th) but you can’t rule out a car or motorbike either. If I have to make predictions I’d say the following: 1/48 Curtiss P-40B/C / Hawk 81 / Tomahawk II 1/48 Centurion Mk VIII
  4. Other kits of this aircraft: https://www.scalemates.com/topics/topic.php?id=4383 Did anybody get the Akatombo resin kit from 2012? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/akatombo-works-10-saunders-roe-sr-a1--166462
  5. There are no import tariffs or customs fees on kits shipped to the US. US buyers also get to buy from retailers like Hannants and manufacturers like Hornby/Airfix VAT-free. If you can hit the post-free limit on the Airfix site it’s possible to get Airfix items cheaper in the US than buying them in the UK.
  6. Could it be a 1/72 airliner? BAC 1-11 HS Trident 1,2,3 DH Comet I, 4 BAe 146/ Avro RJ 70/85/100 Concorde
  7. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the SEPECAT Jaguar yet nor the Tornado or Eurofighter Typhoon. The latter two are obviously not good candidates for an Xtrakit. That begs the question of whether the subject has to be British and if it’s not, what jet aircraft subjects are not well represented in kit form in 1/72? MiG-19? RF/F-84F? F-105B? F-110A B-47?
  8. And you still get to pay a premium price; the earlier A kits are selling for US$50 and up on eBay direct from China. I would not say they are great value at that price as the AFV Club 1/48 kits can be had for not much more than that.
  9. Not in Japan they don’t. The most expensive Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire retails for the equivalent of $90.69 in Japan but the “street price” is $70-$75. That’s a far cry from $199.
  10. That must have been interesting considering the Cub’s maximum speed is about 85 mph while the stall speed of the MiG-15 is 156 mph. I’m sure the Cub could turn well inside the MiG too, not that the Cub has any forward firing armament that could be brought to bear (except for that one aircraft in WWII that was jury rigged with 3 bazookas per side mounted on the wing struts).
  11. Like this: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amp-72018-canberra-b2--1391152 However, we could always use a PR.3 and PR.7 with the extended fuselage or a T.4.
  12. Wasn’t S&M planning a series of Wasps that were being tooled in Ukraine by AMP/MikroMir. It wouldn’t be surprising if Hannants took over the project. This is a much needed kit.
  13. I think we can conclude, from previous Xtrakit releases that this will be a 1/72 British Cold War jet. The most obvious likely subject has to be a Javelin, I would think. After that? Vampire NF.12 Sea Venom FAW.21 any single-seat version of Venom F-86A Hunter F.1-F.5 Hawker Kestrel/AV-6A Hawker P.1127 Hawker-Siddeley P.1154 A couple more I’ve thought of: Short Sturgeon Fairey Spearfish Short Sperrin Supermarine Type 224 (I’ve just acquired the Rareplanes vac kit so it is inevitable that this is what it will be). Already done: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/xtrakit-xk72008-dh-100-vampire-fb-mk5-raf-service--245787
  14. To be strictly correct, the bomb bay aft fairing and the bomb doors are appropriate for the TT but this appears to have been based on a misunderstanding of what version the aircraft that was scanned represented. The kit doesn’t include any of target towing gear, although I doubt it would be too difficult to scratchbuild. My guess is we’ll get a B.X with the non bulged bomb bay and that’s probably it. It would not be too difficult to convert the current kit to a PR.34; the hardest part will be sourcing a canopy, unless you also want to scratchbuild all the camera bay internals as well.
  15. Ford Pinto Chevy Corvair, at least the early first generation cars Lancia Beta REVA G-Wiz
  16. Some more candidates: Douglas TBD-1 Devastator - devastated at Midway Pretty much any of the Gee Bee racers Blackburn Roc - slower than the Skuas it was supposed to protect, maybe that was just a bad aeroplane Bell X-2 G4M1 Betty - the one-shot lighter
  17. The tools might have been paid for by the original Airfix company but every time the company (and therefore the molds) have changed hands new debt is incurred which must be paid off. We know that debt service is a significant outlay for the current incarnation of Hornby and part of that will be to pay for this Harrier mould.
  18. I’d go with the Airfix kit. The separate nose on the KP kit makes it a more challenging build and the detail in the Airfix kit is crisper. The Academy kit was “inspired” by the Heller Tempest and looks undersized to me. I definitely would not pick the Heller kit over the new Airfix Tempest. I still have a lot of nostalgia for the Matchbox Tempest but it’s not competitive compared to the other options available. The Revell and Frog Tempest kits are little more than curiosities at this point. I suppose you could make something of them, but it would be a lot of work.
  19. The Hasegawa G4M1 is really old. It even appeared in a FROG box at one time.
  20. The cheapest one I’ve seen in a US online retail store (not ebay) is $25.89 for the NF.11.
  21. The reality is that if I’m somewhat clever and order enough from the Airfix shop to get free shipping then, subtracting VAT and the Airfix Club discount, I can get the new Meteor kit for £18 ($20.70) shipped to the US.
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