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  1. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; I was thinking of informing you for some time but unfortunately it was not possible due to our busy works throughout the day. Therefore, I believe that it is the right time to share an explanation without further delay. Buccaneer is the first project among those TANMODEL Ltd team (including me) loves very much and would like to offer you the best. We were planning to prepare the kit with a 1/72 scale of considering the British market, however we also put 1/48 scale kit project to our agenda due to strong demands from other markets. We
  2. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; We have refined and improved our already liked ejection seat of 1/48 scale Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2A/B. We are working hard to provide you the best, enjoy it Regards, TANMODEL™ Plastic Model Kits Ltd. Thanks for your kind interest.
  3. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; Since our goal is to make the best Buccaneer model kit harnessed with you rich opinions, we need your help on the dimensions shown in the photos. We appreciate your attention and support. Please contact us at the email below: overseas@tanmodel.com We are looking forward to reading your emails. Regards, Baris TANSOY TANMODEL™ Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone; Air brake parts will already be coming from 48-scale kit. We will only add 3 parts of display stand and this will be our gift. This will not increase the retail sales price of 72-scale kit, you don’t have to worry for 3 little parts. Air brakes are the most outstanding parts of Buccaneer aircraft (and its model). Wouldn’t it be risky to move the model every time you wanted to show the air brake details to your friend (or a guest coming to visit you)? We thought you would be able to better display air brake structure details with a 1/48 scale display stand. We di
  5. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; We have good news for Gentle Scale Modellers… Our design team has prepared a special gift for 1/72 scale modellers: 1/48 Scale Buccaneer S.Mk.2B Air Brake Structure Display Stand! In order to demonstrate the details of the air brake, we have thought that, most of the modellers would prefer a larger scale, more detailed version of the air brake with a display stand, instead of moving the finished model. This is a gift from TANMODEL to Gentle Scale Modellers and this is only going to be included in our 1/72 scale Buccaneer Kit (#11
  6. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; Firstly, thanks again for your kind interest and comments. With the new parts added to our design, now you can set the folded wing angle to two options (48 and 53 degrees). Regards, Baris TANSOY TANMODEL™
  7. And last pictures... Thanks for your kind interest. Regards, Baris TANSOY TANMODEL™ Plastic Model Kits Ltd. https://www.facebook.com/tanmodel
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