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    1/48th Aircraft, Late war and immediate post-war RAF / RN.

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  1. I guess It will need to have a broad appeal and sell well around the world. My tuppence worth says a new 1/24 P-51. Reason being they have recently re-tooled the smaller scales and they have, I assume, already done their homework (LIDAR scans etc). Would go down well with our American Cousins. Although I supposed the same could be said for a Spit too (BoB anniversary on the horizon as noted above). They were clever with the Hellcat - smart looking plane, multinational use and folding wings for smaller shelves. Whatever it is I hope it’s ‘BIG’ as in 1/48 or above for the sake of my eyesight - and clumsy sausage fingers! Personally I’d ask Father Airfixmas for a 1/48 Shacklton or a 1/24 Sea Fury. Fat chance I’d imagine.
  2. Super job! I'm working on the self-same kit at the moment. Did you (or has anyone else) used the Eduard masks? EX082 - reason being there are canopy and lights masks - but only masks for one wheel! Did I miss something. I started to question my sanity! Again, splendid job - If mine comes out anywhere near as good I'll be chuffed.
  3. That's superb. I've got the LT one lined-up for my next build and was researching for tip 'n' tricks. The 715 was my Green line Route when I was a kid near living near Hoddesdon. I just about remember the RMCs and RF coaches on this route before one-man operation, so a big 'memory lane' moment. I like the rear view - one I often saw as I was always late getting to bus stops! Any tips for building the Red one OOB? Thanks.
  4. Looking great! - I particularly like how you have approached the wooden floor. Can I ask your colour choice for the exterior red? I have one of these which I'm about to start and am picking people's brains. Also, how are you finding the instruction sequence - can it be followed 'to the letter'? Many thanks - looking forward to seeing more progress.
  5. Well spotted - yes I hadn't cleaned enough of the dark wash weathering off before I sealed it - that's what I get for working under a 11w energy saving lightbulb!
  6. Thanks for the tip! Thankfully I didn't spill it all. I've got the 1/24 Revell Routemaster up next - and there's a lot of decals on that.
  7. Thank's all. I really appreciate the encouragement, I did read somewhere that they couldn't take off without the aid of the RATOGS, when tooled-up they weighed the same as a DC-3 apparently! Thanks again!
  8. ... without the Musketeer stripes. Been waiting since 1978 to build one of these, ever since I saw that Frog made a 1/72, so after a 30 year hiatus from modelling I got my chance. I thoroughly enjoyed making this - I know, a few errors, I shan't point them out - I know what they are. Also I know they didn't carry the torpedo - but it looks very, well... naval! Sorry abou the rushed photography I'll have to get a few tips from you guys, there's some great stuff on here, but I wanted to snap it before the cleaning lady came round - I have a Sea Fury that was 'dusted' once and never quite looked the same after she tried to repair it! I'd recommend this kit to anyone, went together a dream with a couple of exceptions - the wing roots need a bit of encouragement to line up with the corresponding fuselage - nothing that superglue and a firm hand can't deal with, also the rockets aren't great - not quite sure why they have to be made they way they are: with separate tails that don't fit very well (and keep breaking off). I wish I'd painted the EDSG first though - would have made masking much simpler. The Florry models dark wash worked quite well I think bringing up the surface detail (and showing up some 'issues' in my finishing too). This was my first time with Micro Sol / Set - which I also though worked well (despite me spilling most of both bottles about an hour after getting it home - those tall, thin, light plastic bottles are just asking to be knocked over by a klutz like me! The contra-prop does work!
  9. Thanks. That makes perfect sense, I had reserched RPs before for something else but was unsure how the RN used them. I have found tus which ties in - I think it's WW2
  10. Hi. Am currently doing the Trumpeter 1/48 Wyvern (late version) - which I am thoroughly enjoying. The colour call outs are a little basic, only pointing to certain parts, which is giving me a bit of a headache as far as some of the details are concerned. What I'd like if possible is some advice colours. A. Rockets (I've Googled this and there aren't many colour pics of the Wyvern but plenty of 'modellers licence' - I've seen silver with red tips, green all over, black with green tips and blue banding, black all over. Any advice? B. The torpedo - it calls out something they call 'Metal Blackl' What about the fins/screw too do you think? - again a few alternatives on the net. C. 1000lb bombs - says 'Olive drab' - my guess is Bronze Green? I'm unsure if rockets and a torpedo were carried at the same time. It's a cracking kit by the way - one I could only dream about when I was a boy. I remember Frog did one in 1/72 - I saw it on the side of their Sea Fury kit "That's next!" I thought to myself, but the shop didn't have it! 35 years later... Cheers
  11. Thanks. I'm thinking that masks are definitely the way ahead for me. WE shall see when it comes to peeling them off! Glazing attached. I can see some gaps which I will fill - nothing too desperate (I assembled the main canopy - front + 2 rear halves - first and dry-fitted before the poly cement was dry as there is a lot of room for error. I didn't do too badly the rest portion splayed a little but when I attached to fuselage I used the clamp to pull it back and it seems to have worked OK). There is a slight gap on the port side front section which should fill OK and maybe a sliver need on the underside cupola - it being transparent it's difficult to tell until it's primed. I used Canopy Glue to attach. I was tempted with poly cement for strength as I do tend to manhandle quite a bit before painting, it will be interesting for me to see how this stuff holds up.
  12. Cor! the eight-year-old me want's that. I'll have to save up from my paper-round.
  13. Hello Chaps. Masked! My first foray into pre-cut masks - I started off quite tentative, then gained confidence, then got cocky, then re-did some. Masks for me at any rate are essential for a greenhouse lie this. The dipping didn't go to well initially - had a lot of pooling in the nose section (all the adjacent angled panels made the fluid cling. I removed with Mr Muscle and kept trying. Not perfect but better, I'm learning. Mounting the canopy next and undercoating. That back section in two parts might prove awkward. Cheers.
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