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  1. 12 hours ago, treker_ed said:

    Yep, got one of those as well. Mine came in a carry case, 7 days, and divided into 4 sections each. One for am, pm, evening, and bedtime. Very handy. Once a week (usually Sunday) sit down and sort all the weeks pills out. Have a little production line going. Takes about 5 mins to sort out. Wife has one as well for all her meds. Both of us have ongoing medical requirements. I've been diagnosed as being diabetic, and also have to take some stomach meds. She has Crohn's Disease, so has to take regular meds. Best way to remember what needs to be taken and when (especially when you're autistic like me and not the world's best at remembering simple things like this...)

    Sounds like the one I have got. I have high blood pressure (well, would have without the meds) and had a stroke and so take stuff morning and night. When my mum was alive we did multiple boxes to last between visits (Leeds to near Kelso every 2 or 3 weeks) and there were a lot of medicines. Put me off having one for a while. 

  2. A trip to Halifax Modellers World to pick up a couple of kits I had ordered. The Clear Prop DH9A, which looks very nice in the box and the Arma Dieppe dual boxing of the Hurricane. Pricey, but full of extras like PE, masks, and 3D printed parts. 

    Also a seven day medicine box (dosette box) as I get fed up of messing about with the bubble packs on a daily basis

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  3. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it might. I seemed to spend ages building up the centre section (largely with items that will never see the light of day). Once that was together, the rest was fairly straightforward. It is a kit that is baffling rather than poor. For example why are there only a couple of holes in the undercarriage bay for the landing gear when the gear itself has pins to go into nonexistent holes. The diagram that shows where the 3D decals go (a last minute addition?) clearly shows the offset location for the base of the control column, which is not mirrored in the kit. What did help with the model was that I managed to apply the topcoat of Halfords Appliance White in an even fashion without flooding the surface. It went over white primer, and I let everything set hard between coats. In the end just brushed clear over the decals and merged do well into the finish that I opted not to varnish the rest for rear of messing it up. The paint is quite a hard finish and not going to come off easily. 

  4. This is a build that has finished after being started in the Prototypes, Special Schemes etc GB. The AW52 was built to test the feasibility of the flying wing planform and also laminar flow, for a projected flying wing airliner. Two were built, the first one flew in late 1947 and crashed in May 1949, the pilot John Lancaster, becoming the first British pilot to make an emergency ejection. This airframe, TS363, being the depicted by the model. The kit is by Mikro Mi,r is a bit of a curates egg, but eventually built up into quite an imposing model. The WIP is here


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  5. I was thinking of doing a Maryland as one of my entries for this GB, but a dig through my stash has come up with the Joystick Morane Type P. A vacform kit, but with few parts and it has all the look of  well being mastered (Joe Chubbock?) and Aeroclub white metal to take some of the pain away. Has anyone got any decent plans? Windsock never did a Datafile so far as I am aware, I have the Type L book, but it is off limited use. Aircraft of the RFC Military Wing has some useful data and pics (one of my favourite books, and well used). The struts to support the wing look 'interesting' to build, and are probably the hardest part. 

  6. Hmm, the TT20 looks interesting, I had the Matchbox kit and the old C Scale lined up, but maybe not. Hope it comes sooner rather later, Mrs T is about to hand her notice in and so only three months grace before she retires. 

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  7. Just finishing off the Mikro Mir AW52 that will miss the GB deadline. As my last three kits have short run, I have an Airfix Hawk T2 on the go and starting an Arma Hurricane IIC, all in 1/72nd. I model in the corner of our dining room with a bureau with a drop down lid and a set of office draws on wheels to keep paints etc. Means I can work all year round. We live in a 200 year old stone farmhouse that keeps reasonably habitable in winter (two foot thick exterior walls with an air space and plenty of roof insulation and modern windows, beggar all phone signal though).

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  8. I recently had a similar experience. I put some PE in a 'safe' place when I was working on a kit. When I needed the PE, was it in the safe place. Nope, and I then spent the next hour looking for it. It showed up somewhere completely different from the place I had imagined it. 

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  9. Everything was going OK with the AW52 when I managed to catch one of the wing tip pitot heads and it disappeared. A new one was duly fabricated and attached, when guess what, the original reappeared. Classic what happens in modelling. Still, the new one looks alright. The delay this caused has meant the AW52 is not going to be finished in time. Currently, it is finished apart from a bit of paint work touch up and final varnishing, but I do not want to rush it and spoil the model. The decals went on well and the undercarriage was attached with less hassle than I anticipated. This was helped by drilling location holes to take the pins on the undercarriage, something which the tool designer/maker largely ignored. When finished, I will put it in the RFI section with a link to this build thread.


    thanks to Col for the GB and Enzo for oversight

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  10. The Pegasus kits were a bit of a curates egg. The P40Q looks like one of the better ones, and you have made a lovely job of it. 

    The problem with the EAP is two fold. Firstly it is undersized. Secondly, as you have discovered, it doesn't fit well together, my memory is a bit vague now, but getting the rear fuselage together was the key to success. The other interesting thing about my kit is that the wings were of slightly different thickness and shape. Some hard sanding took place. It succumbed in an accident a few years back and its place taken by a much superior resin kit from Silver Wings. I did convert the Swift FR5 into an F2. The thick plastic of the kit was a positive help in reshaping the nose and rear fuselage. 

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  11. I'm with Navy Bird with this, you are supporting your family, and yes it seems like it is never ending and pointless, but at so many levels it isn't. You are setting an example to your children (Mrs T often comes home with stories from colleagues of husbands at home who do nothing to help around the house and are incapable of looking after themselves), about parenting and responsibility. My circumstances are different, as I have ended up doing the domestic stuff while Mrs T is still at work and my children are adults and one has flown the nest. I sometimes get a bit bored with it, but it is a golden opportunity to listen to what I like with no one else around, and there us a certain pride in being able to cook stuff etc. 

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  12. Real progress with this model now. The paint is on, Halfords White Primer followed by Appliance White. Everything has been left a few days to harden, and tonight should see the ten or so decals going on. Much happier with the kit now that paint has gone reasonably well.


    AW52 13

    I fiddled with the exposure and still manage to over exposure the model!

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  13. The queue was long and is an area that might be worth looking at. Heartily agree about the cash, as well as model shows, the odd model railway exhibition I go to also tend to be cash friendly. The car park stuff is the what the venue require and nothing to do with the model club. Took me all of two minutes (if that) to sort out. 

  14. I spent  very good day at the show. An easy drive over (a few minutes from home on to the M62 and then on motorway virtually to the stadium) Bought some tools and a book and realised I didn't need or want to buy any kits! There were some very nice models on display and had some interesting chats. I have come back wanting to crack on with some builds. 

    Thanks very much to Bolton IPMS for organising good show. Darth Vader did a good job of entertaining the queue at the entrance. 

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