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  1. The General beat me to it, but look at his Valiant WP215, with the real 'country' as a backdrop, the Lincolnshire Wolds. However Dean your efforts look very effective, much better than mine with either the back wall or green house as back ground. Yuo obviously live in a lovely part of the country. Oh!, and yes the models look very well made and presented. Cheers, exbrat
  2. Hello Mike, Thanks for that update, no doubt that will be another masterpiece. Take care leaning out of seat 10F, hope the other passengers don't object to you opening the window!!! BTW where is the trip taking you? Best wishes and have a safe one, John
  3. Agree with all above Mike, never ceased to be amazed as to how you think up the manner in which to pose the model. Have I missed the Valiant or is that wip? Have given up on modelling for a while. John
  4. I can only endorse what has been said by all other members. It's good to see that many people build a model for such reasons as this. Well done Kenneth.
  5. Yet another fantastic setting Mike, ghostly almost. John
  6. Thank you all for kind comments. Mike, I thought you said a while ago that your Valiant would represent a Grapple bird, with a Big, Biiiiiiiggggggg distinctive cloud in the background from a home made you know what? Perhaps your neighbors would object though, how far is Chicago? Jason, the reason the Valiant wingspan wasn't much different from the Lincoln was that all three V bombers had to fit into the standard hanger as well as go faster, higher, etc. Could afford new aircraft but not hangars. Next project, is there one? Perhaps reunite the broken lumps of the 1/48 Lincoln conversion that are in the garage. Keep the models flowing. John
  7. I know I have posted these under their respective WIP and R for I before, but I thought it would be good to show them together. This would not have been possible for real due to the demise of WD131 in an accident (refer to 131 WIP), so this is the next best thing. It occured to me a few years ago that it would have been great if a Valiant could have returned to RAF Hemswell for a farewell formation flypast, but we were too busy with other matters I geuss. As usual comments of either nature will be welcome. John (exbrat)
  8. That's cheating Mark, you've spent a day at Brize, come off it!! That first shot certainly looks the real thing, well done. John (exbrat)
  9. Yet another superb model (or is it?) set in fantastic backgrounds. The metallic finish looks so real, how did you do that Mike? How long does it take to set up the models and integrate them with the backgrounds? John (exbrat)
  10. Hey Jason it looks like my goading/harassement/encouragement/SUTB (delete as applicable) has done the trick,well done. How's the Lancaster coming on? Regards John (exbrat)
  11. Welcome to the club, the Valiant one that is, another excellant model. How did you do the pitots, mine have fallen off all ready, so need to do a more permanent job? John (exbrat)
  12. Well done Jason. Looks good to me keep up the good work. BTW we had lunch at a garden center today on the edge of what was RAF Downham Market. Will follow this with much interest. John (exbrat)
  13. Try Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby, 57 Squadron was based there during the war and they have stacks of gen. They are very helpful. Best of luck with the build. John (exbrat)
  14. Jason, I'm sure your skills are no worse than mine, so get snapping and let's have some piccies. Just remember to glue the wing extansions the right way round! Best wishes, John
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