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  1. Ok a quick update, have finished all the painting a weathering for this stage of the build. I didn’t go ultra-hard with the paint, will use pigments to finish her off. 








    The hardest bit was the black strip, trying to get it nice and symmetrical.






    With all this done it’s time for the clear coat, was hoping to do it this weekend, but it’s currently cold and wet here, not the best for doing clear coats....will see how it goes.


    Plus these goodies arrived, may paint them instead this weekend.




    Plus I’m ready to clear coat this beastie as well!!






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  2. I probably should start this build thread before I finish the model!


    In between other builds I have made a quick start on this one, some basic painting and building up all the basic module, so in no particular order....


    The new AM wheels are rather nice, a minor improvement over the kit ones, will look much better with a flat clear coat. The nose gear was a bit fiddly to do as the instruction are really quite vague, not helped by the poor print quality!!!!




    Basic painting on the cockpit done, ready for the Quinta set, being such a visible area, I think the Quinta cockpit is a must.




    The new resin (3D printed) engine bits are very nice, the rear blades are not really visible once fitted...guess they’re there to block any light from showing.




    Some extra vents for the D version, the PE is kit supplied and I think way too thick, the plastic vent sits partially on top of it, the fit is pretty ordinary!  




    The wings and other bits go together quite nicely....




    ....the only choice with the flaps is to have them down, they’ll stay off until the painting is done, much easier that way......




    .......the long exhaust pipe fits pretty well (some internal plastic needs to be removed, that’s in the instructions). Did they need to include it with the new prop, probably not as you really can’t tell the difference with the kit one once they’re fitted.......




    ......and finally, the stores (?), all you get are tanks a TER’s, it would have been nice to have some rocket pods!!




    So far it’s been a nice model to build, instructions are crap but it’s pretty easy to work out where things are meant to go......am worried though about the weight required to keep her on 3 legs....there’s VERY little room for it to fit. That’s a fun job to look forward to!


    This now will be on hold while I finish the Tomcat and Sukhoi........sneak peak....



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  3. 10 hours ago, stevej60 said:

    Excellent choice Rich and a big subject in this scale.


    Was actually surprised just how big she is, she's only a wee bit shorter than a Tomcat!!!


    9 hours ago, Stephen said:

    Nice choice, I built this when it first came out and had no issues other than where to stick weight in. I used Liquid Gravity and it's in every spare space forward of the cockpit rear as well as inside both cowlings.


    I hadn't even thought of that yet!  Hmmm there isn't a lot of room for weight, this is going to be fun!

  4. Ok a lot of progress on this one, basic painting is done, just need to start the weathering process, lots to be done there.


    The final AM bits have shown up, the Reskit Exhaust cans. This is the first time I’ve used Reskit cans on a F-14, really nicely detailed. Will start painting once the weather has improved here.....raining today!


    As mentioned the main painting is complete, terrible wiggly panels lines as usual, one day I’ll get better. The photos don’t show it very well, but there is a lot of Pre-shading done with the base grey. In the final finish it is quite subtle, I like the look but probably could gave even gone more extreme......for another build.






    OK she’s in the standard 3 grey scheme (FS.36320/FS.36237/FS.36375), but boy are the colour variation so subtle! I used AK’s Real Colors this time but previously I used MRP paints with very similar results. The definition between the colors is so subtle. Even in the photos of the actual aircraft the greys all look the same, only really noticeable when freshly painted.








    Next job will be to weather and dirty up the scheme, that’ll probably take up more time than the actual painting did!


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  5. It was very much a on again off again as to whether I was going to join this build or not, but with the advanced progress of the F-14D build I am able to.


    Interestingly I only had one candidate in the stash for this build, Kinetics lovely IA-58 Pucara which I only bought earlier in the year.....and no it wasn’t for this GB, I had thought another P-47 Thunderbolt!!




    A quite look over the bits and gee it looks to be a really nice model, lots of lovely fine detail.




    I couldn’t resist adding some extra AM bits......you know what I’m like!!!!





    These are just some basic upgrade bits, though I reckon the Quinta cockpit is a must with such a big canopy like this one has, and it will be open as well.


    The scheme, well I wanted to be different, and thought the Uruguayan AF one looked cool.......and no despite what the supplied instructions show, it’s not black!!! The quality of the instruction is crap!! Plus the colours they list for this scheme are different to the ones listed in the Aztec Models decals set for the same aircraft!!! Think I may trust them.




    I may even start this one today as the weather is currently crap for spray painting.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Wings unlevel said:

    Off to a flying start, Rich. Out of interest, how long do you think you’ve spent on it to this point?

     gosh a weekend maybe. I do everything in modules which makes assembly really quick, plus as this is the 4th one I built (have 5 or more to build) I know where everything goes and how it fits, which on this model is a breeze.


