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    Xtracolor Mica Topcoats

    Hi Vinny I've used both in the past and they were both enamel paints. X368 Mica 1 is clear mica whereas X369 Mica 2 has a slightly tinted mica finish. They both go over enamel paints OK. I don't understand why Mica 1 is described as "acrylic base" unless they've recently changed the paint formulation. In any case acrylic will go over enamel without problems. If you're doing a Virgin aircraft, note that X367 Virgin Atlantic Grey will give you the old darker base colour. The new Virgin scheme on B789s and A350s uses a lighter grey - you'd need to mix X367 50/50 with gloss white to get the right shade, then overspray with X368 clear mica. Hope this helps Cheers Tim
  2. Hi Mate Sorry, only just seen your request for help. I'd go for your first option - a very light grey over-sprayed with pearl/mica. Do a test first as some Tamiya sprays react with enamel paints. Cheers Tim
  3. I used Xtracolor X123 FS15050 Blue Angel Blue on my Delta A330-300 - if the link below works, you'll see it looks about right. Delta A330-300
  4. This is a previous discussion on Revell's 747-400 kit, tells you most you will need to know about it. Hope this helps Tim
  5. Hi Keith That new antenna is for the GoGo 2k Wifi system BA is rolling out across their fleet. If you Google "GoGo 2k Wifi antenna" there are plenty of pics showing you the shape needed, but I can't see any dimensions to help scaling. Best of luck Tim
  6. Hi Keith Would something like this be of help to you - http://www.airliners.net/photo/British-Airways/Boeing-747-436/4280565/L Cheers Tim
  7. Hi Dave I haven't started my build yet, but having looked at the nose gear bay parts I don't think there is any alternative but to install it as per the kit instructions. In these situations where the nose gear has to be fitted before painting, I've made a protector piece from a small bit of hollowed out polystyrene block which I tape firmly over the nose gear until assembly and any sanding / filling is largely done. It certainly draws your attention to being careful around the aircraft nose and seems to work as I've not busted any nose legs recently (on Revell E190 & E195 which have the same issue). Best of luck Tim
  8. Hi Russell The wing surfaces of early 737s were a mix of natural metal, Boeing grey and corogard. There is a very good description of what colour goes where on the wing over on AirlinerCafe here Early 737s Hope this helps Cheers Tim
  9. Hi John Another superb build - keep them coming as they're an inspiration to keep trying harder! I often travelled on G-ATTP in its later life with Dan Air on the Inverness - Heathrow route. So you've given me an idea if I can get hold of a 111 and decals. Great job Cheers Tim
  10. Hi Mike Fantastic job all round - paintwork, decals and details are all superb. An exceptionally well done 77W Cheers Tim
  11. I've had a crack at doing this livery, so here's my experience. As per Skodadriver's post, I followed the AirlinerCafe suggestion to overcoat Boeing Grey with Clear Mica, and here is the result. It looks OK, but it isn't quite right. The actual aircraft (in my pic below) has a definite tint to the Mica finish on the fuselage and engines. With hindsight, I might have achieved a closer match by overcoating Boeing Grey with a tinted mica like Xtracolor X369 Mica2. Hope this helps anybody contemplating this project. Cheers Tim
  12. Hi There are quite a few decal producers who provide a 're-scale' service for their 1/144 scale laser printed decals. 8A Decs do a 1/144 scale China Southern A320 - see here 8A Decs A320 China Southern You could e-mail John at 8A Decs to see if he could re-scale it to 1/200 for you. I have used 8A Decs and they are very good if you are happy using laser printed decals. And his service from Mexico is good too. Hope this helps Tim
  13. Masking and painting the red part of the fuselage needs a bit of care and planning. The curve down from the tail, under the wings and on towards the nose is quite a complex shape to mask on a round fuselage. The kit's decal sheet contains red/grey curved lines that go between the red and white parts of the fuselage - you could photocopy the decal sheet and then tape these lines to the model as a guide to positioning the masking tape in the right place. There is also an error on the kit's wings which you'll need to rectify. The A320 doesn't have the small flap fairings in between the 4 main flap fairings on each wing, you should remove all these small fairings. Overall it should be an enjoyable build for a new modeller. Best of luck to you and your friend. Cheers Tim
  14. Hi John That's a really fantastic finish - please, please share your secrets for painting the yellow to white fade. Cheers Tim
  15. Hi Mac I have an unwanted complete set of the kit's decals which I can send you if you are interested. Cheers Tim
