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  1. Interesting - I'm macOS High Sierra v 10.13.6 - quite old. May be significant/relevant, but there again, may not be. But if it helps Mike....... Dennis
  2. Not really a problem here on the East coast of Fife. Get 500/503 error about once every two or three weeks - sometimes not for a month or so. As far as I am aware 500 and 503 errors are generic failures - corrupted file or unavailable web server usually. HTH Dennis
  3. Did Airfix not utilise and re-do the original Heller T-bird moulds for their FAW9 hence the rather narrow rear fuselage ? and also why Heller T-bird kits are somewhat rare these days (I'm OK Jack - I have a few stashed). Dennis
  4. On the 19 March 1975, a small Evaluation exercise was held at RAF Wittering, by staff from JARIC at RAF Brampton, in order to test the ability of the base's small JARIC detachment to handle recce material from other Units apart from the based 1(F) Sqdn and 233 OCU. The scenario was that RAF Laarbruch was under threat from the advancing Soviet forces and that the resident Units were to perform a Survival Scramble and deploy to pre-arranged FOB sites in the UK. Two aircraft from 2 Sqdn, Phantom FGR.2's, were tasked to carry out last minute recce over the area before deploying. The two aircraft involved were XV499/I and XV475/Y and for the sake of reality for both the aircrew and Wittering's ground crew, they were rolled in what would have been their configuration had hostilities broken out for real. It was an interesting configuration and one that I had not seen on Phantoms before or for that matter, since. Both aircraft carried the now well known "flash tanks" on the port outer pylons with a standard Fletcher tank on the opposite mainplane. An empty LAU-17A missile pylon was carried on the Port inboard station on both aircraft but with no AIM-9 rails. NO missile pylon was carried on the Starboard inboard station on either aircraft. XV475/Y, however. carried a Srike camera in the port forward AIM-7 bay but with the lens blanked off and the rear AIM-7 bays were empty. An EMI recce pod, the subject of the exercise, was carried by both aircraft. Attached are a few of the shots I got that day. Apologies for the quality but the weather was much darker than shown, cold, windy and certainly not for a "hangar-rat" like me. HTH Dennis
  5. Best I can do for an underside shot plus an AP diagram of the dayglo layout virtually universally used on the Meteor :- HTH Dennis
  6. They are referring to the small stripes at the front of the mainplane RCV access panels. In the kit I believe that they are orange though I have not checked mine yet, : - Also on quite a few GR.3's :- Above images courtesy Phil Boyden (top) and Harrier SIG. HTH Dennis
  7. Ordered plus a set of masks - that's the full set now. Idle thought - I wonder if they will be bringing out a full set of Javelins - I can only hope DR
  8. Just had this when I clicked on the tread link in Safari Mike - may be nothing - maybe something Dennis
  9. Not sure where to put this link - if wrong - mods please move https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/nostalgia/2437108/searching-for-auchterarder-pilot-sandys-sweetheart/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Courier daily newsletter 2021-08-09&utm_term=Courier Newsletter
  10. Attached a few photos from Axis and Allied Warpaint files which may help :- HTH Dennis
  11. Attachment point for external armoured windshield maybe - if supplied ?
  12. If you are modelling the dreaded Mantador you must at least model the poor sods tasked with defuelling and washing down the missile after it had been disarmed and down loaded from the aircraft :- Wittering, February 1964 - I'm a much younger me 2nd left dribbling on the floor. Photo - The Stamford Mercury Dennis Edit :- The building in the background was the much publicised "Hangar of Death", the missile servicing hangar. It later became the Harrier OCU shed (my 2nd tour at Wittering) and is now a museum. It is also a Listed Building.
  13. Adam - are there any flashed over holes outboard of the Skybolt blisters [both sides] plus one or two outboard the port main u/c door for the air sampling pods and the mk.12 sensor head [port only] ? Dennis
  14. It appears that they were fitted both sides from production Manchesters onwards and included on the Lancaster. My course notes dated January 1945 are not much help as shown. Para 10 is the relevant one :- HTH Dennis
  15. Yes :- During their Service life the Fletchers could be and were, any of the then current colours, FAA, RAF plus a mixture of both. C/L tanks were later resprayed either white or LAG, mostly the former, as they were used at Leuchars by all three Units as were the Fletchers. Many EDSG Fletchers were left behind at Leuchers when 892 disbanded and were utilised by the 43 and 111Sqns usually without repainting :- The port tank was an ex-USAF tank - not re-painted. HTH Dennis
  16. That honour went to the penultimate F9/40 DG208/G which also had an enlarged rudder fitted in an attempt to cure directional instability.
  17. The only names carried by XT895 during that period and up to its departure from Leuchars on the 6 April 1978 for the Ark Royal's final cruise were as follows :- On the right side of the Observers canopy the name - "F/O A D LISTER TOMLINSON" No names were carried on the pilots canopy on either side. On the forward intake splitter and centrally mounted was the name "LAM OSBORNE" It should be recalled that by the period under question, approximately 50% of the aircrew with 892 were RAF the majority of whom later joined 111 Sqdn when that Unit built up with the ex FAA aircraft. HTH Dennis
  18. You sure Graham ?. My copy says Shacklady. Mason wrote about the Gladiator in that series - or have I got the wrong series of books ? Regards Dennis
  19. I was always under the impression, and backed up by published works, that the K had four 20mm cannon. :- Dennis
  20. @Fat Albert is correct. The initial production gun-tanks were for the export versions to Kuwait and saudi Arabia. According to an article in Air Pictorial by Roger Lindsay, for February 1972, modification work on the first RAF Lightning F.6's to carry and use the gun-tank commenced at the end of 1970 with the Leuchars based Squadrons. Thus it is very unlikely that 74 were ever equipped with the gun tank as they handed their aircraft over to 56 Squadron in August 1971 replacing the latter F.3's. One other thing. The drawings put up by John are slightly incorrect in that they are of the original configuration and not adopted for the aircraft but have somehow slipped into the engineering course notes. The attached may explain and show the configuration of the gun installation in the Lightning gun tank. :- HTH Dennis
  21. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was the fact that 19 Squadron had Black/White checks on that caused the very long discussion with Dick Ward. He swore blind that it was a very Dark blue but when I pointed out that I had been up close and personal with the checks and that I was not colour blind, he did the next best thing and did not mention it in his book. The markings themselves are the correct proportions for 19 its just that the one colour is off - Black instead of Blue. 43 Squadrons checks are 2:4 :- Whereas 19 Squadrons checks are 2:3 :- I know that the Lightnings of 19 Squadron had Roundel Blue in the markings but even this appeared slightly lighter as the Blue had been sprayed on top of a White rectangle. The first true 19 Squadron markings for the Phantom came in during the practice sessions, freshly painted up but with only the checks on the fuselage and the fin badge - no code :- I did ask the Flt/Lt JENGO as to why 19 had applied Black instead of Blue - he just shrugged and replied "Because they could" HTH Dennis EDIT :- 43Squadron operated just one FGR.2 at the start of the Squadron, XT902 from the OCU :-
  22. Good point PLC1966. 54 Squadron had re-equipped with Jaguars three years before the Jubilee. They could well be an ex 54 Squadron crew posted to 92 Squadron as aircrew normally kept their flying gear, especially helmets, wherever they were. Dennis
  23. OK - more 92 coming up :- Note the crew names in pale "19 Blue" Now ----- 19Sqdn colours - Discuss :- 43Sqdn yellow Phantom with "43Sqdn" on in black on fin HTH Dennis
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