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  1. May I be the first to congratulate you on a really superb model, beautifully weathered, not overdone, lovely inner everything just about spot on. I am jealous.
  2. That's good solid modeling common sense, I heartily approve keep up the good I will watch with interest.
  3. A certain nobility without doubt.
  4. I think warm should be fine, I mean we are talking enough temperature to expand the metal appreciably to cause any problem. Also modern glues may be more resilient, although, I think, the general premise stands.
  5. Careful using hot water on a brush as the metal ferrule can expand and the bristle may come loose.
  6. I think you would have to call it taking a perspective of what might be, also I didn't notice the poster first time around which places the diorama in time and space (whoops Dr Who moment). Guilty I am afraid. Altogether I really like the diorama.
  7. How about 'Inner city Comprehensive Academy declared a success'.
  8. Cracking job, really spot on with the weathering and you've really got to love a zebra striped bird.
  9. Yep nice new model crusader.
  10. Both are superb you must be well pleased.
  11. WOW that's gorgeous Beautiful aircraft/composition the whole caboodle, thanks for showing us.
  12. It's a good site but you have to wade through some rubbish to get what you want, much of it is for free though.
  13. Thanks Matt, now to go and see if I need some regluing
  14. Have you ever had a look here http://www.the-blueprints.com/
  15. Okay that's interesting. I did a count up on 30 or so images where the track direction was discernible and that came out at a 1/3 against 2/3 division. Quite a few emergencies? How do you tell the designed and thus correct orientation?
  16. Hi, I am building a Dragon 1/35 Panther D, I've gotten to the tracks and have searched to see which way round they run, but I have found photos which support running in both directions, could they?
  17. Tried it once bloody disaster black marker bled through as blue stain wouldn't cover so had to remove all paint and start over. Luckily I only did a test area, once bitten etc.
  18. I've used rub and buff and it works pretty good but is a tad fragile.
  19. Is it just me but does the Airfix figure in the first post have a disproportionately large head? He also looks like he's got Mumps.
  20. Great job and really striking colour scheme, Accurate Miniatures?
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