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  1. The handles were for flares but werent standard fit to the jets, if i remember correct i dont remember seeing them all that often to, same goes the mount in the front, cant remember what that was for sorry
  2. Still sat at Cambridge for testing if anyone wants to see it before it goes stateside
  3. Although most sqn markings were removed some jet still managed to carry them for quite a long time. We had Tonkas out in Cyprus on Op Shader that still had sqn markings, just seemed that a few managed to miss the bland greyness.
  4. The sqns don't take jets with them when on ops like Shader, the jets stay out there and the sqns rotate. I was told the reason the sqn marks were removed was its easier with the jet moving between sqns and ops, as aircraft are pooled alot more now to help with availability and such, just look at the Tornado fleet to see how it worked.
  5. The problem with squadron markings and the such is now that the RAF is so small all the aircraft and pooled between the squadrons so they move around a lot. But to go with the pride and esprit de corps you mention, i can't speak for officers, but as a aircraft tech currently serving, most junior ranks couldn't care less what is painted on the side of the aircraft. Most people on squadrons now just want to do the bare minimum time in get their qualifications and leave to get better paid jobs in civvie street. It seems like a lot of squadron pride and the such is forgotten about by t
  6. Having spend the best part of 3 years coming and going to Cyprus to look after Tornados, i can only remember the gun being used over Iraq once (which missed so they used Brimstone anyway) it may have been used more but it was very rare for them to use it. Most the fighting that has happened in Iraq and Syria seems be fought by the jets at medium to high levels, the gun doesn't seem that necessary for air to ground now days, especially when you can drop a Brimstone and hit a target in the same building as friendly troops and not have any risk to them.
  7. If you need any pictures or any info for the insides or out, just ask im sat in one of these types of hangars as i type this at Benson. Looking really good so far, and i thought your HAS was mad enough
  8. Everywhere ive seen this brought up the true identity of the flypast is for the Russian Victory parade tomorrow. Believe the jets are frogfoots and flankers. Theres another video of the formation about and you get a better view of the jets and they do look like russian jets
  9. You can have the ground battery on with out them open as nothing really motors up till you apply ground power. In the cockpit on a servicing the ECS switch would be left on auto so when power was a applied these would open automatically. Also the aerial is the CAGNET aerial, who ever put it there really didnt think of ground crew much, stabbed myself many times on it
  10. Still called them GR.4As when i worked on them for 3 years, needed to know what they were, as some else has said they still had all the reconnaissance equipment inside which meant they couldn't do certain things. One thing they never did was go to Cyprus on Op shader, having no gun was one reason for that. RAPTOR pods were designed specially for Tornado, hence the name. RAPTOR stands for Reconnaissane Airborne Pod Tornado. Remember hearing a year or 2 ago that they were or were at some point designing a Typhoon version of RAPTOR.
  11. Having spent 3 years working on Tonkas and going down the intakes alot, i can confirm there is alot of panels, rows of rivets and fasteners all the way down to engine blades. Plenty of room down there too, just not nice to be down there cleaning dead bird out during the summer. Also theres a big dip in the intake right at the front of the engine, water use to pool there along with a dip in the bottom near the aux air doors ( you can actually see water in the intake in the photo on the right hand side of the intake)
  12. You are correct with the 2 cables, week of late nights has not helped my head the thin cable you can see going into the hook near the red circle is the manual release cable and the thinker cable you can just see behind the hook is the electrical cable connecting the hook to the cab. Also that picture is really confusing, rear wheel at 90 degrees to the cab and what looks like a blade touching the floor
  13. The countermeasures you out the white cable on are a pair of flair packs and also the cables on the hooks, there should be just one electrical cable per hook. Only the centre hook has hyds to operate it. Got to say its looking really good soo far, alot cleaner and better painted than the real thing tbh
  14. Really would be a real shame if this is true, use to love waking up and seeing her out of my window every morning. I do remember a few year ago the SWO at the time was asking all sections on station for volunteers to help clean and look after all 3 jets at Marham, and there was some work that did happen, think it was just cleaning before i left
  15. Looking really good so far, recently bought the same kit as i work on these beasts, actually working on 712 at the moment on sqn. If you didnt know the circle you painted on is a static port
  16. Having worked on GR4s for a few years the trainers didnt look like that in the back. Mostly the same but they did not have the circle screen in the middle, they had one big rectangle screen then instead. Believe the circle screen is a GR1 thing. I did manage to work on Za492 for abit at Marham before it went off to RTP
  17. Its for the onboard cooling system, ECS, for the crew and all the electronics on board. Theres a fan under it which turns on when power is applied to the jet. Theres 2 more of the doors, the one above the flir as mentioned above and then a smaller one on the right hand side under the refuel probe, usually in the middle of a roundel
  18. No Mk 7 just yet but there has been 7 mks due to the Mk6 and the Mk6a. Although if the RAF do go ahead with their plan to order some new Chinooks we could end up with a Mk7
  19. With that kit with the large tanks on the side youll be able to make a Mk3 as mentioned above or a Mk5 which is what the Mk3s have been upgraded too. Of you can get smaller tanks that would suit modelling a Mk4, Mk6 or a Mk6a the other marks of Chinook the RAF currently fly
  20. I was a liney on Tornados up to the end of 2017, having been away with the jets with them fully armed, i can say we never ever used tape on switches or anything. There was a small sign that would be left under the windscreen if the jet was armed, which would then be stored in the jets pin bag on a see off and then there would be metal signs at any entrance to where the armed jets were e.g. at the entrance of a HAS or at the entrance to the pan the jets were kept on
  21. Motley

    Airfix Lancaster

    Evening all, i currently have the Airfix Lancaster B.III Dambuster A50138 sat around waiting to be built. I was wondering is it possible to build a normal B.III from this kit?? Really want to build a No.IX(B) sqn lancaster soo was hoping i would be able to make one from this kit. Cheers, Tom
  22. I always find the topic of how people on Sqns feel about the Sqns an interesting one. Im currently in the RAF as an engineer, from my experience its more the ground officers and the aircrew that care about the Sqns identity and its history. When you get down to the lowest people on the Sqns such as the SAC's and the Cpl's, most of them dont really care about the Sqn identity and its history and in quite a few cases they dont have a interest in what aircraft they are working on. For alot of the younger guys on Sqns it seems to be more of a job than a life style now, its common now for people to
  23. On Op Shader i know of only once really where they have flown with ASRAMMS on the Tonkas, and that was recently with the Stormshadow missions into Syria. Ive spent the best part of a year out there working on the line, and the only time i saw ASRAMMs was on the Typhoons, even when the Russians were found to be flying in Syria and the news papers were saying the Tonkas were being loads with air to air missiles they didnt fly with them
  24. Motley

    Tornado GR4

    I think i may be able to help here, ive recently left IX (B) sqn where i was a liney on the lovely Tonka. The flaps and slats have different positions depending on what you need, flap wise there are 3 main positions up, mid and down. When the flaps are in these positions the slats will be all the way out. The picture above will the flaps out is the mid position and when they are down they go further down. Airbrake wise they can be left open or closed doesnt really matter. In terms of how they would be left, 9n a see in the flaps and slats are checked by us lineys, if everything is
  25. Defo Paveway IIs, was asking the armours about them as i watched them being loaded She did have a good wash, me and few others had to wash her by hand the night before, left work smelling rather alot of avtur after the cleaning :L
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