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  1. Re the multicoloured sprue thing. I believe Matchbox thought if they could get their kits into the same shops that the die-cast cars were in, the multicoloured aspect would give them edge over Airfix etc in the young modeller stakes. Browns and yellows seemed to be around a lot and one of my acquaintances always reckoned the seventies was made in 'Brownovision'. I can remember being home for Easter from Uni and buying the Fury from our local newsagent and being very impressed by it. I was 19 and reading 'Scale Models' and starting to take model building a bit more seriously in terms of care and detail. My girlfriend was heavily into painting and sewing and so no real issues over spending time modelling.
  2. Yes, that is the one. I know of it because Mrs T is a close relative of the people who owned it and had shares in it until the sell out. We also have quite a few bits of Pratts furniture from the early part of the twentieth century. The other thing that piqued my interest was that during WW1 Pratts were sub contracted to Pheonix Dynamo to build bits for various aircraft. The shop with new owners is now on Regent St in Leeds.
  3. The AW Siskin, PK25 is out of the stash, together with my sole Aeroclub Jaguar engine and Modeldecal Sheet 31a. Looking forward to this as I recall it was a nice build 40 odd years ago.
  4. That's what my son used to complain about that on his geology/palaeontology degree! The more sciencey/engineering/health degrees always seem to have a higher taught workload compared to some others. My daughter did History and seemed to have a very light lecture load. I taught in nursing and so we were at the heavy end. Glad it seems to be working out. Got the Argosy out to look at. Not quite as bad as I remembered. Surface detail seems ok
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I am not sure how early the Phimat or ALQ pods were fitted, but one and a Sidewinder (apparently AIM9G early on as hand me downs) looks tempting with some bombs. The fuel tanks seem to be an almost permanent fixture.
  6. Mr T

    Covid Jab

    My nephew, who has no medical experience was taught how to do injections when he worked for one of the mass vaccination centres in London. He was very impressed by how thorough the teaching was. They worked as teams with a nurse or doctor overseeing them. They just had to give the injection, the drawing up of the vaccine was done by a more suitably qualified person. Mrs T left home just after seven this morning to spend another Saturday morning at the surgery doing vaccinations along with a GP, the practice manager (who is also a nurse practitioner), practice nurses and healthcare support workers. She will be doing the same next week etc. She gets paid for doing it, but that's not the point, she had deal with the care homes when Covid ripped through them last year to want a rerun.
  7. I intend building a RAF Germany based Jaguar for the forthcoming GB. Most of photos show tanks on the inner pylons and a practice bomb carrier on the centre line pylon. As this is not really in keeping with the theme of the GB, please do those of you with experience in this area know what a likely operational stores fit would be on Jaguar at that time? Thanks Martin
  8. Mr T

