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  1. Nikos, Sorry to post so long after your original posting, but could you tell me what the light couloir is, apart from the ‘silver’. Great Photos, and I’m **very** impressed by your scratch built tailplanes Jonny
  2. Thanks for sharing, John. Great photos. i keep meaning to visit Old Warden, preferably for a ‘show’. It’s a great place to visit. Jonny
  3. Great photos, Alpha Delta 210 ... I took advantage on Saturday of the IWM Premium Members’ marquee. OK for flying shots but not for on-the-ground ones. I guess you were in the vicinity of the Airspace hangar? You might have missed the spectacle of Duxford’s own fire brigade dealing with the aftermath of the Apache’s demonstration? The pyrotechnics used seemed to have set the grass alight so the fire engines and crews zoomed out to deal with it All in all a great show, and good weather. I was hoping to see the Piston Provost (I’ve had the MikrMir 1/48 lit in the stash for some time) on the flightline walk but it didn't show, unfortunately. The ‘Bader Bus Company’ show was good, as was the nine-ship ‘Moth’ show (eight Tigers plus a Puss Moth). The Blades were something else but I don’t think I’ll take up the offer of a flight with them!!!! I’m slightly doubtful of IWM’s apparent decision to outsource ticket sales, etc. - we had to queue while the woman at the check in booth from the carpark scanned all entry tickets and ’add ons’ such as our flightline walk tickets and issue tokens for the latter ... on arrival at the flightline walk we exchanged the tokens for paper tickets, and then handed those in before entering the flightline. I queried this rather labour intensive operation and was told it was for ‘security reasons’. Mercifully the tickets for Daks over Duxford and the HAC evening in June both use the original ticketing. If I decide to attend Flying Legends I’ll be interested in what arrangements are in place for that. Thsnks for sharing your photos.
  4. Wow! I must have watched you, Tony ... I went to Arnhem on that occasion courtesy of the late and (by me at any rate) much missed Friends of Duxford. We stayed in Eindhoven so had to drive along the ‘Devil’s Highway’ to Arnhem for the Para. drops, etc. Most moving to see so many ‘chutes, especially some of the veterans, some in their 80s, dropping, Elsewhere you mention the Osterbeek Cemetery. Yes, very moving. On the way to Arnhem we stopped by a smaller Cemetery - to my shame I cannot remember where it is - so very quiet and peaceful. Imagine a coach load of Brits walking among the graves, not a dry eye in sight. I’d been to Arnhem years before, with my Dad. I’m sure there were some German graves just the other side of a hedge in the main Cemetery. I couldn’t see them in 1988. I can’t decide if my schoolboy memories are at fault or they’ve been moved. Oh .. at the hotel in Eindhoven there were som American veterans with their wives. I was In the bar one evening enjoying a quiet drink when I overheard what some were saying. I realised at least some of them were ‘Band of Brothers’! Apologies for interrupting your ‘thread’, Missile-Monkey ... Yes, as Tony said, the Dutch are something else, especially the school children who care for the graves and leave flowers.
  5. A nice looking kit, Tony. I thought “good idea, worth trying to follow the master and build one myself”. That is until I searched Evilbsy. A tad over £72. Postage IS free but I’m afraid that’s over my limit (not to mention SWMBO’s likely opinion). I’ll still watch with interest ... OK if I draw my chair up a little closer? Jonny
  6. Thank you, everyone ... Inspired by Dave’s suggestion for obtaining the Granger drawings (and Chris’s examples) I trawled the usual online source of books and such and found a ‘used’ copy of the Aerodata International No. 7 book. It’s on its way and should arrive in a week or so. Thanks, Graham, for the oft-quoted advice re. obtaining a photo of a particular airframe! Once I’ve got hold of and consulted the Granger drawings that will be my next step. Someone recently pointed out the HUGE advantages in subscribing to BM ... it really is by far and away the best reference site, and way better than printed magazines. SWMBO often has cause to question my sanity when I dissolve into sometimes hysterical laughter while reading a WIP thread. Apart from learning how someone has deal with a particular kit, there’s often a lot of banter. No names but one source - of many - appears to come from a planet far, far away. Thanks again, Jonny
  7. FWIW, Tom Cleaver published a ‘how to’ build a Nimrod using two Airfix 1/48 Fury kits over in Modeling Madness The work is mainly extending the wingspan, using wings from the two kits. Try a search for “Hawker Nimrod (Conversion) - Modeling Madness” NOTE only one ‘l’! Hope this helps, Jonny
  8. Good morning! I excavated my Revell Merlin engined Halifax from the stash the other day and was delighted to find in the box another one containing the Aeroclub correction set. So far, so good. My problem is I’m totally confused by all the variations that are possible with the kit. I thought I’d look for decent scale plans. In that I’ve drawn a blank!!! Can someone PLEASE point me towards a source of reliable (accurate) 1/72 scale plans of the Merlin engined Halifax? Thanks, Jonny
  9. Jonny

    Airmen In Exile

    Well, knowing nothing about the author I looked for the title in the usual well-known on-line emporium. A few copies on offer and I’ve spent A WHOLE PENNY on the book, and rather more for postage. When I’ve read it I’ll give my opinion. From the synopsis I’ve just read I susp t I might not agree whole heartedly with the author. Jonny
  10. OooErrr rs.! I’ve just gone and bought a kit! A Novo boxing because original Frog ones I found seemed to require silly money. I arranged Click & Collect to avoid any interrogation by SWMBO - she’s a treasure and I love her deeply but it’s not always easy to explain things to her satisfaction. This is was a direct result of Paul T’s very helpful provision of the link to his UAF build at post #8 and also his emailing me the PAM News article. Thanks again,Paul. Now to start looking for pics of the real Vimy. Jonny
  11. I’ve just PM’d you, Paul ... Many thanks in advance, Jonny
  12. Thankyou, Black Knight and Orso.. It’s as I feared ... not a new kit. I do have a (very) old Frog ‘Vimy’ somewhere in the stash, and I’ve a rough idea about what needs to be done to backdate it to a ‘real’ Vim6. Not really easy ... . Maybe one day someone will release a decent kit of the Vimy (and HP O/400). ARE YOU LISTENING, AIRFIX??? Thsnks again, Jonny
  13. Although I’m aTalkTalk customer I have to find myself obliged to say I was able to access BM quite early on in the transfer period. Admittedly, there have been ‘hiccups’, when an apparently ‘UP’ site was manifestly not, but all such occasions were explained by Mike. No mega issues there! i hold no brief for TalkTalk (you should see the chat and email exchanges I’ve had with them !!!!!!), but credit where it’s due, I have to say i’m a more-or-less satisfied customer. I’m surprised by the number of adverse comments expressed here about TalkTalk. Is it a regional issue? I’m in Hertfordshire, about 50km northeast of London. Just thoughts ... Jonny
  14. Very impressed! A really super finish, just enough detail visible in the cockpit to make it look ‘real’. Jonny
  15. Yay, We’re back, that’s for sure. The whole site seems faster than before - though that might be down to my fevered imagination! And way below the 24 hour max. that we were warned might be needed. Well done (again) to Mike and his helpers! Jonny
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