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  1. Hi folks, Well I've made a decision on the cowling and I am going for the Monogram one which is more accurately shaped. I've removed the 'dish' that sat behind the engine and fitted a thin plasticard version that allows the engine to come back a little so the cowling will fit: Ignore the horrific seam which has since been filled and sanded.
  2. Hi folks, A little bit more progress from me. The engine has been painted with some Citadel colours. Black to start, drybrushed with leadbelcher then washed with bulb oil. The grey section was a mixture of three greys. And I've masked the canopies. Thanks to Eduards T-6G set, it was fairly quick. That's all for now. I am sorting out seems on the fuselage and addressing it. I am also in a quandary regarding cowlings. I have a spare Monogram cowling which has the correct 'look' to it where it is more conical rather than the barrel of the Occ
  3. Nice work and good to see another Occidental offering!
  4. Harvards! The ones with the RATG and SA were. There's quite a few examples in the Harvard file.
  5. So here is a comparison between Occidental and Monograms forward canopies. The monogram one is on a Harvard MkI fuselage by MDC. However the rake of the Occidental one is different, shallower and for me it just doesn't look quite right.
  6. Hi folks, made some good progress today: So it's all together. I've put some filler in a couple of spots before I eradacate the seams. It went together okay, with some care but the forward IP has been shaved down a little to allow the top of the forward fuselage to settle.. As you can see it needs a little filler. Personally I don't think that part of this kit is that great, something doesn't look quite right about it. I'll post a forward canopy comparison in a moment which is slightly off.
  7. Hiya Pappy, cheers I agree with you on that. It's unusual for Brit a/c to be nmf. Sprayed silver is most likely
  8. Hi folks, A little bit of progress from me this weekend. I have been working on the cockpit. Sprayed with Colourcoats, an oil wash and then Xtracrylix Flat. Some Eduard Seat belts thrown in with a couple of cockpit placard decals. We really need Airfix to get on and come up with a Harvard IIb! The cockpit doesnt really look like one and I wonder if it is based on the T-6G. Just flicking through the pilots notes and its really different! anyways here's the work:
  9. Cheers Wez, would be good to see some more MkI's or BC-1s. I'd love to see a Belcher's Bits conversion if there's any out there.
  10. Hi Everyone, hot of the heels of my last Harvard MkIII: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235090386-rnzaf-harvard-mkiii-148-monogram-early-1970s/&tab=comments#comment-4026156 This is the MDC Harvard MkI conversion with the Monogram Texan internals and wings. I knew nothing about the conversion kit before I bought it and subsequently found out it need a lot of work! A fair amount of work has gone into the wings which need to be cut at the join and repositioned so that the trailing edge is a straight line all the way along. The resin fus
  11. Good stuff, I've just completed a Harvard MkI using the monogram kit and the MDC conversion . I'll get picks up on the gallery tomorrow.
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