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  1. gee it does look rather nice, I like the cockpit
  2. come on stop teasing......we need photos....just to make sure you're not building another Egg!
  3. NZ isn't referred to as the "Shaky Isle" for nothing...I went to school built right on a fault line in Waipukruau, and the school was made of bricks!! Welcome along with a great build! I remember building this model when I was at High School, and it was in RNZAF markings as well. seem to remember it was a nice model to build way back then. Good luck with the build, am looking forward to seeing what you do with the model, it'll certainly bring back memories for me. Great photos as well.
  4. They are looking really nice Pappy, it's great that you can do both versions. With the filler, rather than sanding and loosing all the detail, try using a cotton bud dipped in some nail polish remover. It gently removes all the excess filler with out damaging the plastic. Well it will very slightly make the plastic go matt again, which is nice if you're trying to match the original surface. Craig @modelling minion I think taught me that method.......if not I'll just blame him as always! Super cool model. love to!
  5. .... and yes I will update this shortly, as I have started it and have almost done an "Enzo" on it....as in over 1/2 way through the build already!!!! Oopppps! It is an interesting but for sure!!Fit is a bit on the poor side, lots of cleaning up required to get the smaller parts to fit correctly, instructions are quite vague in placed, especially on how the PE on the turret goes. I was meant to be using this build as a nice relaxing break from the Trumpie monsters....but it's not the case at all.......gee I really need to build a nice Tamiya F-4 or F-14!! Photos and proper update to come later today....... I promise.
  6. arrr this one look familiar! You look to be around the same stage in the build as I am (and yes I really do need to do an update.... ), the tracks were interesting to build up, I noticed your joining rubber link are tan, mine are black. I don't know how you have found the fit so far, mine has been a bit of a pain, especially with some of the smaller parts, lets or work required to get them to fit nicely. Having Vague instruction do help either.....just wait till you start fitting the PE bits to the turret! Plus building up the boxes for the main radar and gun barrels are interesting as well!. That Jordanian scheme is nice but it has completely different ranging and targeting radar....pity as that digital scheme is super cool!
  7. ... arrr yes I know the theme was/is "Go large or go home"......but I think all the boxes of our builds would probably fit in that box....so even huge doesn't describe this one!!! What a beast of a model and so super cool as well! I seriously doubt I could fit this on my work bench and heaven knows where it would go once finished.... But this is one serious build I have to followIt'll be super impressive when completed. Good luck with the beast. plus that's some serious paint collection you have as well, all the good stuff too I see as well!
  8. welcome along Casey, and with a fine choice for a build. As already mentioned, it would be strange to have a GB without a Spitfire appearing, and this looks to be a rather nice huge one as well. I haven't seen one of these built before but have heard that they are a nice model. Many years ago (a scary long time ago) I built their P-51D an 2 Stuka's and remember they were amazing kits to build. So can only imagine how nice the new releases are. Well good luck with the build I'm very sure there will be lots of interest in this build.
  9. wow, you have made some progress since I last popped in!!! Looks like you've beaten those horrible Trumpie join lines, am still battling with the MiG-21 joins....heaven knows what the ones on the Skyhawk will be like!!! Looking forward to seeing some colours on her.
  10. gee she's looking nice!! Yeah photos do have a rather bad habit of showing up all those things we've missed!!!! I may have to take back any nice things I've said about Takom....my Takom Gerard is turning out to be a right pain!!!
  11. Ooooo that does look really nice.....and a bit scary! The eye production line is rather cool as well.
  12. gosh that all starting to look really nice. I agree with you on the Tamiya LP paints, I've only used a few so far and they are really nice to use, will have to give the metallic ones a go now.
  13. I think just looking around gents toilets would likely be enough to get arrested.....or some improper proposition! I think Edwardian man's bladder control was inversely proportional to the amount of that Brown ale they drank......even more so on those rare sunny days! All that aside, it does look rather nice!
  14. Looking over old build pictures of my Ta-152H-1 and it was/had very similar in the mould results. It was their 2nd release and this their 6th. But compared to their latest release, the Bf-109G-14, chalk & cheese. looking at that flash you'd almost think the moulds were starting to wear a wee bit??? They were certainly keen for none of the parts to fall off the sprue runs that's forsure! I don't know if you have already seen it but over on the Zoukei-Mura site, in the Old Man blog the last 3 updates have been on the He-219. There is some interesting and helpful stuff there.
  15. not really!!! I had a look at one of these last weekend, one of our club members had one, an amazing model.
  16. Hi Alan, no problems at all with any of them. "now all together now!!!"
  17. it does look good. interesting that a 1/35th model is more detailed.......sounds like somebody got lazy!!
  18. Oooo that does look really nice, great to see how much care was taken to ensure everything would fit with the donor kit. I can see my resistance dropping with each update!!!
  19. that's some good info, am chasing the newest release Tamiya F-14A, seems to be the cheapest on-line. The Trump F-14D has VF-31 scheme, but am battling 2 Trump 1/32nd builds at the moment....no way another 1/32 Trumpie!!!! Nice proge=ress with your build, interesting that area at the tail, will have to remember
  20. Oooo I do like that scheme!!!! Looks great and nice and complicated as well. Are the tracks a solid glue together type or are they flexible? Should be a fun build to watch.
  21. I saw the same clip yesterday, she's in the standard (I think) 3 colour scheme, not the easiest to do I think. But sort of got it ok on the Panzerhauitze 2000 I'm building it also will be a Ukriane beast. It's their way of saying you can either build the A1 or A2 versions, there is some difference between the 2 versions. They are a bit strand in this, there are a couple of other manufacturers from the area that do similar things.......can make if confusing.
  22. gee she's looking good.
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