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  1. Looking good, I hope they hurry up and release a box that will build both an A+/B and 'bombcat' B in the imminent future.
  2. Very nice Sukhoi, an excellent third model, great pics too.
  3. What a stunner - I remember first reading about this plane in the 90s and thinking 'why on earth didn't they continue it?!' Great stuff.
  4. Superb work, that b/w shot is brilliant! Must have been quite the experience to hear those engines come to life, hope they get the problem sorted.
  5. That's very nice indeed and also one of my favourite Gulf War squadrons. Just tip if it's not too late - the starboard tail light should also be red.
  6. Some (sadly) historic birds indeed! That's some very unfortunate weather, looks like late autumn rather than mid summer! Nice to see those stalwarts though, thanks for posting.
  7. Lovely stuff, you've certainly got the angles sorted, excellent work and lots of dynamic shots.
  8. The stippling effect on the flanks is very good, how did you achieve it? It is one thing that has put me off doing Wick's 109.
  9. That looks stunning, well done for persevering, well worth it and a talking point in the line up on the shelf I'm sure.
  10. Some quite incredible shots there in this next installment. I particularly like the b/w Thunderbolt pic, and Sally B banking away from the 'little friends'. Top notch, great work.
  11. Excellent pics again, very nicely done, especially the Mustangs! Nice to see a good selection of aircrafy, the Typhoon looks particularly striking. More pictures please Sir!
  12. Does seem to be a bit misaligned, would have expected a Dakota and Hercules to have made an appearance! Good to see these though, greatvpics as ever.
  13. Great stuff, yes sad to see the state of some of those Cold War stalwarts. Great pics, really the like the Mirage IV in the foreground, 'towering over' the little Mirage III in the background!
  14. Simply lovely, great pics and the weather adds to the atmosphere.
  15. Lovely stuff, once again the veterans upstaging the 'prima donnas' (Red Arrows)!!! Wonder who has the unenviable task of polishing that Spitfire?! Great shots, thanks for sharing.
  16. Well, short or not, you've captured some fabulous shots again. Love the Catalina pics, very nicely done.
  17. Wowzer! That first picture... bravo!
  18. Excellent work, that looks brilliant, the photos show off all the great effort you have put in.
  19. That is excellent, very well done, superbly executed, brilliantly photographed.
  20. What a stunner, the mottling is brilliant, the final model is excellent. Brilliant work.
  21. Detailed, well painted, menacing - what more could one ask for?! Great stuff, very nice.
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