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  1. Having worked on GR4s for a few years the trainers didnt look like that in the back. Mostly the same but they did not have the circle screen in the middle, they had one big rectangle screen then instead. Believe the circle screen is a GR1 thing. I did manage to work on Za492 for abit at Marham before it went off to RTP
  2. Its for the onboard cooling system, ECS, for the crew and all the electronics on board. Theres a fan under it which turns on when power is applied to the jet. Theres 2 more of the doors, the one above the flir as mentioned above and then a smaller one on the right hand side under the refuel probe, usually in the middle of a roundel
  3. No Mk 7 just yet but there has been 7 mks due to the Mk6 and the Mk6a. Although if the RAF do go ahead with their plan to order some new Chinooks we could end up with a Mk7
  4. With that kit with the large tanks on the side youll be able to make a Mk3 as mentioned above or a Mk5 which is what the Mk3s have been upgraded too. Of you can get smaller tanks that would suit modelling a Mk4, Mk6 or a Mk6a the other marks of Chinook the RAF currently fly
  5. I was a liney on Tornados up to the end of 2017, having been away with the jets with them fully armed, i can say we never ever used tape on switches or anything. There was a small sign that would be left under the windscreen if the jet was armed, which would then be stored in the jets pin bag on a see off and then there would be metal signs at any entrance to where the armed jets were e.g. at the entrance of a HAS or at the entrance to the pan the jets were kept on
  6. Motley

    Airfix Lancaster

    Evening all, i currently have the Airfix Lancaster B.III Dambuster A50138 sat around waiting to be built. I was wondering is it possible to build a normal B.III from this kit?? Really want to build a No.IX(B) sqn lancaster soo was hoping i would be able to make one from this kit. Cheers, Tom
  7. I always find the topic of how people on Sqns feel about the Sqns an interesting one. Im currently in the RAF as an engineer, from my experience its more the ground officers and the aircrew that care about the Sqns identity and its history. When you get down to the lowest people on the Sqns such as the SAC's and the Cpl's, most of them dont really care about the Sqn identity and its history and in quite a few cases they dont have a interest in what aircraft they are working on. For alot of the younger guys on Sqns it seems to be more of a job than a life style now, its common now for people to join get their qualications and leave as soon as they can to get better paid jobs. Im not saying this is the case all the time, there are still alot of people in the RAF who love the history and the Sqn identities, im one of them (IX(B) sqn is the best sqn by far of course), this is just my personal view from my experience of being the RAF so far.
  8. On Op Shader i know of only once really where they have flown with ASRAMMS on the Tonkas, and that was recently with the Stormshadow missions into Syria. Ive spent the best part of a year out there working on the line, and the only time i saw ASRAMMs was on the Typhoons, even when the Russians were found to be flying in Syria and the news papers were saying the Tonkas were being loads with air to air missiles they didnt fly with them
  9. Motley

    Tornado GR4

    I think i may be able to help here, ive recently left IX (B) sqn where i was a liney on the lovely Tonka. The flaps and slats have different positions depending on what you need, flap wise there are 3 main positions up, mid and down. When the flaps are in these positions the slats will be all the way out. The picture above will the flaps out is the mid position and when they are down they go further down. Airbrake wise they can be left open or closed doesnt really matter. In terms of how they would be left, 9n a see in the flaps and slats are checked by us lineys, if everything is okay we tell the pilots to close them soo most often they will be closed. If there is a problem they will be left down. They may also be put down due to work needing to taking place on the jet. With the airbrakes they are generally left open when a hyd rig is attached to the jet, this is as under the airbrake there is a popper that needs to be reset after the hyd rig has been used. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to ask away
  10. Defo Paveway IIs, was asking the armours about them as i watched them being loaded She did have a good wash, me and few others had to wash her by hand the night before, left work smelling rather alot of avtur after the cleaning :L
  11. This is not actually true, ive just got back from Cyprus and currently the RAF are trying to punish the person who wrote on the Paveway and took the picture (it was wiped off as soon as the picture was taken btw and was never meant to go viral like it did). This is as it is actualy against the rules to draw or write on any of the weapon incase it doesnt work or parts survive and it may offend someone, silly but unfortunately true
  12. There is a system connecting them so they sweep at the same rate and so they will always be at the same place. When i saw the jet like it, it had just had the wing sweep actuator changed so the connection had not been put back on so the wings could be sweep indepently to make sure the new actuator was fitted correctly and worked correctly
  13. This is still correct on the GR.4 due to the bigger tanks length and size if the wings where to sweep all the way back the flaps and tailrons would hit. I believe empty GR.4s can be swept on the ground but if there is fuel in the jet the wings will always be forward. When refueling the jets we always have to make sure there is atleast 500kg more in the front of the jet before we can start to refuel the rear of the jet to stop the centre of gravity moving, although i have ended up with a tail heavy jet with a Raptor pod on before and you could see the front pointing up abit more than usual. The only time the wings are really swept on the ground is for functionals when work has been completed and this is usually done with a tressal placed under the rear of the jet or with jacks placed in. I have seen a jet before with one wing swept and the other forward which gave it abit of a weird look
  14. Talking about the markings at the side of the HAS's, as mentioned red is for the fire fighting equipment, usually space on both sides at the front and also space on either side at the rear of the HAS for when you see off a jet from inside, the stuff at the front gets taken out if there is a jet sat on the pan out front. Yellow is used for the armour area, in the HAS's at Marham this is across from the cabin and door into the HAS. The rest of the sides are painted with green and has written on there what should be in that area. Things should be put back in the correct places but it never is so i wouldnt worry to much if things arent in the correct places, theres always added stuff like crates and spares laying around in the way at the sides too. Also in the picture of the Tonka in the HAS the big red box is a canopy box if you didnt already know
  15. If you need to know which jets have been out to Cyprus and the such and what the normal load out it like out there, all Shader jets fly with Therma pods (which us in the RAF call Aircm pod btw) just give me a PM, im currently on IX(B) sqn and i spent quite abit of time out there last year, even getting myself on tv seeing off the jets on the first strikes to Syria. There have been a few jets out there with sqn markings on, mostly 31 Sqn markings, but 095 had a 2(AC) sqn marking on the left hand side of its tail
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