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  1. Hi All, My recently completed model Academy 1:48th scale (kit number 12222) flown by Lt. Col Francis Gabreski of the 61st Fighting Squadron, Boxted, England June 20, 1944. For more about the Francis Gabreski here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabby_Gabreski It was a love and hate approach with this model. It started very well, but did not end up so well. The Academy kit included decals that needed to be rubbed off from the transfer sheet on to the surface of a model and they didn't transfer very well. Although they have been printed by the Cartograf.
  2. Very nice I like her a lot, great painting Regards Seb
  3. Hi All, Please see below recently completed build. BF-109 F2 from JG 54 summer 1942 flown by Maj. Hannes Trautloft. Stock kit I have added photo etched seat belts only and led wire for engine wiring, painted with Lifecolour and Tamiya paints. It was a first time when I had my hands on the Zvezda kt, a few words about the kit: Positive: great design and engineering of this kit decent decals Not so positive: assembly instruction is bit hectic in some places the plastic that have been used for kit has tendency to crumble, have
  4. Hi Toryu, Thank you for your kind words. I am not sure if that was the exact 1943 year, took the date from Tamiya box of kubelvagen, have no idea could be wrong I am not an expert In terms of larger photos you should be able to see by clicking on these it will take you to my Flickr public album if you wish to see photos in larger format. cheers Seb
  5. Hello all, I have not been active here for a while. Please see below my recently completed model. It should have been a quick build but when i started added bits and bobs I could not resist and built my first diorama. Messerschmitt Bf 109 E4 - II. Gruppe JG 27 flown by Hauptmann Werner Schröer – Afrika 20 April 1943 Model used Airfix - ME 109 E4 and other bits from Tamiya (please see pictures) Aftermarket parts: Quickboost (by Aires) QB48375 Messerschmitt Bf-109E exhaust (designed to be used with Airfix kits) Quickboost (by Aires) QB48241 -
  6. Hi all, i am back after very long time off. The below is my recent build Academy 1-48 scale Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk IIB paints: Tamiya outside and Hataka cockpit green Aftermarket flaps from AMLA part number 48 001 (I messed up here quite badly ) Decals from kit printed by Cartograf - brilliant stuff. Overall the kit is quite quick but nothing exciting. Commemorative to : Neville Duke No 112 Shark squadron in November 1941 Egypt. Squadron Leader Neville Frederick Duke DSO, OBE, DFC & Two Bars, AFC, FRAeS (11 January 1922 – 7 April 20
  7. HI Igor, Fantastic build. Я приветствую Seb
  8. You have very good modeling skills. I like carrier deck as the part of a model stand. You just gave me an idea Thank you for sharing your model build with us. Regards Seb
  9. Hi Artie, Thank you for your comments. In terms of errors I'll list few : brake lines have incorrect shape, landing gear flap one side is at wrong angle, silvering decals on the propeller blades. I think in few years time I'll turn in to "rivet counting modeller" no no just joking. I build models for a fun Hi Val, I try build models related to particular time, squadron or pilot, therefore I have to rely on aftermarket decals. Techmod decals IMHO are ok but bit too thin to my liknes. Also I think is the only one producer of decals that has correct insignia of Polish squadrons. I a
  10. Dear fellow modellers, I would like to present my recently completed model Tamiya 1/48 scale Mustang MkIII. She was flown by S/Ldr Egeniusz Horbaczewski from 315 Sqdn. RAF August 1944, plane PK-G FB387. Additional parts used: Eduard 1/48 P-51 placards (FE198) decals: Techmod (48002) paints used: Tamiya acrylics, (the grey is my own mixture based on Du Ponit colour) The Kit - no problem with parts fitting, I committed few errors here and there, but overall I am happy with the outcome. Enjoy Seb Ps. All comments are welcome Background (from WIKI) Eugeniusz Horbaczewski (28
  11. Arkady, Thank you very much for your response. I am going to try your method. Best regards Sebastian
  12. What a beauty. Arkady can you please share with us your method of taking pictures. It puzzles me how you achieved such a crisp pictures. Warm regards Sebastian
  13. Hi all, Firstly thank you very much for your kind words. Each opinion matters to me. Hi Stig, below are few words in response to your questions: 1 I glued the side bits after taking these pictures, not happy with pictures need some photography lesson. I'll post new pictures here with completed canopy. I am not sure if these side panels were sliding down. In my opinion that is the most sensible thing, but I can be wrong. 2 The chipping has been done the "old skool" way with water and sea salt I need to try the new chemical stuff from AK company as I heard is really good. Overall I am
  14. Dear all, I would like to present my latest model. Tamiya scale 1/48 Mitsubishi A6m2 Zero Fighter - flown by Petty Officer 1st Class Saburo Sakai, Tainan Air Group, Denpasar base, Bali Island circa February 1942. Built out of the box minimum scratch in cockpit, paints acrylic Tamiya, decals from Techmod. BANZAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All comments are welcome. Thank you Seb That is all folks.
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