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  1. oh no!!!!! you know the revenge unhappy kitty's can visit! just look at those eyes....plotting your downfall, figuring how to get better staff!! the build is coming along great, get to go home today, so get into mine tomorrow.
  2. They are a little bit pricy down here and I hadn't heard too much about them, plus got a bit lost building resin stuff (where all time and money went....). After reading all the comments here think the 410, may be a good one to "dip the toe in" as they say. Specially with a beasty like this!!! thanks for the good info, hopefully once I get some projects I've over committted myself to i'll build one.....thou will have to be the big gun version !!!!
  3. too may group builds too little time.....

  4. <p>ooo likey likey Jaguar!!! Got.......to........stop.........committing........self........to.......group......builds! Maybe next one.......... always wanted to build an F111 (wonder why??? ).........can I do it in just 20 days....... off shift tomorrow, back to man cave.... and im in
  5. simply stunning! have seen the Hasegawa one around and wonder what it would be like to build, have no room for something that big.....would have to get rid of the nightfighters!!!! You're doing an amazing job, was very interested to read about the 3D stuff....that gets the mind thinking.....maybe I can convince the wife.. will watch the rest of the build in awe!
  6. oh no! hopefully you can fix it up. I have/had a 1/72 Ar234-P which I managed to knock over a bottle for liquid cement on, plastic was sort of ok, canopy.......... lets just say the whole thing is now in the box of doom. No amount of polishing/sanding will fix......
  7. no I hadn't.........till now!!!!!!! that was a master class in model building! and entertaining as well! have always been a bit suspicious of the Promodeller kits, may have to give one a try.
  8. WOW!!! that came together perfectly, well done!
  9. there is an old fashion way too, clear varnish, think it came from a US modelling mag years ago. if you keep the coat lite and free of dust you can get a nice finished. tried it years ago (during an earlier experimental phase), I just brushed a lite thined coat of varnish on foil and area to be covered, let it become just tacky, then carefully place foil. then just work the foil with cotton buds and pegwood till you're happy. With it being just tacky you can move it a wee bit......just! for smaller areas it worked a treat, and as someone else suggested you can tint the foil by boiling it with different things. If done panel by panel (I know slooooow process) you could get some interesting effects.
  10. that GS Hypo sounds good will have to get some. sort of off topicish......couldn't find thread for it...... What about Vac canopies? I have tried allsorts of stuff (except GS) without much success, being an acetate makes it hard. Even the PVA/Kleer has issues, and CNA just won't go there. have lots of resin stuff waiting for that final finishing touch......thats my excuss anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. there is a pretty "hardcore" method you could try to remove the stubborn paint. I use to build a lot of 1/24th cars and often used automotive lacquer, gives a great finish, but if you stuff it up........ hard work to remove without damaging stuff. It involves the use of an automotive product that is notorious for removing ANY sort of paint…..Brake Fluid! It pays to be careful handling the stuff, not so great for the hands, wear cloves!!!! Just “dip and dunk” or carefully brush on, leave for about 60 seconds then wash thoroughly! You may want to do this a couple of times, will get rid of the toughest modelling paint. Acrylics, enamels, lacquer, you name it, it’s gone. Just don’t leave anything to sit too long in it as it will make the plastic go very brittle, and I wouldn't recommend it of really small stuff or transparencies. Easy to get from any of the automotive outlets and not too expensive. But do recommended some trials before you attempt a refurb on an old favourite! ooo found new font!
  12. thanks for all that guys. will get some when I get back to civilisation, have a few things I can experiment on.
  13. looking good....the cockpit is great. can't wait to get home and start mine...... may have to "steal" some of your ideas! rich
  14. thanks guy's. Unfortunately I’m still on shift in the middle of nowhere, very frustrating. Had just applied a gloss coat and was ready to start adding the decals, these are from a local (Oz) supplier and look the part!! They come as a set of two, white base decals a then the actual coloured decal, this “should” help prevent the base green colour from showing through.....time will tell. The leftovers will probably end up on a Beaufighter.....not another project to add to the many! Everything then should come together quickly for this one and the “Copper Head”, want to get them done and dusted. Head back out on shift again on the 26th. Plus gotta Bf-109 K4 to build for the next GB....... am a sucker for punishment.
