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  1. I think http://www.barwellbodyworks-shop.comare Badger's official agents in the UK. Steve gave me some great advice last week. I think he quoted £25 plus parts and return postage but if you contact them, he will be able to confirm. (NB Website is temporarily down for maintenance)
  2. Hi PeteI have had my drill bits for some time and cannot recall the exact seller. The example you give look exactly like the drill bits I have. Cheers Al
  3. Pete Just to give you another option, I have had great success with these: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=121691238456&globalID=EBAY-GBI have one one of those Rolson(?) boxes that has about 100 different sizes of bits but found them to be pretty blunt and hard work. The bits (at the link) are much sharper and can be easily worked by hand. Because they have a common shank diameter, they can be easily interchanged in a pin vice.
  4. I don't know how big your headlights are but I would advocate the Kristal Klear/Gator Glue/PVA method for providing the lens cover. I use that method for quite large windows on 1/48 ac (~1cm diameter) and I get excellent results. Apply a thin veneer with a cocktail stick, wipe away any excess with a damp cotton bud and you are done. Experiment with some plasticard to get some confidence
  5. I found that initially too. I have since put 2 or 3 nuts in the bottle and give it a good shake (and then again) before use. Can get a really flat finish now and very pleased with it.
  6. Kristal Klear, Gator Glue etc. Just take your time and do it in stages. If you let the join dry properly you can then manipulate the rest of the PE frame (with a suitable amount of care and trepidation...) reasonably easily.
  7. Allyboy


    But as Slacky says, the Pledge Multi-Surface Wax works just as well. Swanny gives an authoritive view at http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html
  8. I have had similar issues - I know you have said you have used some PTFE tape, but that worked for me on two couplings that I thought were u/s. I wound the PTFE tape around the MAC valve screw thread and the male thread connection into the hose. The other thing I found with PTFE tape is not to be shy - wind it clockwise round the thread and any excess will be cut away by the female screw. You should then be able to tidy up any tape that is 'hanging' out to sort out any aesthetic issues. If PTFE tape does not work, you really are extraordinarily unlucky
  9. The tape is used as a guide to mark ensure your scriber stays true to the plan. Like many people I use strips of Dymo tape - it is flexible enough to meet most tasks but has enough 'profile' to resist your scriber as you make your pass
  10. Try Goo Gone. eBay will be your friend
  11. I have a few left. £1 per pencil plus postage - does that sound reasonable?
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