    I've now done all the pre-shading and such, will start the proper painting tomorrow, plus finishing my RF-111C as well, just finished the gloss coat and should start decalling tomorrow as well.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Tyas said:

    Usual load during OIF/OEF are either a pair of GBU-12 Paveway or one GBU-12 Paveway and one GBU-38 JDAM on the forward bomb pallet. At least that's what I've read when I'm researching for my F-14D VF-213 last cruise build. Also, if I remembered correctly F-14 with LANTIRN only carried one Sidewinder on the left pylon, because they don't want the rocket blast destroyed the internal of LANTIRN. Other information includes the fact that if F-14 carries a 1000lb Paveway it can only carry one of them, for the fear that the fins might going to collide with each other if it were to fly with 2 1000lbs. Hope this helps.


    Cool, thanks for that info, since the last post I had been doing some more research (seaforces.org is  good site for photos, particularly of this bird) and odd combs on the forward racks seems the way to go. As with the Sidewinder, don't know, there are lots of photos with the RH one fitted and not fitted.


  8. Such a lovely job, well done!!!!


    The engine profile looks so much neater and clean , it looks like it was always intended.....where as mine....well some mad engineer bolted on a beast of an engine!


    :wall: ...guess I need to go shopping after seeing this finished....thanks Alan!!!!  

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  9. Gee she looks amazing Alan....for someone who hates Camo schemes a pretty nice and clean job!


    I just noticed the canopy as well, it is a surprising omission!


    Plus O never noticed that this aircraft had a underside centre strake.


    Go on load her up to the max, she'll take it!!   :thumbsup:  :D



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  10. 10 hours ago, John_W said:

    Coming along nicely. I noticed a "companion" build by another member, those conversion kits are seriously good.

    One thing I note, neither conversion seems to provide the distinctive bulged canopy of the Enforcer/Cavalier. Are you going to use the kit part or is there a vacform option?



    Yeah that is one thing I noticed as well, the Tamiya model gives you a choice of 3 types, I tried to select one that looked the closest. I don't have the skill set to try and make a Vacform one!

  11. Well I’d better start this build thread before I actually finish this model.....opps!  :whistle:


    With a model like this one it practically builds itself!


    First off the next wee AM bits arrived, the new bang seats from KASL Hobby, they are nicely detailed, much better than the kit ones!






    Ok all the goodies before the start last weekend!




    Right in no order....


    ...all the flying surfaces are done....




    ......same with the pylons....




    ....U/c is nearly completed.....




    .....rear fuselage section is together as well.....






    ........finally the cockpit is together and ready for the Quinta panels.




    Coming along nicely........just need to remember to take more photos!




    Stores.......not sure yet, probably a pair of JDAM’s



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  12. I always like to build something different and what could be more so than a P-51D Mustang with the nose cut-off and a Rolls Royce Dart Turbo-Prop motor stuck on the front!!!


    Many years ago I build a 1/48th version using the Heritage Models Conversion kit, for a STGB way back in 2014. The conversion kit was pretty rough but I had to build it cause it just looked awesome. Fast forward 2024 and someone mentioned something about this company called Halberd Models, and that they did a conversion set for the Cavalier Turbo Mustang III and Piper Enforce in 1/48th and 1/32nd. Not long after a rather large sum of money was spent on the 1/32nd Cavalier Turbo Mustang III Conversion kit as well as a Tamiya F-51D.


    The build and the conversion kit has to be one of the best I've ever come across, the detail and quality of the resin bits have to be some of the best there are available. The fit between the resin conversion and the Tamiya donor are perfect, something I've never come across in a conversion kit over all the years I've been building models! I did have one slight issue with the nose cap and the fuselage, with the fuselage not being nice and round and maybe slightly shrunken. Not a big deal and simple to correct. I haven't read of this issue so it probably just a one-off with mine, but not an issue enough to upset my joy of building her.


    I think now I must add the Piper Enforcer as they will look great together.


    I have nothing to do with this company but truly recommend you go and check out their range of models/conversion kits they are a wee bit pricy (when inc the donor model) but they are just amazing and I think well worth the price....unfortunately they have sold out on the future release 1/32nd XP-72 Ultrabolt!!!! :crying:


    Thank you for looking and please enjoy the photos


    Model: Halberd Cavalier Turbo Mustang III Conversion

    Scheme: Factory Demonstrator 

    Paint:  AK Interactive Real Color, and MRP, Tamiya Acrylics, Gunze Mr Color Metallics 


    Zoukei-Mura A-1 Skyraider Weapons Set.













