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  1. This is the first model I painted with Hataka paints. C011 Light Polish Khaki and C036 Light Blue-Grey from orange set HTK-CS01 "Polish Air Force Paint Set". I'm hery happy with these paints. I feel no difference to Gunze Mr.Colors I'm used to but the Hataka need no or very little thinner before use.
  2. PZL P.11a of the 112 Eskadra Myśliwska (Fighter Squadron), Zaborów airfield near Warsaw, September 1939. The aircraft was damaged in air combat and then destroyed by Poles before being captured by Germans. The kit: IBG 1/72.
  3. http://www.armahobby.com/category/aircraft-models-hurricane
  4. rav

    F-14A kits in 1/72

    Here is my Academy Tomcat with Hasegawa decals:
  5. I paint my models with Gunze MrColors. I had not the C318 Radome suggested by Hasegawa instructions but I thought that C313 Yellow FS33531 is close enough (and not very yellow).
  6. F-14A Tomcat from VF-84 Jolly Rogers, USS Nimitz, August 17th, 1982. Kit: Design/Academy (1/72). Decals: Hasegawa. More photos on my website (click the photos above).
  7. I have scratchbuit a similar mechanism for my very old 1/72 Tornado ADV. It is very delicate and I'm afraid to operate it, but it works.
  8. No. I have captured all the features BEFORE anything was mentioned in this topic. According to serial number, my model depicts NA-83. However, a colleague commented in my gallery on another forum that the exhausts look rather like on NA-73. I did not know there was any visible difference. Maybe this is something you could investigate further.
  9. I have built my Mustang Mk.I using the Academy kit. Just a little conversion of the wing was needed (guns, panel lines). Fuselage guns were added. The result is here.
  10. Two weeks (17-30.09.1939). Not the shortest campaign in the history. Battle of Wilno (Vilnius), 18-19.09, Battle of Grodno, 21-24.09, Battle of Szack (Shatsk), 29-30.09, Totally 1,475–3,000 killed or missing on Soviet side during the invasion. Soviets used 6 armies, about 650.000 troops, 4.700 tanks, 3.300 aircraft and it was not a conflict? German forces were just half of those as they attacked Poland. With such forces the Soviet could march all the way to the Rhine river. But they stopped at Bug as agreed with Hitler just a week before he started the war. Really, nothing to be proud of. Well... About 2.500 Polish soldiers and policemen and hundreds of civilians were killed in September 1939 after they were captured by Soviets. Many times capitulation/evacuation agreements were immediately broken after Poles surrendered. Soviets happen to use false flag tactics and human shields. Most of the captured Polish officers (about 10.000) were murdered half year after the campaign near Katyń (totally over 21.700 victims including lower ranks and civilians). Russians confirmed their crime only 50 years later. I admit that Soviet propaganda was very successful over generations.
  11. I was looking for the same some time ago. I checked some Soviet and Russian books and websites about history of Soviet Aviation. There was something about the Spanish War, the Winter War and of course a lot about The Great Patriotic War. Nothing about (so successful, BTW) campaign in Poland. They are not proud of it... Therefore I think that any photos of Soviet airplanes invading Poland, if survived, are kept in secret Russian archives and are not to be published soon.
  12. Thank you, Doc! No reason for big complains. The interior is simplified - I have scratchbuilt the cockpit side walls and gun mount because I decided to open the rear part of the canopy. For the same reason I had to work a lot on the canopy itself - I sanded it on inner side to let the parts fit one inside another (the part above the gunner's head is scratchbuilt from a transparent foil). I don't blame Fujimi for this effort - the basic cockpit was good enough (IMHO) for closed, dense framed canopy. After the fuselage was assembled (two main halves, top around the cockpit and engine section) it had to be sanded and some lined rescribed. I changed the idea of propeller mount to keep it aside until final assembly - I usually do it with brass and plastic tubes to get a stable, well-aligned and easily-rotating prop which add a lot to my photos. The rest of assembly was nice and easy. I just had to scratchbuild the gunsight (kit part was launched somewhere beyond the event horizon using tweezer) and the part under rear end of the fuselage (damaged upon removing from sprue). The stabilizer lines are from the original Fujimi decals, but cut into individual stripes. I could not use the four stripes together because of yellowed base lacquer. Hovever, a similar blue stripe around the bomb was painted (blue paint, 0,5 mm masking tape and grey paint). Wheel covers stripes are from AeroMaster set 72-056.
  13. EI-238, pilot: Lt. Cdr. Kakuichi Takahashi, observer: Lt. Koizumi. Shokaku aircraft carrier, Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941. The leading aircraft of the first wave of dive bombers. Kit: Fujimi (1/72). Decals: AeroMaster.
  14. One of 7TP tanks from 2nd Light Tank Batallion, captured by Germans in September 1939 in Poland and stored in Tomaszow Lubelski. 7TP was a Polish development of Vickers Six Ton Tank, produced from 1934. Main modification was the engine - 7TP was the first Diesel-propelled tank in the world and the first tank with Gundlach Periscope. As its predecessor, 7TP existed in one or two turret version. Kit: First to Fight (1/72). Camouflage: Gunze C039, C070, C041.
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