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  1. SAU

    Vietnam - just 2 to go

    I think you need a Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter http://www.roden.eu/HTML/440.htm The PC-6 tested by the swedish army was later sold to Air America http://www.pc-6.com/history/570.htm http://pilatus-history-and-news.blogspot.com/2011/07/pilatuspc-6suedearmen.html
  2. I have these decals in my stash https://www.scalemates.com/kits/had-72100-aero-l-39--149350 If it has got teeth it's automatically a shark or... ...I might be wrong here and better search for something with a more "fishy" look
  3. SAU

    Small Wars GB - Take 2, 27 now

    btw, I'm in... again... ...with one of the last combat actions with a Messerschmitt 109. I'll put in a spanish Tenerife based Hispano HA-1112-M1L from the Ifni war.
  4. Count me in! I wanted the 30th place in the list but I can't wait any longer. Iceland is the hard one. The only one I have in my stash is the Hughes MD500 from the Icelandic Coast guard https://www.scalemates.com/kits/profiline-7013-md-500d--128658 I tried to find an aircraft that was in service in all the main air forces. I found these but there must be some more Tiger Moth, all four Fokker C.V, all four C-47, all four
  5. Heller, yeah! One of my favourite manufacturers, so count me in! I might have one or two in the stash. I did a small inventory and found these, black boxes with the right classic logo by Jan H, auf Flickr ...upps, I found a stray one, a non-starter from the Airacobra GB by Jan H, auf Flickr And if thats not enough, more newer boxes and reboxes from Encore, Revell and Smer....
  6. SAU

    LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

    Back to the harsh reality again A lot of sanding done and the fins, stabilizers, rudders whatever it's called on an airship are in place by Jan H, auf Flickr Size comparision, a P-47 cockpit in 1/72 and the tiny props and engines that I've got to take care of soon... by Jan H, auf Flickr
  7. SAU

    LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

    I didn't find any summer photos, but just guess where I live by Jan H, auf Flickr by Jan H, auf Flickr It's beautiful in the summer, a lot of small islands around the city and the coastline east of Karlskrona. I live about 20km east. A lot of restaurants in the city for all tastes. If you are into military history, you have the KA2 Coast artillery museum and Marinmuseum Btw, did you try Glassiären? Big ice creams (three tastes of ice cream = 9 balls) and a lot of gigantic seagulls just waiting to grab them PS. If you visit the city again, just let me know
  8. Nice one! ...and what a collection of Minecraft creatures, me like
  9. SAU

    LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

    Some parts put together, just some sinkmarks on the engine gondolas and no warping on the fuselage. The tiny little propellers have a bit flash that needs tidying up by Jan H, auf Flickr by Jan H, auf Flickr Btw, the fuselage is one slippery to hold and been on the floor several time already. Only good thing there is that the carpet monster choked badly when it tried to swallow it
  10. SAU

    LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

    Thanks Pat! I built the 1/720 DKM Graf Zeppelin a couple of years ago, no biplanes, just 109s and Ju87s but I have that on display on a local air base so I can't show you the size comparision there. Here you have some pictures from the build. (one square=1cm) by Jan H, auf Flickr by Jan H, auf Flickr
  11. Here's my entry, the LZ Graf Zeppelin from Mark I Models by Jan H, auf Flickr A big blob, approx 33 centimetres in length in 1:720 scale but few parts and no canopy to mask, just a decal by Jan H, auf Flickr And here we go.... by Jan H, auf Flickr
  12. My first build will be a EC-121K, early designation WV-2 by Jan H, auf Flickr WV-13 kit decals for a plane that used the Keflavik and Prestwick bases in the late 50's and early 60's by Jan H, auf Flickr Hunchback device and guppy bottom.... by Jan H, auf Flickr
  13. The best source for a danish F-100 is Stoppel in Denmark. I have the decals for the early scheme, 1960-1969 Here you have it green, 1969-1982 Good luck with the weathering, a mix of salt water, worn out and burnt colours.
  14. Sounds like you and I have the same problem. I've tried all sorts of techniques, like roll a dice but with all my choices the dice never stop rolling... In my case, "Start them all!" but my shelf of doom is already full. I think I'll go for the "Willie Victor" and a "Flying Vacuum" as a start. I bought the F-102A Xtradecal sheet when it came out but I think they've mixed up the markings for 57th FIS. Dated 1963 and the fin with serial without "0-" is correct but ... large 70's checkers ... no early 60's buzz codes I better wait with that one and modify it for a 70's theme.
  15. I have both the Meng F-102A and Revell F-89J, but as they're already been taken Is it OK with a Keflavik based Willie Victor that's just laying here begging to be built... ? Minicraft 1/144 EC-121, all in dark grey