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  1. For anyone with a similar problem I managed to get some quad 40mm bofors from L'arsenal who are a French site and do quite a range of ship resin etc.
  2. fingers

    KGV funnels

    I'm slowly building Tamiyas 1/350 KGV, I am about to do the funnels and on checking out other builds it seems that some people leave the funnel/s blanked even if they have upgraded the funnel caps. The Tamiya caps have what appears to fittings coming out of the funnel what are they? Should the funnels be hollow, as I presumed, or are they best capped off? Does anyone have a good photo or two to work from as I can't find any.
  3. beautiful model of the classic 'spit-er-licous' shape, congratulations.
  4. I really like it beautiful finish especially the weathering. Cracking little kit isn't it.
  5. Really lovely models. Wouldn't these be Griffon engined at this point? Dave
  6. I've built the Whippet and the Smerch missile launcher and can say they are well designed and detailed and, for what they are, quite well priced. I also have a French Renault tank and British Mk4 in stock and they both seem, in the box, excellent kits. Dave
  7. Those, unfortunately, are twins I need quads and all I seem to find are US Navy ones. Thanks. Dave
  8. I am battling my way through this kit with the WEM pe set, this set has many gun upgrades but apparently none for the 40mm bofors. I have found a replacement set by Veteran Models (VTW35003) which is for a US Navy set up, would this be applicable to KG5? Dave
  9. As if the cataloging system Vallejo use wasn't bad enough already.
  10. Cracking job with a really stunning paint scheme.
  11. Mine does the same, I was thinking about applying some computer heat sinks to help the cooling. I also noticed that this model has a solid end on the motor where as the tankless one I had previously had air holes maybe this could be replaced?
  12. fingers

    EZ Line woes

    Hi, have you got a direct Amazon link as a simple polyamide tubing search didn't seem to bring anything suitable. Thanks. Dave
  13. Hooray, 1/48 for me. Now to build two Airfix's quick
  14. Marvelous, loads going on, high quality models and figures, beautiful photographs it's got it all. Excellent.
  15. They are drifting up from the M4. Probably as common as Sparrows given time.
  16. One for the ornithologists, Red Kite spotted munching on bunny and generally floating around Severn Stoke Worcestershire,
  17. I hope so too! Surprised no one else has a sniff and worried that it is all balls.
  18. Have heard via the grapevine that Eduard are releasing the Lysander as a special edition, can anyone confirm? Dave
  19. Beautiful, spot on weathering and pilot, congratulations.
  20. Lovely model, especially like the blade the wear is spot on
  21. About 7.30 pm (time not acurate as I was busy) what looked like two V22 Ospreys heading west over Hanley Castle south Worcestershire towards Hereford.
  22. Beautiful model lovely finish and just right on the weathering. Any problems in the build, things you would change? Dave
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