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  1. Looking into the crystal ball, I see one of these in my future for sure! Great build, really nice job.
  2. That's a great looking Corsair II. The photographs are awesome too, really showing off the model perfectly.
  3. Thanks, yes, while the references I have weren't explicit in saying that, I had come to that conclusion. However, it's great to have another confirmation. Hopefully I should have my Eduard bits and airbrush in my hands either tomorrow or Friday. I've been dying to close up the fuselage and get on with getting this ready for the exterior painting. Still no luck with my "Flying Checkmates" decals so that might hold me up again in a couple of weeks. When I head "something something season" I always think Bugs and Daffy... Railway season, aircraft season, railway season, aircraft season, railway season, railway season, aircraft season, BANG!
  4. Wow, looks great. Amazing that you've rebuilt this model twice now!
  5. That's really nice, good to see some restrained colour on a modern jet as well. They always seem to go from the plain grey to the ridiculous with nothing in between.
  6. Beautiful craftsmanship, the detail in the aircraft, especially the antennas and cockpits, but all over the models is breathtaking. Stunning!
  7. That's a really nice MiG, cracking paint job as well!
  8. That's a real beauty. Super job on the nice clean build and the fab paint scheme.
  9. Nice painted and weathered, nicely presented and nicely photographed. Top job!
  10. More progress from the weekend. The complex cockpit parts. I'll paint these next so the body can be closed up. There is also an Eduard Zoom set to add yet as well... The famous "I can't believe it can fly" wings under construction. Not sure how to mount the flappy things yet which is why they haven't been fixed in place yet The wingtip tanks look fantastic when built up The undercarriage gear also looks great, but I need to check against walkaround pictures before moving any further with these Happy with the way this is coming together so far. I'll dig out the target tow next I think!
  11. So I began working in anger on my Eiko for a few hours this weekend and this is the progress I had made by today. As usual for the more current Hasegawa kits it really does fall together. I might add some little pipe runs and so on but this is how the model stands now. Main undercarriage bay has been fixed in place The wings slot nicely into the whole in the side of the fuselage and are locked perpendicular thanks to the tab in the bay Front wheelbay is a great fit too, with only a slight amount of material having to be removed from the base of the nose at the front to give a smooth profile The pointy nose will need some filler on the joins - there was quite a bit of flash on both halves for some reason The fuselage as it stands now. I have to do some painting before I can close things up
  12. That looks really nice. Great paint finish really doing justice to this fascinating aircraft.
  13. What a stunna, love the finish. Awesome weathering job.
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