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  1. Well this will be my first official GB/STGB of the year……..well we don’t talk about the 1/32nd Kingfisher!!!  :whistle:


    I have been a bit quiet of late, been mega busy with work, plus trying to clear some of the backlog of builds I have, mostly AFV’s….I have a very low completion rate with these, but have a Rhino & Rooikat done and another 3 or 4 more almost, so it has been time well spent when I have it.


    So this is just a nice straightforward build for me, with Hasegawa’s lovely 1/48th F-8E Crusader being the build of choice for this one. I picked this up a little while ago for the really nice price!






    It’ll be as close as I can do to a straight out of the box build……….so AM bits will be included  :D  ….


    …..a Wolfpack Cockpit set and Eduard Exhaust set….




    …plus Aires Engine Duct Bay and ResKit wheel set……photos to come.


    The scheme will be straight out of the box, a VF-191 “Satan’s Kitten’s” bird.




    This will be something nice and simple to get me back into the GB groove……plus I may have a 2nd off-topic build going on at the same time (an Eduard VF-6 Wildcat), so photo-bombs away!!

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  2. Glad to see I caused some of the chaos!  :D


    No better feeling than to break the GB Poll software! :thumbsup:


    I reckon the Matchbox III GB was a cunning plan by those with huge stashes of Matchbox models to increase thew value of the stash by getting everyone else to build there's! Now there is a growing shortage of Matchbox models thus increasing the valve of their stash! Matchbox Hawker Hunters for over $100 USD!!!

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  3. I had been thinking of dragging up that old chestnut, the Nordic GB....... Nordic III Ragnor Goes Hunting Bear!!! 🇺🇦  ........ but just haven't had the time, plus not sure if that idea is starting to get old.


    Arrr yes I do have 2 1/32nd Viggen beasties, and probably by that time a 1/32nd Draken one as well.


    So I'm in which ever way you go. 

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  4. On 3/3/2023 at 9:34 AM, Col. said:

     Hmm, where's @trickyrich hiding these days, he's bound to have a few Eduard kits in his stash...


    Sorry poor Rich has been struggling to have any modelling time these last few months, have been working most weekends........ worst of all feral Dust Bunnies have taken over the modelling bench!!! A nasty little lot too!!


    Yeah you may as well sign me up too, have the new Eduard IDS Tornado in the stash which is crying out to be built!

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  5. 2 hours ago, Colin W said:

    Hi @trickyrich,

    Well we were putting away the Xmas decorations when Mrs W moved the sofa and said gosh 'Thats a big one'. 'Are you going to build it or do we have to live round a cardboard box for the next 10 years?'

    So it's been hidden behind the sofa since we returned to the England in 2020, waiting for an opportunity to get built. I was planning on the 'Big and British GB' last year but there was no way I could see it being done in the time available so I built 1/48 Lancaster instead. So I know you set the limit for aircraft in this GB at >1/48 but you did say that you would make exceptions for some 'Big' subjects .

    Well this is 1/48 but it's quite big.

    In fact its bigger than my work bench and a lot bigger than a 1/48 Hurricane.


    And almost as big as a 3 seat sofa.


    The main part is the single piece fibreglass wing and fuselage but everything else is resin. There are lots of bits!


    Only a few decals but Masks are provided for the main colours, and the instructions are on CD.


    So there you have it.


    Am I allowed in?



    Allowed in!!!  You need your head read!    :yikes:


    I think straight up you'll get the prize for bringing the biggest beast along....that's for sure!!


    But welcome aboard........now this is really going big........just hope you have a shelf big enough for it!

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  6. 15 hours ago, jean said:

    Looking forward to the Banshee...




    That Banshee is still in the naughty corner...well shelf. It is a horrible kit, but I do know I have to finished her. Might make an effort once my GSG Vipers are finished. Still have nearly 2 months to go before my next GB.



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  7. ....and yes they are finally done!!!!  :yahoo:


    With  the Rafale done that cleans up my GBs for 2020, all started now completed! The F-22 been sitting around probably the same amount of time.


    So there wasn't much left to do on the Rafale just the final wee bits and that was it. I didn't like the model as I was building it, the intakes were are right pain to get right........but now seeing her done I quite like her.


    The F-22 however I don't like, don't know why....probably because I wanted to open up the weapons bays. I could because whoever started the model (I got it at my club for free) sort of trashed them, they were beyond saving. The paint job wasn't too bad, but the Alclad Krystal Klear clears I used are just plain funky!!! They go on perfectly and give a great finish, but even after 2 weeks drying they still feel slightly tacky to touch! Not good for if you want to do more work after..........I've damaged a couple of areas for holding her, not good. Will go back to my Gunze and SMS lacquers, the Alcad stuff is actually enamel based!


    To top off the F-22 experience the decals mostly tried to shatter when you applied them.......then later try to fall off! Anyway she's done and off the shelf. 


