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    Sanding Seams

    If the join is sound and the gap is small then something like Tamiya basic might work. It will produce a fin surface. I am a bit perplexed by the use of the term ridge or bulge. Are you saying that you are struggling to eliminate cleanly the excess filler over the seam? Like Alex, I think a photo would be helpful.
  2. Mr T

    Sanding Seams

    Might be idea to use something a bit beefier as a filler. I am building a Mach2 Argosy, which has a few issues with fit and I have used white Miliput to good effect.
  3. Mr T

    Sanding Seams

    It might be worth checking to see if the seam itself has not split. Sometimes it is not always immediately apparent, but if the seam is not 'solid' then the filler will bulge. Is it a large gap you are trying to fill, as sometimes it is better to fill the gap with stripes of plastic (plastic strip, plastic card or stretched sprue. I have built a Twin Otter, but I cannot remember any issues with the fuselage, although there were a number of others.
  4. My daughter has a subscription and Joe and I are the named family members. Joe is a Star Wars fan and we both watched the Mandalorian. Huge fun, think Fistful of Dollars in space. End of season two has an interesting guest appearance. Looking forward to Obi Wan on Friday.
  5. Very sad, I remember an IPMS Nationals, about 1984 where they had films including the Buccaneer one and one about rallying that used 'Spiral'. The music from 'Bladerunner' just matches the film so well.
  6. To be honest, I just put sheet lead in until it balanced and didn't weight it. I used some salvaged lead sheet from some roofing and guttering work we had done some years ago. I do know it seemed a lot. I have the wings on now and used a fair bit of Miliput on the fuselage seam. Looking at it, I think the fuselage might have a bit of a warp on it. It is not particularly noticeable at a casual look, and so I am going to pretend it doesn't exist. The tail booms might turn out to be 'fun', although a trial fit didn't turn out to be too bad.
  7. On his way out to work this morning, Joe, my son, saw Wilf sat outside the sliding window of one of the flats down the road from us. Apparently he was doing his 'I'm such a cute cat, are you going to let me in and feed me?' Fortunately, they know all about him, but he will still try it on.
  8. A good job on a not so brilliant kit. Special Hobby comes in for a lot of praise, but like all manufacturers, they have their moments and this looks like one of then. The Hudson is a similar kit in that it will fight you every step of the way and the engineering looks similar. I reckon all you can do with a kit like that is persevere and tell yourself this is a fun hobby. You can take pride in the effort you put in into the kit.
  9. In the local churchyard, about 3-400 yards from us is the grave of Thomas Blenkinsop. He was the manager at Middleton Colliery and was responsible for building the Middleton Railway that opened in 1812 as the world's first steam railway. The grave is a bit tucked away, but was well maintained.
  10. Mr T


    Happy birthday, I hope you have had a good day. Mike, happy belated birthday wishes to you.
  11. Hi Ed, I would be interested in a set, I only have one, which is more likely to get built if the cowlings are right.
  12. We were at Bardills Garden Centre just off the A52. My aunt is in a care home at Bramcote.
  13. Having lunch at a garden centre near Nottingham and a Sentry AEW1 (ZH106) has just flown over at about 3,000 feet. A bit of a surprise, but very welcome
  14. Seriously, it is good news, the Allouette II was an important type and deserves a decent kit, although I don't think I need another one (too many kits and a limited lifespan)
  15. A trip to Halifax Modellers World netted the following, most on back order KP Spitfire X, XIand Hawk Major. The latter was bought before I read the comments on BM, ho hum. SH Meteor NF11 in RAF service. I looked at the Messenger, but didn't think it any real advance on the Pavla kit. I can live with vacform canopies in the Pavla one.
  16. It's coming out because I built the Extratech one and the well known rule of building the tricky resin/vacform/multimedia kit prompts the release of an easier kit kicks in.
  17. Fuselage is together. It was a bit of a struggle as the halves were slightly warped in more than one direction. I had to detach one of the rear fuselage halves to get the whole thing to line up properly (well, sort of) Some fettling was required and even now the joints are not exactly smooth. I used a mix of CA and Tamiya fast setting extra thin plastic cement to get parts into some kind of alignment. Once everything was together and under pressure from elastic bands, the joints were flooded with 'ordinary' liquid cement and some bigger gaps filled with shims of plastic card. I have left the whole thing for a day or so to let the seams firm up. My fortune for the near future tells me a lot of Miliput will pass my way.
  18. Given it is the AGM on the 28th of this month, I am going to wait and see.
  19. The Jaguar out of the way and so now clear decks with the Argosy. I have been doing bits and pieces with it for a while, but it has not had my full attention. The last couple of days have seen the cockpit interior sorted, and the fuselage is ready for the joining. I had built up the wing, tail and booms so that the parts could be held together with tape while I worked out how much weight it would need in the nose. A lot, it turns out. Once the fuselage halves are joined, l plan on doing any filling of the airframe components, so the assembled whole will not need so much handling once it is all together. That at least is the plan. The instruments and fuse panel are paper cutouts I made from photos I found online. they were varnished and stuck on plasticard
  20. 1/72nd Hasegawa Jaguar GR1 XZ387, 31 Sqn early 1980's Finally, finished my Jaguar, which took longer than I thought. I think this was due to the add-ons required more work than I anticipated. A bit of the eighties when we did worry about whether we were going to see the nineties. Build thread here Thanks to Col and Enzo for making this all happen.
  21. It turned out to be more than a couple of hours of work in the end, but the Jaguar is finished and in the Gallery. A nice slice of the eighties when I was free and single for a while, although relatively not so well off as a student nurse and newly qualified staff nurse.
  22. A bit late in the day, but I have used the car primer paint sold in larger branches of the Range not to be bad, very similar to Halfords, smaller cans and was about the same price per 100ml. Your Nimrod is a cracking model BTW. I recall the real thing showing up at a Finningley airshow in about 1980-1. It looks just as ugly in the air.
  23. Your build might spur me into having a go at the Virginia. For those who didn't know, Contrail produced a multi kit from which it was possible to build at least two (or three) different Virginias, a Victoria and a Valentia. I don't mean you had a choice of which one to build, you could build them all.
  24. Usually two plus odd work on a third. But if it is a large aircraft, then I will concentrate on that. I have had had four on the go at once, but I didn't enjoy it very much.
  25. As others have said, it is the kit, not you. Given that you have just come back, it is a good learning experience about rediscovering techniques. A lot of the newer Airfix kits are designed and tooled in such a way that any flash or seam or even paint will stop parts from fitting properly. In some cases, the moulding seems to be be out of true as well. For example the Swift can be a bit iffy around the jet intakes. The kits look nice, but this can sometimes be deceptive.
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