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  1. Superfine Milliput here too and also black for filling canopy joints
  2. EZ line, fine rigging thread from Uschi Van Der Rosten OR if you have any tank kits with vinyl tracks try heat stretching the sprue from those as it will go as far as your arms will let you
  3. In answer to this, on a recent build of a King Tiger I drilled holes in the hull and side skirts and glued plastic pins in the skirts so that these could be fitted later
  4. It depends on the tank but generally I glue individual track links to the road wheels while they are loose on the hull and when dry remove them as sub assemblies; (although on this model the tracks were glued to the rear idlers, sprockets and return rollers as the road wheels are integral to the hull) Tanks with individual links that are held together with end connectors are left off the model as these can be easily fitted later such as this Meng T-90;
  5. A word of caution with using those AFV Club tracks. The vinyl end connectors will SPLIT if you use thinners/ white spirit etc for washes and weathering and the tracks will fall apart. I found this out the hard way on my M728 CEV conversion a few years ago and since then I only use IPA when weathering the tracks with pigments. Hope this helps!
  6. "...Oh yes... and I've also got to remember to mask the glazing. Best not forget that" LOL I did that with my Italeri LMV Lince but it was the headlights I forgot to mask...D'OH! Looking forward to seeing this one painted Andy!
  7. Outstanding work Andy! I do like your stuff
  8. You might want to take the filler OUT from between the stowage lockers and upper hull as there is a gap between the two on the real vehicle where the upper hull overhangs slightly;
  9. Not on *this* sheet....ooooooo does that infer it may be on another planned sheet ??? You KNOW you want to!
  10. I would like to think it would be a 610sqn RAuxAF F8, the one with the candy striped tail
  11. Have fun as the fit of parts, especially on my example was not brilliant; http://andykingsmodelblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/airfix-c-47-wing-roots.html The rest of the build is covered in my blog, I just gave up in the end as I was having issues with the paint as well
  12. All I can say is try one but take your time when building a resin kit and be prepared for extra work. Also check that ALL the parts are in the box as there were a few missing that I had to make from scratch. I did contact Miniman about a deformed part which they did replace but it was'nt until later on in the build I noticed the bits missing but I heard nothing from them again so be warned.
  13. I can only speak about my experiences with this particular kit and it was challenging. Miniman ARE one of the better manufacturers out there but resin kits by their very nature do throw up some issues. I remember trying to build an Accurate Armour CET and gave up as it was THAT bad (although it was an early kit of theirs)
  14. Thank you so much Andy, glad you enjoyed the article
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