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  13. 1/32nd Cavalier Turbo Mustang III


    Model: Halberd Cavalier Turbo Mustang III Conversion


    Scheme: Factory


    Paint:  AK Interactive Real Color, and MRP, Tamiya Acrylics, Gunze Mr Color Metallics 



    Zoukei-Mura A-1 Skyraider Weapons Set.













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  14. ok, not much to say other than she's done am I'm very happy with how she turned out!


    The stores are from the Zoukei-Mura weapons set for their Skyraider. The finish is nice and shiny as she appears in the few photos there are of her.


    The build was just so nice and straightforward, and I cannot say enough good things about the Halberd Conversion kit, easily some of the best resin there is out there in the market. The parts fit between the two kits is almost perfect. 


    The entry price for this particular complete model is a bit on the pricy side, buy I think it is worth it.........now I just have to decide what to do with a big box of leftover Tamiya P-51D bits!  :hmmm:


    Would I buy another Halberd Model kit/conversion....am currently looking for my next build buy them.


    Thank you for following, as usual additional photos will be in the gallery and RFI.























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  15. Really lovely work Alan, she's looking awesome!  :thumbsup:


    I should ban myself or refuse to be drawn in to this build thread!!!!!!


    As I know it's going to cost me........ :wall:


    I agree110% the the quality if the conversion set is unbelievable and it shows in just how well the two different model just go together seamlessly. Halberd Model conversions and complete models in my tiny opinion has to be some of if not the best out there at the moment, have seen the 32nd Curtis SC-1 Seahawk built, what an awesome looking model that we. 


    I am seriously thinking about doing this conversion as well.....though the 1/48th P-38 on floats has my eye along with a 1/32nd XP-72 Ultrabolt!!!

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  16. Ok, some pics, the model is of course the lovely Tamiya F-14D. 🥰




    The only extras I have at the moment are some "Weighted" wheels from Wheelliant, haven't used these before, and Quinta Cockpit 3D decals...another of my fav's!




    I will add some resin Cans and Bang seats, that's all this model needs.


    The scheme I had a few choices but in the end I went with a bird doing its last PAC cruise aboard the USS John C. Stennis. 




    Out of all the of the schemes i have for all the different VF-31 aircraft I'm building this was the hardest set to find! Two Bobs is/was the only manufacturer to release this particular scheme and of course as such is near impossible to find now.....I know as I spent well over 6 months trolling the net looking for a set, then only to find a fellow local IPMS member had a set which he amazingly gave me for free!!!!

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  17. 12 hours ago, Alan P said:

    Wow that all happened very quickly in the last update! It looks really cool, very well built 👍


    What engine did it have, looks huge compared to the aircraft?

    Thanks, it's now pretty my 99% done, just the stores and a couple of minor parts to do.


    She had a Rolls Royce Dart 510.


    I so loved the build and how she turned out I now have to buy an Enforcer to go with her!

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  18. My VF-31 Tomcatters builds so far in chronological order;


    F4F-4 Wildcat USS Enterprise - (as VF-6 prior to becoming VF-3 in July 1943)



    F3H-2 Demon USS Saratoga



    F-4B Phantom II USS Saratoga



    F-4J Phantom II - "Mig Killer"



    F-14A Tomcat USS Kennedy



    F-14A Tomcat USS Kennedy (prior to embarking on the USS Forrestal and transferring from CVW-3 to CVW6)



    F-14D Tomcat USS Abraham Lincoln



    F/A-18E Super Hornet USS George W. Bush (redesigned VFA-31)





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  19. Ok this will be a bookmark for now, just need to complete the Cavalier S’tang, she's 95% done so she should almost be done this weekend.


    Choice for build....well there isn’t any of course, it has to be a VF-31 Tomcat :D  , the hard decision being which one! :hmmm:


    Why???? Well my plan is to build every aircraft they operated of every carrier they operated since their initial establishment as VF-3 back in July 1943 flying F6F Hellcats. I have done an earlier F4F-4 Hellcat from when they were VF-6.


    They operated 11 different aircraft off different carriers (though possibly more in the early days), have completed 7, 3 in progress, so 4 to go plus 2 extras, a “Last Launched” bird plus the “Any time Baby” scheme which was a VF-31 bird too.


    They are the 2nd oldest Squadron in the USN (VFA-14 “Tophatters” has that distinction), established as VF-1B in July 1935 flying Boeing F4B’s. They are also the only USN Squadron the has scored aerial victories in 3 wars: WWII, Korean and Vietnam.


    The model will of course be one of those lovely Tamiya F-14’s, with a few extra’s thrown in.....as usual.


    Scheme...well I have 1 F-14A to do to complete that series, but 5 F-14D’s to go for that series, so will probably be a D model. Plus being a Tamiya model, there is a destined chance I may start on a 2nd one as well....will see how we go......so stay tuned.

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