  15. all that aside, is there a good 1/48th model of the 410? it does seem to be a bit forgotten about in all scales, and it was an interesting aircraft. Would like to build one so if there are any recommendations......
  16. those last shots of it were really great, looks fantastic. can't what to see how he goes with the 109, they'd look good in an action mount! as in early post great work and I hope he keeps the interest up!
  17. change of aircraft, have just found a nice 1/48th Hasegawa Ar-234B2/N. Will add some PE and resin extras. now just have to come up with asuitable colour scheme. another 1/48th nightfighter to add to the collection!
  18. Thanks for that everyone, greatly appreciated. have played with lacquer paints before, nearly always use the on 1/12 & 1/24 scale cars. get great finish plus realistic colours. Plus is there a prefered order in laying down paint types, I have read that the order is very important. Will grab those recommended articals and have a good read. have always been tempted to do a NMF aircraft! cheers all Rich
  19. Hi all, I have always wanted to use Alclad paints but have just been a bit afraid, plus it's not the easiest to get here (Oz) without ordering it on-line. Will be with luck finally getting a replacement for the old beast of a compressor, can't stand the weezing any more! After seeing all the amazing results with using Alclad I think I finally have to give it a go, plus have found somebody local (in Sydney) who stocks them. Up to now I have been using the Master Modeller Metallics, which arn't too bad. So am after any tricks, tips, hints and people have for using this paint (even links to good web docs would be great). thanks Rich
  20. What a great job, especially for a first effort! I tried with my young fella, but he's much more into computer games! keep up the great work and welcome.
  21. i'll be in this one..........gosh another group build was only just thinking about this the other day, there are just so many interesting schemes. have never built one, 1/48th is the way to go so count me in
  22. Hi Andy, 1/32nd and vacuum formed.....you must be #$%#@# crazy!! ......... gave up with vacuum formed models years ago, just don't have that much patients, resin is bad enough! Those main wheels are huge!!! Am really looking forward to your progress with this, that photo of the beat-up is amazing, you can just imagine the noise.... keep up the great work. Rich
  23. Hi Mick, have very fond memories of them as well, was very sad to see them go! Really do think I may have to build a 1/48th scale one. Just for interest sake there was an odd man out, 129 (from memory), for some reason it use to require the opposite trim to fly straight compared to all the others. As a result for most training missions the SUU pod was fitted to the opposite pylon when compared to all the other aircraft. From memory the last Gun pack was removed 85/86(?), my time there we didn't have guns to play with so Gunnies spent most of their time building trailers for everyone! Though I did see the result of the front gun mount coming loose during Gunnery practice (lots of "brown" stuff in the cockpit! ) )! They were very grubby in the cockpit, plus you may want to (if you want to) try and make up the radar hood for the Nav. The wing seals should be alright, if they are a bit course then painting will soften. If you are going to "weather", don't forget the gery goop streaking from wing panels mostly (underside) and fuselage (again underside), they did use to leak a bit. Their general appearance was always a little bit grubby (even if we did "wash" them each Friday...with shhhh avtur! ), and if they had a training mission for high speed runs (+2 M) they would look terrible, paint off everywhere. It maybe a bit hard to replicate (though someone around here will know) was the "gold" anti-flash coating on the canopies, wasn't a heavy coating but still was noticable. Anyway, now just want to build one.....just gotta finish the group builds first ...maybe later next year..... keep up the good work, will watch with interest rich
  24. Hi Mick am very interested to see how this one comes along; a, because I have never built an F111, must get around to it b, I use to work on them in the 80's, am an ex-instrument fitter with 6 SQN. Have spent many hours in various uncomfortable position in the cockpit fixing stuff, not easy when you're over 6" tall!! What colour scheme are you going to do, later Grey or earlier three colour? will keep a close eye on your progress, may just have to build one now!
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