    Anyway, here they are additional photos will be in the Gallery.....i my stick some in the RFI section for the Rafale...definitely not the F-22!


    Ok after some waffling and 3 days since I started this post, here are the photos, Rafale first.
























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  8. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor


    Model: Hasegawa 1/48th F-22 Raptor

    Paint:  Mr.Color & Tamiya, Model Master Metalizer Lacquer, Alclad Klears


    Eduard - F-22 Interior set

    Eduard - F-22 Exterior set












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  9. Dassault Rafale M, 2014 Tiger Meet


    Model: Revell 1/48th Dassault Rafale M

    Paint:  Mr Color & Tamiya Acrylic, Alclad Klear


    Eduard - Dassault Rafale C Interior set

    Eduard - Dassault Rafale C Seatbelts set

    Reskit – Dassault Rafale (M) wheel set

    Syhart Decals – Rafale M n°27 Tiger Meet 2014 Flottille 11F

    Wolfpack – Rafale SNECMA M88-2 Nozzle set













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  10. Well the Rafale and F-22 are finally done (update to follow), so time to move on to the other builds.


    Right I have actually made some real progress with these, the Hammerhead is on the back burner for now, but real progress has been made on the Vipers....well the Mk.VIIs. 


    Somehow in the intervening months/years since I last worked on these I have managed to break off the tips on the big Mk.VII.......not helpful at all!  So some 1/48th Sidewinder noses made the ultimate sacrifice, not the original shape, but will do fine.


    Some final tiding up before painting...unfortunately all the gaps had been filled with filler, this is before I moved to using plastic sprue. Way too much work to correct now, just have to hope the lacquer paint is kind to the filler!


    Both this one and the baby Mk.VII were given a coat of Tamiya XF-19 as a base coat, before the larger of the two was given the "wiggly" treatment. My camera doesn't like the LED lights in the spray booth!




    Now the main colour for them is not so easy (situation normal!!!), there is a bit of discussion as to what is the correct colour for these Vipers. General consensus is that it is a pale Sky colour, so I used RLM.76 as the base. Then to make it a bit more futuristic I added some metallic Stainless Steel and Crome Silver to it. The finally a light dusting of just RLM76.


    Unfortunately in the photos like looks really grey the camera just can't do what natural light does, as it has a nice Sky tint to it.






    Finally the 2 together and the masking is finally off the engine after near 3 years!!!






    I will need to do a bit of work to get the canopy to fit, it have a full Green Strawberry PE interior that needs more finessing for the canopy to fit.


    With luck these should be the next to be completed.........as I have found even more to be finished off! 

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  11. Right this baby...well the Ta-154 that is, she has taken up quite a lot of time, but where I'm at now it has been worth it.


    The Arado, all the major construction work is done, basically now it's just putting it all together, not a big task just time consuming.


    The Ta-154, well that's was a different thing, the main issue was to get the wing fitted and sitting correctly. I had the basic position sorted....well I thought until I had a closer look.


    Unfortunately these photos don't work out, but the issue was, using current fuselage locations meant the whole wind tilted up, ok for a slow moving aircraft, but this thing is fast!. So I wanted to keep as much of the fuselage wing join as possible....so out with the razor saw!!! :D




    ......some nice careful cuts later...




    ....now a quick lift and tuck!




    The wing angle is now quite flat, which is was when it was on the Arado.


    Next issue was that the Arado wing was full metal, while the Ta-154's wing was wooden which resulted in it being double the thickness of the new wing.Plus I needed to fill in the new holes I created in the fuselage!!


    So more cutting around the fuselage wing joins, then out with plastic strips and super glue and all my files.........






    ...... and it looks a bit rough but the shape is right which is the important thing........


    .......a bit more filling/gluing and filing and the new wing profiling is really starting to come along. I love this sort of work, so much fun!






    Plus I had to change the shape of the rear area of the clear canopy section as it had the wing leading edge too far forward, so I had to new fuselage sections to fill these gaps once it was removed. So I need to do this on the fuselage wing trailing edges and the wing.







    While I was at it I started to straighten and fill in the gaps on the wings and sort out some wing mounts.




    Time to see how all this work turned out!


    The underside joins are really nice! Next to no gaps at all, I just need to finish off the wing join profile and that's it.






    The upper wing front join is also near perfect (sitting just a fraction to one side in the photo, will glue straight.




    The rear top is is good to, though I still need to figure out how to fair this all in. Once the wing is glued in place I can sort this out, not a biggie!


    In between this work I started on the nose "dustbin", it's fitted but I need to spent some more time profiling it in.


    All together she looks quite bizarre, very Luft46! I'm not 100% sure about the nose wheel, i may shorten it a wee bit yet. The rear gear, besides not breaking it during all this work (a first for me) I really could have moved it froward and had it retracting rearwards........but am happy where it is.