    Covid Jab

    Having taught student nurses and doctors on the wards and as a lecturer, it is not difficult, but less straightforward than you think. Covid and flu jabs use a fine bore relatively short needle that is designed to go into the muscle, usually the deltoid in the upper arm. This is a good site as it is easily accessible and has a fair mass so that you are more likely to hit muscle rather than anything else. This is the easiest injection to give so long as it is done by the book, but there can still be problems. For example, even the most skilled person can it a capillary, causing bleeding as they are invisible. Had my booster on 6th November, felt a bit off it the next day so something is working, in any event better than being dead.
  9. Apparently two have gone back, presumably as they are bring pretty intensively flown while they are here, the Swiss must want to even the flying hours out and they may need to going back to meet normal servicing requirements
  10. Thanks, one of the big weaknesses of the Hasegawa kit is the poor representation of the Air brakes and I hope to use the PP Aeroparts parts instead. I fancy doing an RAF Germany based aircraft from one of the old Modedecal sheets in the wrap around camouflage.
  11. Hi Adam, as an ex lecturer can I take it that you are hard at work with your course? On a more serious note, I have a Mach2 Argosy that I am seriously tempted by. By chance I walked past the Amory mode stand at SMW and they had a set of Argosy wheels. I consider that to be a sufficient omen to build the kit.
  12. Hi Dennis, Can't remember if I had signed up for this one, so could I join please. I keep meaning to build a Meteor III of 504 Sqn in 1945. have the 1/72nd Cyberhobby kit and planning on using that. There do not appear to be any photos of the FIII on 504 Sqn markings at that time, but I have some serial code tie ups and a picture of a 245 Sqn aircraft with a suitable serial and code dated to just after the renumbering of 504.
  13. Hi Col, a a Hasegawa Jaguar GR1 was near the top of the build pile, together with a quite old PP Aeroparts upgrade set. Could I join please?
  14. No, they flew in after, judging by the photos I have seen, it was pretty much dark when they arrived. Slightly off topic, while I was there some sort of armoured patrol vehicle kept trundling past on the perimeter road. I am not well up on these, but it was four wheeled and quite large. Looking at pictures it might have been a Ridge back as it was getting on for small lorry sized.
  15. Thanks for the video. I went up to watch the afternoon launches yesterday and had a good time watching fast jets which for me is a rare occasion these days
  16. A trip to Halifax Modellers World yesterday to pick up a pre ordered KP Sopwith Dolphin. Whilst I was there, I succumbed to the 1/72nd Dora Wings P43 Lancer. I fancy converting it to one of the reconnaissance aircraft flown by the RAAF. I am pretty sure I have the bits left over from the Pavla kit that came to sticky end before I got round to using them.
  17. Bought one yesterday at Halifax Modellers World. It looks very nice, not cheap, but etch and masks add a bit of value.
  18. Yesterday a Coast Guard S92 came over on the approach to Leeds Bradford. Helicopters going into Leeds General Infirmary use the airport approach as the LGI is directly below it. Today took a trip up A1 to Leeming to see the Swiss F18 Hornets that are there for a month.
  19. Given the GBs I have signed up for that start at the beginning of the year, it will definitely be the Siskin for this one. I have retrieved one from the stash and found Modedecal Sheet 31a. I last built thus kit in 1980 and so it will be interesting to see how it turns out this time. Will have Judie Tzuke 'Welcome to the Cruise' on to remind me of the time when I became single again
  20. The Orange Catholic Bible is quoted as saying 'Thou shalt not make a machine in the image of Man'. In the book it is hinted that Ix clandestinely make computers
  21. I had heard that as well. I don't enough about the economics of Kit production versus model railways. I do know that production numbers for some locos are really quite small and this is reflected in the price, which in soms cases would keep in me in kits for a couple of years. Hornby seemed to suffer real supply chain problems even before the pandemic owing to issues with the factories they use in China. Some of their new models are sold out on preorders before they are even released. A look on a model railway forum like RMWeb, will see some degree of frothing and gnashing of teeth.
  22. I wonder if anyone from Airfix reads Britmodeller and is now having a quiet giggle over the musings set forth in in this thread. At present they will be looking at what they will do in 2023, providing, off course, that Mr Kohler hasn't given all the money to his beloved trains. In view of the disruption caused by the pandemic, is it going to be rebox time. Eg new decals for the Mosquito (as a TT35 is time) or bring back the 1/72nd Spitfire 22 with new decals? Anyway it is only a bout six or seven weeks before we find out.
  23. Steve is quite right, when I was still working, my morning and evening commute could take hugely different times. There is a major meeting of roads in Leeds called the Armley Gyratory. If there is a problem there it backs the whole road system up in Leeds. I used to get the train at one stage, but the although the theoretical journey home from Woodlesford to Leeds was about 10-15 minutes, you could wait that long to get a path into Leeds Station as the train had to cross virtually all the tracks into the station. If of course you could get on the train. Our buses are pretty dire as well. Our service is provided by Non-Arriva (a subsidiary of DB, the German State Railway) and us frequently late or knocks. Mind you reading up about the buses, the complaints about the services to our bit of greater Leeds date from the nineteen thirties. Spleen vented for another day.
  24. From the Works in Buxton, a book called 'The Ultimate Spitfires' about the Griffon Spitfires and Spiteful family. Most of the photos look familiar, but it looks an interesting book about a relatively neglected part of the Spitfire.
  25. The problem with UK roads is the lottery you play any time you go any distance. We had a straightforward run down to Telford, not withstanding a road closure on or normal route and so going a slightly different way. Going down to see my daughter or sister in law in Windsor and South London, always seems to be a trial.
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