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  1. If you're getting into Airbrushing, there's certainly a lot worse you can do. The majority of the H&S kit comes with high praise - Iwata also. Just don't cheap out on a crappy Airbrush, you'll only regret the experience!
  2. Personally, I really like the Model Colour range - owning many of the paints I find the dropper bottles much, much, more handy. Though I admit, I have yet to use any Tamiya Acrylics. My research tells me the Tamiya glass bottles aren't very good, however, the paint gives a much more flat/cleaner/even? surface than the Vallejo Model Air. I'm going to grab a couple of each and give them a try when I get chance. One thing I am aware of is the difference in Acrylics. MC and MA can be thinned with pretty much anything and can be mixed with all manner of similar paints, however, Tamiya Acrylics are best mixed with Alcohol or their thinner (Don't quote me on that!) and when mixed with paints such as MC or MA they curdle the paint. Oh, and the Tamiya paints are more toxic, though again - (Don't quote me on that!).
  3. Its arrived! Its arrived! Doesn't everyone love getting parcels? It's like Christmas. So after weighing up all the pros and cons, and all the comments and advice posted, I came to the conclusion that the H&S really wasn't what I needed. I liked the Iwata from the start, it was the one I originally chose until I discovered the H&S. And I must say, I'm very impressed with it and it goes well with the Iwata compressor I got along with it. My first time ever using an airbrush ended up as a disaster though, with paint going everywhere and then the whole airbrush getting blocked and clogged up. It was a huge downer, but to be fair, I knew I would have problems, it's the only way we learn. It wasn't a fault of the airbrush at all, it was the Vallejo Model Colour I was using - and me of course. I obviously hadn't thinned it enough and it had dried all over the place. God knows how, but I actually got paint in the other end of the airbrush! Anyway, after that little disaster I took the whole thing apart, which, to be honest, is really, really easy, I actually thought there would be some skill involved but there really isn't, it's just a case of unscrewing a few bits and pulling the needle out. So I learned from that how the airbrush works and operates, how the air picks up the paint and so on. (I actually thought the needle was what the paint passed through, I didn't realise it didn't have a hole in it! Talk about a newbie.) So I took everything apart and soaked it in airbrush cleaner for about 6 hours then gave everything a good clean. Looks as good as new again now. I also had another little test run, this time with the same paint but thinned much, much more, and a little retarder added for good measure, oh, and the PSI lowered. Whole thing worked a treat, no blockages, no spitting! I'm thinking of picking up some of the Vallejo Model Air colours for airbrush use, I have a feeling the Model Colour route will cause many hassles further down the line. Anyway, here it is! Cheers guys, your advice was fantastic!
  4. Bit of a late reply guys but, unfortunately, I haven't been well. Regardless, I'm now back in action and after taking everyone's excellent and constructive comments and opinions on board, I have placed an order! I won't say which one, instead I will post some nice pictures for all to see when it arrives. Time to camp outside my door and wait for the postman!
