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  1. Apparently you have something against Veteranus....... "my observations"!! I've been using them for a couple of years now both on selling and buying. I live in Norway and cannot do anything but praise Nikki and her team. Excellent service, shipping and communication. Admin team there are working almost 24/7 to keep the system going. It's the members/bidders who make the troubles on those groups.... not the owners/admins.... They do pickups and make it easy for you to offload your stash if you need too! Cheers Ørjan Utne Bryne, Norway.
  2. A tip is Veteranus. Nikki does a fantastic job!!! They have auctions on FB. Highly recommended!
  3. Hi guys. Any of you know where I can pre-order this one? As I live in Norway there are close to 0/zero shops where I live and around the country. Cheers Ørjan
  4. So.... For a novice Norwegian like me in Norway. ..... Where's the BEST place to get hold of one....? Would it be for sale at SMW? CHEERS Ørjan
  5. There will NEVER be a replacement for the famous Tomcat! She is the best flying feline ever! With regards to the twin tail and her lines........ Thanks for posting!
  6. What's up with the weather? 

  7. A stunning result! I really love it! Cheers Ørjan
  8. Tony. A nice old one for me! I just found a bunch of pictures that I took at LHR in 1996 at my first IPMS Nats trip. There are a few DC-8`s still in use then! I`ll see if I can get them scanned and put them on "display" in here! Great job, mate! Ørjan
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