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  1. and here comes the 2nd half picture, just cockpit started
  2. Here is a late Bf 109 from the licensed production by IAR. 15 Ga-4 and 60 Ga-6 were built between 1944-1947. Main factory IAR Brasov was more or less bombed out in april-may 1944 and the production continued in an IAR work shop in Caransebes. The kit is the old Hasegawa and with RB Production decals and the typical IAR bulges for the MG131. Easy camoflage, almost everything is dipped in AMT-7 This is one of two 109s from Regimentul 180 in Rosjori that defected to Yugoslavia 1952. Flight leader Captain Gh. Gheorghiu in 363 and his wingman Lt. Bores Constantin in no 319 Sources: Post war 109 in Romania 319 with a collapsed landing gear
  3. Cramped.. oh yeah. Look in the 3rd post here at worldwar2.ro forum
  4. Cockpit done, my plan was a dual build with a Hasegawa so it's just half a picture here.
  5. A few days after the royal coup 23.Aug 1944 when Romania switched side, a plan was made how to arrange transport for the 1200 POW's still in Romania A Bf 109 G-6 (or G-14) W.Nr: 166 133 from Grupul 9 was repainted with a big US flag on the fuselage and pre-war wing markings. The radio compartment was emptied to make room for a passenger In 27.Aug 1944 piloted by Constantin "Bâzu" Cantacuzino and with the former POW Lt. Col. James A Gunn III in the radio compartment they made a 2 hour flight to Foggia Air base in Italy The kit is the Academy G-14 with a replacement Intech old tail rudder and decals from PropagTeam
  6. I think (=not 100% sure) that all yugoslav 2-seaters were built post war. Some were later sold to Bulgaria Designation UMe 109 and the second canopy was a Erla canopy instead of the G-12 wide one. An UMe 109 looks like the one in this PDF, bottom page https://wingsofserbia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Messerschmitt-Bf-109-The-Yugoslav-Story-Volume-II-Sample-Pages.pdf Also Kora has a conversion set https://www.modelimex.com/172-bf-109-g-12-convset-yugoslavian-service-kora-c7266 My best source is Falcon's Messerschmitt Bf 109 Hangar but I didn't find any good photos of any yugoslav 2-seaters. BTW, the Intech mould is a copy of the Hasegawa and everything should fit. Check the width of the fuselage before you glue it together. Use the Hasegawa tail fin as a reference. I've got the Intech G-12, still fairly good, your Hobbycraft I guess is the same. I know the latest Mistercraft has very worn moulds and are soft and grainy
  7. Look for Condor, ICM pre- 2005 mould. or MAC Distribution. I've got the MAC Distribution 2001 release, not too bad and it has fine recessed panel lines and no grainy plastic
  8. I think you've got the same problem that I have. 68 kits from 23 different manufacturers, new kits to old relics, don't forget all aftermarket decal sheets that you never gonna use but still bought.
  9. Nice one Pat. And you can always kitbash it with 2x Intech/Mistercraft G-12 fuselages, then you'll get a 4-seater instead Retrowings has released a newer AZ Models-based kit but I'm not satisfied with the solution there with only 2 landing gears and one radiator to each engine. Well, the Amodel is a bit "flashy" and a tip, at least with the normal F and G is to start sanding the underwing to half the thickness in advance with 3 days to go...
