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  1. Yes, indeed Paul. I feel pity for this treatment by a new model manufacturer!
  2. So, i guess that there was a price difference between the kits that included a metal barrel and the ones that didn't?
  3. Great article and review, Mike! I recently bought this kit and i realised that it came without the metal barrel. Do you know why this has happenned?
  4. Hello again mates. I have the 1/48 pavla cockpit but it lacks the instructions. Does anyone have them? Thank you in advance. Yannis
  5. You are right. I didn't realize the purpose you posted that link. Thank you so much, mate!
  6. So, you suggest not to paint it in this sceme, don't you? Did PFs fly with this camo even not in service or they wore it as static displays? Thank you.
  7. I already have bought this set. Thank you.
  8. Does anyone know if the Testors kit is the same with the Gomix/Chematic one? Thanks.
  9. Niki, thanks for your suggestion but i prefer the other camo, the one i'm seeking for info. Troy, thanks a lot for your answer.
  10. So, should i suppose that this sceme was used in combact and not in static display aircrafts?
  11. I also have this cockpit but i lack the instructions. http://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-interior-detail-sets-pavla-models-pav-c48003 Can anyone provide me with any way to find them? Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for your info, Jure. I would be grateful if you could find it and give me some help about this specific camo.
  13. Really sad to hear this. By the way, does anybody know if it flew wearing the camouflage above?
  14. Troy, i searched for Tom Cooper but i couldn't find him. What is his nickname on britmodeller?
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