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  1. Thanks for the update on the resin/PE as I was expecting the fit to not be an issue, so hopefully I will remember to make the light change. However I was looking at the gun bays and wondering what I got myself into, but glad to see that they fit well. Well since its morning here on the west coast, I need food and coffee before dive into this again.
  2. While i am no expert at PE, far from it. I have made many mistakes, lost many parts and managed to make a few good ones, so I can comment some. PE can be springy so if you can heat it over a flame and then let it cool, that takes some of the spring out of it. As for glue, usually its CA glue or you can use future if its a small part and it has the advantage of not destroying any paint. These parts are small, and some are very very small, so any way of seeing close up helps. Also realize you are going to loose some parts, so I tend to make the part in PE first, before replacing the plastic version, if thats an option. The only other suggestion is start small, and maybe look at the pre painted stick on parts first. Hope that helps, and when using PE, remember to breathe :-)
  3. Small update as I am still waiting on the part for the airbrush. Working on the photoshop 'bling spit' so that will come later, however I was able to complete the cockpit and start on some of the other parts. These two show the two halves and the dry brushing. I did not bother adding stapes to the peddles and I was not sure how much anyone would see, and I am not after '1:1' scale perfection, as I can't afford it, its supposed to be a fun hobby. This shows how it will look when put together. I started on the radio compartment and cut our the opening in the wall. However the window PE is smaller than the opening, go figure, and so i had to add some plastic to build the sided back up so the frame would not fall through. Looking at the PE (or should I say oragarmi) I have to wonder how this will fold in to something usable, without me either bending it into one big ball of metal or throwing it out the window... we shall see. The resin parts are wonderfully cast, so hopefully I can do them justice. more to come.
  4. thank you all for the comments. I was wondering, could you use the rims on Torque Thrust rims on a spitfire, and I imagined a 1:24 scale spitfire, with the rims, lowered of course, but just enough to clear the prop. Tinted windshield and two tone metallic paint with pin striping. Lots of bling and some fluffy dice in the cockpit. Then i realized that while i could do this, a) it would not count for the build, unless I put invasion stripes on, but that would clash with the metallic green; and I think the model purists would be up in arms and require my head on a spike While I am waiting for the airbrush part i may have to try and mock this up in photoshop
  5. Update on the build. So far I have most of the cockpit done, just need to add seat belts and put this together. Unfortunately I am at a standstill in painting as I managed to ram the needle through the tip and split the nib, so another is on order. I did manage to add some wash and dry brushing that i think will look good. Given the small space I don't want to go nuts her adding every buckle and switch. I will tone down the wash a little and the flash on the camera has brought it out more than you can tell in normal light, and once its in the spitfire it will look ok. more to follow.
  6. So i decided to add some bits from my spitfire stash to 'glam' the build up. I am not sure 22" Dubs would look good, so i decided on the 5 spoke brassin wheels, the gun bay kit, radio and exhaust stacks along with the kegs and sipper tanks. Hopefully the thumb will not be part of the build :-) Ok, on with the build. I am using an over trees box which is a little bare as one can see, but with all the extras you get in the royal class its enough. The first few steps have been put together and primed ready for the interior green. I use Alclad micro primer for all my small stuff as its as thin as silk and hard as rock. I have yet to have an issue with it not covering anything, and I have yet to find a paint that reacts to it. more to follow with close ups, once they are painted green. Come to think of it, maybe I need 24" chrome alloys like these or better yet and dark tinted glass.....but that might not be so in-tune with the build, so maybe next time.
  7. What's wrong with having multiple kits on the go, I currently have 4 on the go, i think. The Spitfire, Tamiya's 1/32 Corsair (primer stage), 1970 Challenger T/A (waiting for clear) and Eduard's Mig 21 (waiting for primer). As you can see i have a bottleneck in painting, but otherwise the more the merrier
  8. Howdy all. Hopefully you will not mind someone from over the pond joining you in this build. I plan to make one of Eduard's little gems in the form of Mk.IXe, MK329, flown by W/Cdr J. E. Johnson, CO of No. 144 Wing, June, 1944. Yes this is the one from the Eduard Royal Class with the beer kegs, who does not like the idea of inflight beverages! I will be using the Mk.IXe over-trees, with bits from the royal class box as needed. I like this one, and it will be my second spitfire with invasion stripes. The first one was...,not good, so hopefully I am a little more experienced. I have already built one in Czech markings from the Eduard "Boys are Back' edition and it went together wonderfully, so I do not see any problems. I am sure everyone is aware of this kit, as a few others are building them, so forgive me for not posting shots of the sprue trees. More photos of the build to follow. Thanks.
  9. Howdy all, The post man just delivered this from those good old boys in the Czech Republic. A while back Eduard launched a limited edition dual combo for their new Spitfire, to commemorate the anniversary of the Czechoslovak fighter squadrons returning home from the United Kingdom on August 13, 1945. The kit was also offered on its own or with this nifty reproduction of a RAF kit bag which I did not need, but defiantly wanted. The bag is of very good quality and will be well used for hauling stuff. The box is fairly large and has some great artwork showing two clipped winged spitfires I am not going to review the kit as its your standard Eduard Spitfire Mk.IXc, and there are better reviews out there that I could possibly do. I thought however I would show you what's different about the kit. The kit, being a dual combo comes with two kits, duh. Two sets of masks, two sets of stencils and two sets of Eduard's Brassin parts. There are the one set of 4 spoke tread and two sets 5 spoke smooth wheels, along with two 90 gal sipper tanks. You get some nice photo-etch for the cockpit and then you get these! Decals for no less than 39 options! So many they need their own booklet that's 3 times thicker than the instructions. Here are just 4 of the options available. Between this and the royal class i have enough to do a squadron :-) The kit also come with a commemorative postcard, and envelope with a stamp that the Check post office designed for the anniversary. There a a couple of reasons I got this, one the gobs of decals to keep me happy with Spitfire choices till the cows come home. Two the neat kit bag, but most of all, a portion of the sales will go to the Czech veterans association, so it my way of saying thank you for those that helped to defended a country that was not their own. Overall a nice set, yes maybe more than you could have gotten it separately, but then thats the point of a Limited Edition, its limited. Can't wait to get started, but which of the 39, or the 12 from the royal class do i go with...... I think i need some overtrees. Thanks for looking.
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