    ...and with that the major construction work is done on her, all the rest is just simple assembly and cleaning up work. Really happy with how the wing join turned out, I was a little bit stumped at the start as to how I could do it....but with a razor saw and CA glue anything is possible!!! :D


    Once the F-22 and Rafale are done I'll get back to her, things should move forward with her and the Arado quite quickly now.




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  12. ..and yes there has been progress on these builds....had a wee break today from the Ta-154, and yes there is a big update for that one.


    Not an awful lot different on the F-22, did the panel wash....not that there are many panel lines on her. The decals were crap and I have lost a few since I put them on, they were just sold and cracked as soon as you looked at them. Probably should have bought replacements....if there were any!




    Started fitting the U/c, next up will be the final clear coat and she that with a couple of minor bits to do, be done!




    Same with the Rafale, just lots a wee bits to do.


    Pretty much finished the cockpit area, had to do some additional painting I forgot to do before putting the decals on! Luckily no dramas there....painted the non-slip pads, plus had to re-paint the correct colour the area behind the seat.




    Still couldn't find the missing clear sprue, so had to make up the bits missing, just need to do some minor re-shaping of the laser/camera (??) housing before painting (because of the size it'll be easier to re-shape while it is fitted). The Nav lights are a bit of a mish-mash, hopefully not too noticeable!




    I have painted the missiles, just need to finish the painting and that are done as well, same with the exhaust cans (they are just sitting there for now.




    Hopefully I push these 2 out the door by next weekend or Saturday.


    The worse thing so far with this GB is I keep finding other dead bodies to resurrect/finish......found a couple of 1/48th full resin beasties I had sort of started, a Warrior Models AMX and a Planet Models Ju388J-3 which I started to convert. Both are fairly simple builds........so who knows, got until March to build other stuff before the A-7/F-8 STGB starts!


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  13. Ok after someone wanted to know if there was an update on these.........well I had to hope in my time machine and journey was back to 2015 to find them.....gosh even the Dust Bunnies had abandoned them!!!  :tumble:



    ....and first off to answer the first question....no I probably won't get to finish all these as well, but I will make an effort.........small hint I started to do some stuff on the 1/32nd Kitty Hawk Kingfisher (for the Salty Sea Dogs GB), glued a few bits realised it's a total piece of steaming :poop:!!!!  Figured building stuff from scratch is way easier to do....so will stay in this thread until it finishes in March and try to see how many models I can finish in that time, won't start anything new.


    So the first of this lot is the Focke-Wulf Ta-154D-2N, this was basically the leftovers of the Arado build above. I never throw anything away so I decided to "hack" something together.The idea for this one was it would have been an "All-weather Fighter" based on the Focke-Wulf Ta-145 with the prop engines replaced with 4 BMW 003C jets and the advanced FuG-240 radar.


    So everything started fine until I got to the main gear (which was from an Ar-234) , in the new fuselage the track was just too narrow. A WhatIf maybe a WhatIf but I like to make them as possible as I can, so the gear had to work. I eventually gave up because I couldn't find a solution that was practical and probable.


    After the pride by someone yesterday I dragged it out and tried the now old gear from the Hammerhead build, that didn't work, so back to looking at the original Ar-234 gear. So after some fiddling I came up with this. The original gear pivot stays the same but I angled them out further and then changed the axel position and it worked!




    That's the original Ta-154 main gear.






    A wee bit of detailing and it looks good...plus thinking about it, it would actually work in real life.....though the main actuator may need to be longer.....but hey!!




    While that was going on I started to work on the new FuG-240 "dustbin" for the nose while things dried.




    That stumbling block over brisk work followed and the fuselage was closed up.


    Finally a quick test fit of everything.......






    ......the stance is good, I could have gone lower in hight, but I still wanted to keep the original look of the Ta-154, plus now there is plenty of room for drop tanks under the engine pods.




    ...and with her sister.




    Next challenge in the build s to get the wings to sit correctly then have all the wing/fuselage profiles looking correct, that'll be fun..........way more fun than that Kitty Hawk piece of :poop:, that's for sure! 







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  14. I haven't forgotten about this one, the F-22 now has the decals on....and what a pain they were, they were starting to crack so recalling wasn't fun, but it's completed. Just need to do the panel wash and the clear can go on, think for this it'll be a semi-gloss clear. In photos of the real beast it does seem to have a non flat finish.

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  15. opps I had completely forgotten about this build........thou keep bumping into it every time I go looking for something!!


    Guess I'm going to have to add it to the growing list of KUTA builds....but something like this maybe a good mojo rejuvenator!  


    Once I find it again I'll link this thread up to the KUTA thread and visa versa.


    From memory this one had stalled because i wa having trouble working out how the main gear would work. I know it's a Whiffy, but it still needs gear that sort of should work and fit........but have new ideas..... 

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