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  1. You're right. Today I bought the 86th kit of the series - PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. B. Some of them contain two models in the box (or even more if we'd count soldiers figures as separate models). I also bought some kits twice. This makes 93 FtF models in my collection. 32 of them are done. But I still think I'm rather aviation modeller.
  2. Steam engine Br 18 538 (S 3/6) from Deutsche Bundesbahn. Manufactred as one of the last 11 Br 18s, easy to recognise by 2'2' T 31,7 tender, for Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1931. In the 1950-ties it was upgraded by Deutsche Bundesbahn and remained in service until mid-60-ties. The kit: Revell (1/87).
  3. Sd.Kfz. 221 reg. SS-108644 from SS Wiking division, eastern front, summer1941. The kit: First to Fight (1/72). Decals: Kagero miniTopColors 25.
  4. Two 2 cm Flak 30 guns as were used during invasion of Poland, September 1939. The kit: First to Fight (1/72).
  5. Early howitzer 15 cm sFH 18 in three-colour Buntfarbenanstrich camouflage used in 1923-37. Germany, cca 1935. The kit: First to Fight (1/72).
  6. Light field howitzer 10.5 cm leFH 18 L/28 from the 155 Artillerie Regiment (motorisiert), 21 Pnzer Division, Libya, November 1941. Zestaw: First to Fight (1/72).
  7. Infantry gun 7,5 cm leIG (Kgz)18 L/11,8 of unknown unit, Poland, August 1944. The kit: First to Fight (1/72).
  8. Infantry gun 7,5 cm leIG 18 L/11,8 of unknown unit, Poland, September 1939. The kit: First to Fight (1/72).
  9. Thank you! A real nightmare. Too stiff to conform wings corrugations. Fluids did not help much. The decals produced bubbles and cracks. I had to cut them in many spots and there was a lot of touch-ups needed. I will be happy making P.1/I without any decals some time in the future. I don't remember... New Airfix Tiger Moth maybe? I made this little Orliński in his white overall for my PZL P.6 over a year ago. Yes, MiG Oilbrusher Gun Metal, applied with very short paintbrush.
  10. The second prototype of PZL P.1 (SP-ADO), the first fighter design of Zygmunt Puławski. First flown in March 1930 and later modified, in June she competed in a fighter contest in Bucharest. She won 8 of 15 trials but because of political reasons she finished just in 4th place of 7 teams. Pilot: Bolesław Orliński, company test pilot of PZL Okęcie (Warsaw). The P.1 remained a prototype but she was the first of famous Polish gull-winged fighters. The kit: Arma-Hobby (1/72).
  11. As promised - here is one: By the way, a few photos of V2 road transporter Vidalwagen. The kit: Special Armour (1/72).
  12. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry bought a brand new Simoun registered F-ANRY (serial number 7042) in September 1935. In December, along with his mechanic-navigator André Prévot, he took off to the record flight of Paris-Saigon. On December 29, in bad weather conditions over the desert in Egypt, he crashed in dunes. The crew did not get injured, but they were saved only after four days in the state of extreme dehydration. The accident had an impact on the work of the writer. Some threads in "Wind, Sand and Stars" and "The Little Prince" were inspired by the fate of F-ANRY. The kit: Heller (1/72). Decals: Model Art.
  13. Thank you! Corrected. Good idea! I'll add some new photos for you soon. The rocket is 19 cm tall. Thanks for your comments!
  14. The fourth prototype (V-4) of Aggregat 4 (A4) ballistic rocket, later known as V2 (Vergeltungswaffe-2). The tests of three previous prototypes ended up with failures. The V-4 was launched on October 3, 1942 from Peenemünde and reached altitude of 85-90 km, thus becoming the first man-made object in Space (according to some definitions of the Karman line: 50 miles or about 80 km). After she passed apogeum the rocket fell to the Baltic Sea 190 km away from the launch site. The kit: Revell (1/72).
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