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  1. I would have thought Lakenheath is pretty full once all the squadrons  based there are up to strength. 

    Not sure what state Alconbury is in these days. I bet they wished they had hung on to Bentwaters. 

    If they want something quick, there is always Leeming, which is pretty empty these days. Only the Qatari? Hawks and a few Tutors. It is also near the North Sea and Northern England/Borders playgrounds that the F15Es seem to like. 

  2. Thanks, the Argosy is probably best described as 'rugged'. I was torn between which colour scheme to use, but given that realistically I will only build one Argosy I went for the early scheme. I have a RugRat Andover that is going to be in the Light Stone/Dark Earth scheme. I think the days of imagining building multiples of big kits are virtually over for me, if I want to get done a lot of kits I still want to build. 

    My rule for Group Builds is to only build stuff from the stash or something I would have bought anyway. 

    It's not a bad kit, provided you don't mind cleaning parts up and are patient. 

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  3. On 6/27/2022 at 8:02 AM, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Wow, @Mr T!  You make this look so "easy."  This is inspirational work on your part.  Thanks for taking this one on!

    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I was surprised by how well the kit has gone together, and how much I have enjoyed it, although I want it finished now. 

    19 hours ago, PeterB said:

    The paint finish is impressive - far better than my attempts at silver/NMF.



    Thank you, although the camera flatters the model. Now I am adding aerials etc, the finish is not so pristine. Still, in real life they were fairly hard worked! 

    I have got it on its undercarriage now and most of the aerials have been added at least once. I realised the other day that the props had not had their black de-icer strips added to the blade leading edges and so that is the current job. Another photo or two in a couple of days when some touching up if paintwork has been done. 

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  4. On our holidays, driving down the A14/M11 when we saw a Bedford QL with office body, followed by a Bedford MW with a GS? body. 

    This afternoon on our way to Rye 

    Harbour Nature Reserve, had a black Austin Somerset pass by in the opposite direction, and in the car park near the reserve was a white Jaguar S Type partly sheeted over and a red 1967 Volvo 122. Not seen one of those for a while. 

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  5. First off, a huge sigh of relief that the GB closing date has been extended. I didn't think I would get this finished as we are away from today for a week in East Surrey and Kent, leaving my son to look after the cat.

    The decals are all on. Apart from the Squadron badge and the Wallingford coat of arms from the kit sheet, every thing is home printed. The blue stripes proved a bit more challenging than I would have liked, and it took me longer than I thought to get all the decals on. The kit instructions are a bit of a mishmash of Argosy markings from different periods. Mine model is based on XN847 as she appeared in 1966 from a photo that is on ABPics. Once back from holiday, the undercarriage, props and aerials can be attached. I have really grown to like this kit, despite it somewhat rugged nature. Might have a go at the Mach2 Britannia I have in the stash.



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  6. Halfords Nissan Starburst Silver. I dithered for ages in front of the car sprays. I was going to use some Citroen Artic Silver, which I found at home, but it was a bit dull. I think I was a bit lucky as my use of car sprays, apart from primer, has been a bit hit and miss. Once it has a coat of varnish on it, I think it will be about right. 

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  7. After a good long weekend in London (Inc Jubilee flypast live), back to modelling and more progress on the Argosy. Both gloss white and aluminium finish on now, and the masks have been removed, revealing a small amount of overspray on the white. This was much less than I expected it might be, but still a bit annoying as I thought
    I had cracked it. I have used car sprays which have a gloss and quite hard finish, and so I don't think it will need gloss varnishing before the decals go on. I  am making some decals and just realised it will need some walkway decals on the wing. Might have to make some after I have had a look through my spare decal collection. Basically a set of narrow black lines with some 'step here' lettering. My big worry is whether I will finish by the deadline, as we are away from the 17th for a week and I do not want to rush it as I do not think I will build another one.


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  8. Nice choice of both kit and scheme. I built a Canadian Voodoo in the grey scheme about three years back. On this site somewhere. 

