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  1. If anyone is travelling to that show and passing south-east Scotland on the way, they could pick mine up (assuming they are done and dusted of course!). Not sure if you would want them thought!
  2. Not doing to well on the in-progress build photos on my various builds in this GB This MiG-29 goes together to the stage show with very little drama though, so you haven't missed out on a lot The Cabin fitting did need a bit of care to align, so some dry-fitting is definately recommended here Top of the Shop: As mentioned, waiting on the vertical surfaces as they are bound to get bent over at this stage in the construction and I can't see any reason to fit these until right at the end of the assembly View from Underneath: I tend to make my planes wheels-down, so likely to do the
  3. The Impala is looking quite cute now Undercarriage fitted but still to fit the leg doors; Sanding just about done to clean seams.
  4. So, a couple of photos ... Construction completed except for Undercarriage. Seam sanding completed on fuselage halves; little bit of filling and fixing needed on wingtips.
  5. It is hard getting concrete info on this, and to be perfectly honest, I tend to make representative models rather then modelling on a absolute specific aircraft, so to confirm the markings I had in mind, I did some Internet searching. As it happens, a perfect example is actually on this forum http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45130-jet-provost-strikemaster/?p=485019 (2nd picture down for anyone not familiar with the PRSY Airforce)
  6. Ok, just like my other two builds in this GB, work has progressed, but just not in the last few weeks and not taken pictures (oops!). This 'Impala' has been virtually completed now. Last thing I did was scan the sprues for anything not yet fitted for the option I am building and I think the consensus was nothing left! Think I have carried out all the seam-sanding. Still got the canopy to mask off and fit and should be ready for paint. The paint plan will be to prime using Tamiya Fine Surface rattle can, and then airbrush the colours. I'll probably be painting the 3 builds in the GB together
  7. So where are we know. A picture tells a thousand words... Not got any so have to waffle instead! Fair progress. Basic aircraft is now constructed save for undercarriage, pilots, canopy and details; The ordenance has been put together and in the process of seam removal. Not made this little kit before and it is a nice one. Pleased that I chose to do this alongside the MB326 as they are very similar conceptually and in appearance, but have their differences at the same time (I also have an A-37 'Dragonfly' to build which will be a nice partner to the pair). Will take some photos today hopef
  8. Been rather remiss at updating this thread Some progress has been made. Not touched the kit for a few weeks, but IIRC the clamshell fuselage has been closed and the end wing section fitted, as well as the engine intakes. Decided NOT to follow the kit instruction order on tail fins though - seems much better to wait until near the end to fit that! Some nice details on this kit Don't think I have taken any in-progress photos though, which is annoying. I'll have to rectify that!
  9. Beautiful I'll be coming back to gaze at these frequently. Lovely work
  10. Thanks for the comments . JR, as far as I know, this is the original and sole Hunter Airfix have ever moulded. Why they have never deemed to update this iconic aircraft, but have got countless Spitfires marks and updates in at least 3 different scales is beyond me
  11. Well, finally the paint has hit the plastic ... The Strikemaster office has been started: This is a little unusual construction in that the floor, control sticks and instrument panel gets put together, and fitted, closing the fuselage and THEN the seats go in
  12. Made a start to this baby Started with the office: Fairly neat little sub-section. Plenty detail for me for a 1/72 kit. Need to paint the belt buckles, then spray a bit of Klear on and then will be just about ready to close up the clamshell fuselage
  13. Just noticed you paint the rear tailplane separately and then attach. Not seen this approach before. Is this your usual method?
  14. Love those Hunters I think I am going to have to copy them at some time! The Colours of the Abu Dhabi ones look just like Humbrol Middle Stone (Hu225) and Dark Earth (Hu29) - would they be a fair match?
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