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  1. Lovely work Tom. I would prefer the camo without the fading. Don't know for "40" but all Mig-29s with earth camo are like that. http://share.pho.to/AJPQy Nice improvement on the lights and super shiny canopy!
  2. Great Mig-29 and presentation, congrats mate! How many camos did receive the 4103? I notice some variations on the camouflage pattern across the Internet.
  3. Oh man you killing me! I have some Ukrainian Mig-29s on w.i.p too. Can you please send me some photos of Linden hill decal manual with the camos on good readable quality? Here is a collection of Ukrainian mig-29s in Earth camo. (Your 40 blue isn't there.) http://share.pho.to/AJPQy How about the cone fitting on the trumpeter kit?
  4. Supertom now i remember. You are the one who did the f-23 raptor, aren't you? Yes keep going with the build, if something takes long to correct pass it by. You have so many camos to complete The Myanmar looks great. Very unusual camo. That caranacal decals a must! I have the sheet for the PAV-1 and PAV-2. Did you see the references for ukraine mig-29s on our forum above? I did an extensive research lately.. you can find more on my signature > database > spotters.net.ua
  5. Nice thread, i like the italeri so far. Can't wait for the other. We started some similar here and i'm participating with trumpeter's new kits. Did your's was ok with the fitting in the cone area? I think radome is a little bit larger in diameter than the fuselage. Check my photos here and here
  6. We have a Mig-29 Special Interest Group Build here and we are building some ICM, Zvezda, trumpeter (both 9.12 and 9.13) there. Building an Ukraine 9.13 i came across with something similar that Hook noticed. I had to borrow two pylons from a secondary kit so i can build their usual ordinance.
  7. The same climate problems here The beast you are building still asks for extra effort! One final sanding, i hope, and you are ready to proceed with the most enjoyable part, the painting! Good luck, this subject will be very unique and rare for your collection.
  8. Have a speedy recovery. Luck of free time is It's hard, i know and the worst part is when that free time comes and you feel tired. You cant' to do anything and finally you sit here on the forum
  9. Great work there with the exhaust! Thanks for the tips they may be useful someday. I usually search for plastic tubes on stores with wiring equipment but you can't easily find thin or the proper diameter for your needs.
  10. Nice background image you have on your windows machine. :-) About the roundels, A recent research on the forums for the Syrian markings indicated that Syrians never used roundels on the sides of the fuselage. I ve read that too accidentally on rv aircraft's facebook page.A member there was suggesting Radek to remove the roundels from his mig-21pfm kit! For the kit, there are sink marks all over the body. On your copy i can see on the right side of the fuselage at nose and at pilot entry area. Another week point of the kit is the nose, quick boost had corrected this with an aftermarket product. Finally the canopy doesn't fit good creating a height difference with the second part of the canopy, if you have it closed. I tried a walk around for this on my kit by removing some plastic from the spine. That increased the available width for the canopy and ity seemss that now sits good.
  11. Very nice build. Congrats to you for the build and Mr Radek from R.V. for the kit! I'm only afraid that the color is too shiny for mig-21. What do you think? Didn't those planes had a more dull metal surface?
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