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  1. I've found it sprays beautifully, absolutely no trouble with laying it on with the airbrush. Lovely smooth finish, I'm just not sure about the accuracy of the colour.
  2. Just to provide some form of evidence here is Xtracolor on the left and Xtracrylix on the right: https://flic.kr/p/2ktYYGy
  3. Thanks guys! All very much appreciated.
  4. I'm using grey but I've used it over other lighter colours before and black. A good base for yellow is pink which I've used for a stearman but with this Xtracolor even the tin lid colour looks mustardy. I know the depth will build with more coats but I'm not sold on it.
  5. Hi folks, I'm just spraying a Tiger Moth with this. To me it looks too mustardy, has anyone got any thoughts or observations about this particular paint? Is it accurate?
  6. Thank you everyone for the comments. It was a really enjoyable build.
  7. Yes, the Valley of Fairies or the Valley of Legends. The river that runs through it was known as the 'Styx' which supposedly was where you paid the boatman to cross the river and take you to Hades.... It's known as the Acheron River now. There was a load of propaganda around at the time referencing the RAF operating from the Valley of Legends at one point.
  8. Hiya, I can't see the photos. However, if you get some Tamiya polishing compound you may be able to whip off the canopy and give it a polish. All the best Nick
  9. Hi Folks, apologies for the posts today, I’m playing catch up. This is the Merit 1/48 kit. It has its foibles but it goes together okay if slightly basic in detail. It represents an a/c flown by Flt Lt L.G. Schwab in Paramythia, Greece, 1941. After a holiday in this area I knew I had to model some of the aircraft that operated out of this beautiful valley. I have a Blenheim and a Swordfish to add to this. Sprayed with Colourcoats and Maketar custom mask. If anyone knows the serial, please let me know and I will gladly add it. If it was sprayed out then happy
  10. Hi Folks, Normally I’m a FAA kind of guy but I do like the odd Soviet a/c. This is one I made last year. This is the Zvezda boxing of the AM kit. I used some Eduard belts and a mixture of the kit and Eduards kit decals. Sprayed with Mig Ammos Soviet set. Let me know what you think about the colours on this colourful bird. Cheers
  11. Hi everyone, this is my Airfix 1/48 Hurricane MkI. It was flown by a FAA pilot, Richard ‘Jimmy’ Gardner of 242 Sqn. Based at RAF Duxford in August, he served alongside Dickie Cork and Douglas Bader. The kit was rivetted and I sanded down all of the proud fasteners around the cowling and nose. I then used a jewellery tool to better create the dzus fastener. it was masked and sprayed all over with the serial from the spares and the Nelsonian flags underneath the cockpit (England Expects that Every Man...) came from Xtradecals set. Sadly they used the wrong codes (T) and
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