    The Revell kit isn't bad, I fixed the rotating missile bay as it didn't seem to work for me. Even in 1/72nd, it is an impressive beast. 

  9. We are at my sister in laws at the moment. She is a news editor for the BBC. I did mention this and the problem seems to be is that the commentary is out of sync with what is appearing on the screen. So Huw is talking about the planes flying overhead while the camera feed is of the next set of aircraft. Sister in Law is implying that the BBC coverage has not been well organised as a lot of the experienced staff have left/made redundant and there is a fair amount of moving around of staff. Our view of the flypast was pretty well perfect as we were above ground level where the aircraft we flying parallel to the river and so it was like being at an air display. Great atmosphere with everyone clapping and cheering, especially the BBMF and the immaculate '70' formation. 

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  10. Currently sat outside the Southbank Centre with Mrs T, daughter and sis in law with a coffee, and going to move for a better view. The Mall and around Trafalgar Square absolutely solid at 9.30. Reckon we should get a reasonable view near the London Eye. 

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  11. I used to do that a while ago, although didn't bother with the flask. Our group are quite a sociable bunch of pensioners and just tend to follow the walk leader. Having now graduated to that status (one of several) and received my ceremonial high vis vest, all of a sudden I have to know where we are going. The Ordnance Survey Maps app is your friend here. Audio books are a bit of a life saver for me, helped no end when I was recovering from a stroke that messed up my word recognition, still listen to them while modelling. 

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  12. It is not unheard. Most Scale Model Worlds have seen thefts from both the competition and branch displays, although security has been increased and it is now rare. 

    Couldn't even think of a 5k run, although the walking group I am in do about four to five miles in a couple of hours over stiles, hills etc along footpaths. 


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  13. I think this the biggest model I have built, apart from an Italeri C130A I built for a branch IPMS display at the Nationals in about 1988-9. Was pleased with it, but it disappeared without trace not long afterwards (ie stolen). 

    It has been challenging at times, just the work of cleaning up the parts and making them fit was time consuming and it seemed ages before any progress was being made. My main concern is finishing the model in time. The final week of the group build we are away on holiday. The Argosy does have character. 

    BTW, I hope you are well and recovered from Covid. 


  14. Argosy 19

    As you can see, the airframe is complete and after priming, the first white coat to the fuselage and boom upper surface has been sprayed on. Hopefully another coat on tonight if it doesn't rain again, using some white primer for coverage. 

    No more posts till the weekend as we are off to see my sister in law in London and hopefully the Flypast on Thursday. Look forward to a train journey instead of the tedious drive down the M1 and onto to Clapham Common. 

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  15. That's looking really neat, Adam. I remember building the Matchbox Fury after my first year exams, which back in the early seventies exams  were later than they are today (terms, not semesters).

    It's nice to have a little project to keep your hand in. I enjoyed your glider project, looks much more interesting than anything I did at uni, either as a student or a lecturer. I hope the exams have gone well, not much fun. Exam time is never much fun, and since retirement I have definitely not missed the joys of marking.

  16. Photos flatter, there were still some rough spots. Since the photos, engines have been added and I have made an idiot mistake.  Nearly half of the little vanes behind the cockpit were put on vertically rather than horizontally before I stopped and looked them and thought 'bother, these are wrong'. Sorted now, but a bit of a delay. Paint on props and undercarriage. 

    I put the fronts and back of the fuselage halves together, before I put the halves together. It all looked OK and test fitting seemed alright. On gluing the halves, they didn't go together very well and one of the rear fuselage pieces snapped off while I was trying to align it. I think the process of sticking it together had taken some of give out of the fuselage joint. I did some fettling and it all went back together with few problems. 

    Given the reputation of Mach2 kits, if it looks alright at three feet with one eye, it is a win,  although I have seen some excellent work on their kits. As with any kit, I think a lot depends on how much effort you consider is worthwhile for the kit. At the end of the day, I hope to end up with an Argosy that is at least halfway prsentable. 

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