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  1. Very good, lovely stuff, the dynamic shots of the Eagle and Falcon are brilliant! The F-5's always make me think of racing cars.
  2. What a great collection of fantastic pics! A real variety of planes and nations, super stuff.
  3. Great pics, glad the weather has picked up recently. Looks like it was a well resourced show, nice to see the old and new together.
  4. Always had a soft spot for this aircraft, and this doesn't disappoint. Looks sleek and stylish, Yeager would approve.
  5. That's a great result, very nicely done.
  6. Stunner, super details and thos decals look painted on.
  7. Great looking warhorse, looks like it has been used hard.
  8. Fantastic work, what a looker. Very nicely done.
  9. Great job, really impressive model.
  10. Great result and superb modelling skills, very nice looking model.
  11. Great result, she's a beauty and well done for sticking with it.
  12. What a stunner, great work all round, very impressive.
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