  16. Hi Ray Thanks for your great feedback. You're right. Contrails make a very expensive conversion kit, but I honestly didn't think it was worth it as the conversion is so straightforward. I crafted the hump using an Airbus drawing as a template (see below) and from pics on Airliners.net. I just scaled the drawing to the kit's fuselage size and used it to position the kit's nose gear box in the right place (on the blue lines). Add some Milliput, job done and a small fortune saved. Thanks again Tim
  17. Thanks everyone for your great comments, much appreciated. I used the cut out fuselage to make the cargo door and crew door. Unfortunately the largest (forward) fuselage cut was 21mm whereas the cargo door is 26mm wide, but nothing a bit of glue and sandpaper couldn't fix. Thanks again Tim
  18. Something a bit different – an Airbus A330-200F, the cargo version of the A330-200 passenger aircraft. It’s quite rare to see an A330-200F as only 36 have been built to date. Apart from the main deck cargo door, the most visible difference from the passenger version is the distinctive hump under the nose. The passenger variant has a marked nose down attitude while on the ground, so the freighter’s nose gear has been lowered into a fairing beneath the front fuselage to lift the nose so that the main cargo deck is level when on the ground to help loading/unloading. I’ve converted Revell's 1/144 scale Airbus A330-300 into an A330-200F. This is quite a straightforward conversion – the front and rear fuselage shortened, all windows filled, together with fitting a new shorter tail fin and RR Trent engines (both from Braz Models). The nose gear fairing was made by mounting the kit’s nose gear bay in the lower position and sculpting the fairing using Milliput. The open main deck cargo door and crew door are scratch built. The Turkish Cargo decals were home made inkjet printed, with some of the kit’s original decals being used for the detail. I thought that this cargo version would look far better with doors open, so I’ve included some ground crew and equipment: > the cargo loader and pallets were scratch built > the passenger steps are from a Dragon 747 kit > the aircraft tug and towbar are from an Eastern Express aircraft tugs set > the people and transit van are N-scale railway accessories A few more pics below. Hope you like this conversion and cargo apron scene. Thanks for looking Tim
  19. I wouldn't get too excited yet. If you take a look at The Rumourmonger thread here Revell 2017, the news release in German says that, while both are new kits with new engines and sharklets, the A320neo at skill level 3 will be a 'display only kit with no undercarriage' - the A321neo is skill level 4 including undercarriage. I only hope that for the A320neo somebody will produce an aftermarket landing gear conversion.
  20. Hi Mate There's another thread about Virgin's new colours here Virgin Atlantic Colour Guidance It might be worth trying some of the suggested ways of achieving the mica light grey for the fuselage - gloss white I don't think will look right. Hope this helps Tim
  21. Hi Niki Just seen your post. Here is a link to my build of 'Hong Kong Trader' which I think you are referring to - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234969458-boeing-747-8f-cathay-hong-kong-trader/ I used Nazca decals which are good. The white Hong Kong Trader lettering is a screen printed decal which goes over the green/blue paint no problem. The only issue with the decals is the Hong Kong skyline which has been printed exactly the same for both sides but it is actually slightly different on each side around the Hong Kong Trader lettering. However it is an easy fix by cutting and moving a bit of the skyline. The upper deck door decal is also totally wrong - use the one from the kit decal instead. The diamond shapes in the green/blue paint aren't provided in the decal - these have to be masked. I made a photocopy of the decal and used the decal's diamond shapes as the basis for making paint masks. Hope this helps. Best of luck with your build Tim
  22. Hi Dave That is an amazing -700 build, especially considering that the Revell kit has a host of issues. The whole finish is quite superb. As a matter of interest, did you lift the cabin window line as part of your conversion? Great job Tim
  23. Hi Drew Those of us who work in the aircraft industry probably just know lots of stuff. The beauty of Britmodeller is that if you're struggling with something you can pick the brains of others to get answers. Just keep posting - always happy to help. Cheers Tim
  24. Hi John Yet another fantastic build. I'm always totally amazed at the level of detail you are able to achieve at 144 scale with the doors, interiors, etc. That takes serious skill. Altogether a superb job. Cheers Tim
  25. That's an amazing model. Not only have you achieved a top notch conversion, the paint finish and decals are absolutely superb. A job extremely well done. Tim
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