  10. Ciao Tony! Vorrei essere numero quindici btw, I'm much better at the distinct dialect they speak in Südtirol
  11. I think you're after this site http://www.airfixcollectorsclub.co.uk/index.asp?page=Kit Catalogues and Leaflets But with prices like 3/6d and 11/6d I'm totally lost . It's like paying with stones, seashells in my metric brain btw, my guess it's a Stirling bomber at the end
  12. I would go for L40/52 Hellgrau , lighter than RLM63 Of all different shades of RLM02 and RLM63 that I have, Xtracolor X221 RLM63 is the one closest to L40/52 Also check Luftwaffe SiG
  13. Please , count me in. I remember buying a 6 planes Flying circus collection I guess in '82-83. I've also got another Nieuport 17 marked Japan so it must be one of the older moulds from the 70's ESCI collection. The F-100 has minor differencies to the Italeri and you can still get the WC52, Harriers and Starfighters today from Italeri. The ESCI F-4 has recessed panel lines, the Italeri raised Odd sticker on the F-104C, "Inneholder danske dekaler". Well the danish didn't have the C version... and the decals were long gone when i got the kit. by Sau, auf Flickr ESCI/ERTL collection Minor changes on the A-4 and A-7 to the Italeri, but you can still get the EF-111 today. The F-16's and F-14 have recessed panel lines, Italeri raised. There also is an korean copy released by Academy of the Spad XIII with minor differencies (like a prop rotating in the wrong direction) by Sau, auf Flickr Italaerei, Revell/Italaerei, Supermodel and a AMT re-pop of the ESCI F-16C Block 25/30 (as a Block 40) by Sau, auf Flickr
  14. Hi Wez It must be the first Heller Bobkit Peugeot 205 Turbo 16. Année création 1986 as they say in the foreign language. Maybe a bit late but I think the decals are from Tour the Corse '84
  15. Oh yes, but I hade some busy weeks before holiday and saved the pictures for later. A bit of fighting to straighten up one of the wings by Jan H, auf Flickr Down to the spray booth with the rest of the Frog family and I can tease you with a kit that doesn't have a build thread yet. by Jan H, auf Flickr Aircraft grey-green and I hope I didn't miss any spots that show up later by Jan H, auf Flickr I usually try to glue the seams exactly to prevent any edges but this one slipped a bit when it lay to dry over the night so a bit of puttying and sanding required. And of course, those gigantic skis are really cool and almost a must when you build a finnish plane. by Jan H, auf Flickr
  16. I almost spilled out my beer when I felt someone me. I've spent a week at the west coast with no worries of anything but holiday plans. Well then, I did some before I left and the plan was a parallel build but an Academy always looks better when still in the box. The Academy is bulgier, bigger cowling ring. stubbier prop. If you look at the wheels, the Frog look like the real thing (more or less) Academy, why turn the wheels around and set the hard edged (brake) side on the outside? by Jan H, auf Flickr I'll try to modify the Academy landing gear to fit in the Frog, differs a bit in size and placing, and I'll build the Academy wheels up by Jan H, auf Flickr Some dull green paint in the cockpit by Jan H, auf Flickr The Frog kit got a bulkhead to prevent to see through the kit when the landing gear is down by Jan H, auf Flickr This is how I left it more than a week ago. The Frog kit has the outer guns removed and panel lines scraped off to make a four-gun Wildcat Mk V by Jan H, auf Flickr
  17. I've got this book with part of it, approx. 24 pages of kits, art.no. and release time by Jan H, auf Flickr Some kits missing and there is always errors but a good start
  18. If you have the Bleriot XI, check the standing giant and the tiny little stick monkey that comes with the kit. Almost the same with the Lysander kit. If you are a spy that have landed in foreign country, you certainly stick out if you are 2.2 meter tall
  19. I had the Eastern Express boxing of it and showing a grey/grey over light blue scheme. The kit is good but the Eduard was better so I swapped it. To find the right camo for Ivan Kozhedub's White 27 can be hard. You have some info here Did you get any other decals for it or was white 27 the only choice?
  20. A double build with an original F242F together with the Minicraft improved copy released in 1987 The Academy boxart with an FM-1 but the simplified decal sheet doesn't have all the necessary decals for a VC-13 aircraft. Also the F4F-4 kit has 6 cannons and an FM-1 only 4... by Jan H, auf Flickr Minor differencies here, mostly fin and rudder. The Minicraft recessed panel lines on the fuselage are sharp but very deep by Jan H, auf Flickr and the same here... The Frog kit lacking a landing gear part. Scratch or wheels up, let's see... by Jan H, auf Flickr Frog decals for a 881 NAS Tirpitz attack Wildcat/Martlet V = FM-1 = 4 guns modification VF-9 Operation Torch F4F-4
  21. I've got this glue bomb as a "gift" and it has been in my stash since 2005 and I've never got to bin it as it might be possible to rescue it by Jan H, auf Flickr It's one of the F-numbers that's not in the list yet F417 Frog packed by Revell as a Matchbox and it's over 25%. Tube glued and I won't try to "mend it with a hammer" to divide it into smaller pieces Parts missing but it's possible to build a B-2 and rebuild an improved cockpit by copying the interior parts of my Dragon Ar 234 Is it OK to put it in a build thread?
  22. I think it's possible with the F194. Smack together the V1 flying bomb and put it in the gallery and follow up later with the Spitfire XIV
  23. I did find a picture of BL-117 with the turret retracted. I'll see what I have in my spares box Some of the finnish Blenheims did have modified bomb bay doors too but I think they first came at the 2-Sarja BTW, I've got both your builds as reference. They have helped a lot .
  24. Hello everyone Here's my Eastern Express release of the Frog F190 by Jan H, auf Flickr I want to push for a coming Nordic GB with a finnish Blenheim BL-117 was from the Bristol manufactured Series 1 and was placed at LeLV 44 at the time for the Winter war by Jan H, auf Flickr All parts looking good with barely any flash at all by Jan H, auf Flickr
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