  5. Thanks guys, that's a lot of replies and I'm very grateful. Some questions, if you don't mind of course. @Av8fan - Unfortunately not. It's about an hour or two to get to any shows, 3 - 4+ for places like London, depending on traffic I suppose. Work constraints don't help either. Thank you for the link to that thread as well, that was one I missed and read it completely. @Iain (32SIG) - Those are some fantastic looking shots of the Messerschmitt Iain! Right up my street! One of the following posts says that the HP-CH struggles with very fine lines, do you find this to be an issue at all? I can understand for some tasks a good old paintbrush would be used but do you ever come across tasks where the Iwata just can't do what you want? @turnerdad - I think you actually answered my above question to Iain, however, you did mention you use the Infinity for really fine detail. Do you have any examples of that? By that I mean, would you use it for really small free hand designs, or very fine panel lines or something similar? @Michael louey - Thanks for the clarification on the cleaning of the Infinity. Nearly all the posts I have read said that the Iwata was more difficult to clean. Thankfully the parts for either aren't that different price wise as far as I'm aware, with the H&S coming in a little cheaper. (Though don't quote me on that) One question that I still have is the difference between the 0.3 Iwata and the 0.4 H&S. Is there much of a difference in coverage? I do like the Iwata and it comes with a good reputation and a lot of recommendations, but something keeps telling me to keep the H&S in consideration. Little-cars kindly sent me a PM with some other bits of information for me to consider as well, one point in particular was the large cup of the Iwata (9mm) and how it can get in the way when doing fine detail work. Another plus for the H&S I imagine due to the removable cups. Keep the comments coming guys, it's great to read and really informative. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I'm getting in to airbrushing and after many, many weeks of research (I swear I've read every single result on Google!) I just can't decide on which airbrush to go for. It's between the Iwata HP-CH and the H&S Infinity 2 in 1, both of which aren't that much different in price. Since it's my first airbrush I wanted to go with something that was more of a general purpose than excelling in one area. The Iwata is a 0.3 where as the H&S Infinity includes both a 0.15 and a 0.4 and the different sized cups, plus you can get the extras to make it a 0.2. Personally I'm leaning more towards the Infinity, because it can take the different sizes, however, I've read quite a few topics saying that the 0.15 is far too small for most paints unless thinned perfectly (I use Vallejo Model Colour/GW). I don't think I'd hardly use a 0.15 anyway unless I was doing freehand camo on a Flames of War tank or something equally as small, yet it would be nice to have for the future. Is the difference between a 0.3 from the Iwata and the 0.4 from the H&S a huge difference? I've also read that the Infinity is easier to clean than the Iwata. However, the Iwata does have the MAC valve adjustment, whether I would use it or not I'm unsure. The reason I'm wanting to get in to airbrushing is so that I can start painting model kits. I'm generally interested in aircraft/tanks, but will dabble in various bits and bobs, maybe even a submarine. (Always wanted a U-Boat) Painting with brushes just doesn't give the same finish as an airbrush does, and painting a 1/35 Panzer with a paint brush pretty much summed up why I needed to start up airbrushing. Does anyone have any opinions on the two? I'd love to be able to try them out myself but, unfortunately, there's no where around me that I can, so I'm simply going off other people's opinions and YouTube videos. It would be great to hear your feedback.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, and the links to numerous products. I've been very cautious on what I needed to order, and after seeing some of your recommendations, and not getting a reply from TOMPS customer service team I have taken the plunge with Tiranti. Here's what I ordered: T28 Silicone Rubber + T6 Catalyst 1.05kg kit Axson F31 Polyurethane Resin 1.8kg Formula 5 Release Agent 400ml Can Looking forward to it turning up and giving some casting a bash. Always nice to do something new with the hobby! Let's just hope I ordered the right stuff..
  8. Hey guys! I'm totally new to all this resin casting business. I've never done it before and I had no clue where to start at first. I've been researching this for about two weeks now, looking at what I need to get and what I need to do, so hopefully I have some idea of what I want to achieve. Anyway, basically I want to be able to reproduce and cast miniatures/models and terrain at home, whether they be resin/metal/plastic, without any of the proper equipment companies use to cast their products, meaning it'll be done with LEGO for boxes and some good old elbow grease. Now from my research I need to get some RTV silicone for making a mold, then a resin for the cast and some release agent to get the thing out once done. (Please note: I understand the rules and am not in it to start ripping off peoples work and selling stuff.) Since I'm in the UK and from other posts I've read on here and Google, TOMPS.com seem to be the best place, so I've limited the products I think I need down to these: Mold making: http://www.tomps.com/shop/-c-1_7_6.html Resin casting: http://www.tomps.com/shop/polyurethane-fas...esin-p-129.html (SLOW) Release: http://www.tomps.com/shop/cilchem-aerosol-release-p-60.html (1711E) Can anyone who has had experience with this sort of stuff just check over to see if I'm correct in what I need? Have I chosen the wrong products? Am I missing something? I'd hate to order the wrong stuff and be left with a load of bits that I can't use. Cheers guys!
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