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  1. I had a go at a bit of scratch building what do you think?
  2. fingers

    Biplane rigging

    Hi Tim, That Uschi elastic seems a good product and cheaper than the ez line although the squareness isn't hit you in the face obvious. Dave
  3. Bob. I've just had a look at those and would have probably gone that way if I hadn't already used a resin pit, though if I got the Eduard set I'd have enough bits to detail an F2, decisions decisions, who'd make models. Dave
  4. fingers

    Biplane rigging

    EZ line is very elastic and makes rigging half the job it was, it's well worth the investment. Little Cars, one of the forum regulars, supplies it along with many other things.
  5. Thanks for the info Gents, it seems to me that a barrel not protruding and view-able from the front only and a set of scratch built rings is in order, unless you tell me different. Thanks again Dave
  6. Great shots Bob (if that's your name?), they seem to show that the barrel finishes in-board but if so why such an elaborate guard to induce drag? May be it's a pipe to simulate a barrel? Questions questions. Dave
  7. Hi Steve, I've google until I'm nearly cross eyed, I've also done the walkarounds on here and many elsewhere. The problem is that the canons seem to be invariably removed and not replaced with a dummy so you are reduced to in service pictures which are usually of a lower quality, I'm hoping someone has a private snap or two or the info. Thanks Steve Dave
  8. Hi, I`m building a 1/48 Airfix Lightning f6 and I want to put detail on the belly where the canon barrels protrude, if they do, I have found many pictures of the opening and guard but none which show a barrel, does anyone know how far the barrels stick out and maybe have some pics? Hopefully, Dave
  9. Hi Martin (Mr AMK). Is there any chance that, as a Christmas/New Years prezzy to Britmodellers, you could point your research and development team at a Blackburn Buccaneer. Pretty please. Sorry (not really) for any hijacking. Dave
  10. fingers

    1/48 Avenger

    Hobbyboss do.
  11. Thanks for the info Duncan it looks like a useful tool, I may even invest. As far as washes are concerned I always like the finish that an oil wash gets as against any other, but that might be just my preference.
  12. Hi, the IP looks great to me it's real modelling not sticky back Eduard etch which really makes the job to easy (still use it though). When you refer to a 'fibreglass pencil' what tool do you mean?
  13. Those are fascinating shots Steve, very interesting to see how the construction was carried out, I must say that I thought that construction would have been by cladding on to a frame but I suppose there is more than one way of skinning a cat. Anyhow back to my 110 and some seam removal. Thanks again everyone. Dave
  14. Thanks Gents', so we are talking about a fractionally off center very fine joint (a lap joint in this context being one on the other with a rivet through?) would this be discernible in 1/48?
  15. fingers

    Avionix seats

    Thanks for that reply Stephen, another purchase to ponder, I wonder how many other planes would be covered by those seats?
  16. Does anyone know whether the Bf 110 had fore to aft seams running along it's back and belly or were they smoothed out? I've googled this and all the results were inconclusive and/or unclear.
  17. fingers

    Avionix seats

    No one used these then? What about Avionix stuff in general?
  18. fingers

    Avionix seats

    I've noticed the Avionix Twin Seat Set which includes 10 seats, 2 each for Grumman F-14D Tomcat NACES, A/F-18 NACES, Grumman F-14A Tomcat, ACES II McDonnell F-15 Eagle/Lockheed-Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, McDonnell F-4C/D/E/J Phantom. Has anyone used these? How do they compare with other brands?
  19. Spot on especially about the variance in what comes out of the paint pot, this links to one of my pet peeves which is instructions which tell you 4 parts to 1 which of course is only applicable if both paints are currently at the same viscosity or at the viscosities at which the manufacturer produced them.
  20. Absolutely brilliant made my day :thumbsup:
  21. Ahh that's 'Bisto' living.
  22. Happy Birthday Rick you 'old duffer'. Mossie in the Post. As long as we remembered to buy and send it!!! Now where is that proof of postage.
  23. Distilled with 10% flow improver for me sat in it's own pump dispenser on the back of the bench.
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