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  1. Thank you ;-) BB73: Step by step is in the Aces High magazine ;-)
  2. Thank you to all ;-) manuel: All insingias were airbrashed by masks...
  3. .. inspired by Karaya, but all insignias are airbrushed by home made masks.
  4. Thank you very much for your words of appreciation ;-) Andy: Hello Andy, it´s combination work with airbrush, oils and pigments... hard to say :-D
  5. Thank you very much for your words of praise ;-) WildeSau75: it is common spraying by mix of Tamiya XF-1 + XF-64
  6. Hello to all, it´s my last finished kit.
  7. I´ve finished my last project.. it´s almost OOB, started 1.12.2015 and finished today ;-) Here are some pictures....
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