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  1. Police Chopper X many still based at Filton. Miss the old days when you would get nearly anything that could fly. If it could not the super guppy would take bits away.
  2. Thankyou Troy, Splosh it on was a bit tongue in cheek. I have always painted my spits in the colours shown in the layout shown in the diagram. That is what confused me. Any idea why the mirror image though?
  3. Quick answer Tamiya is hopeless for brushing and on brushes get as selelection of flat ones
  4. Thread drift(ish) anyone got a copy of this months Flypast. The front cover shows two spits(both data plate rebuilds) with different camouflage schemes. Which is correct or is it a splosh some green over the dark earth at random?
  5. Nice model and a superb sea effect. Very well done that first picture had me fooled!
  6. paul178


    Thanks folks for the multitude of replies!
  7. paul178


    Can any one tell me where I can purchase IPA.? I used to have shed loads of the stuff from Ambersil when I was in business but the well is now dry and I no longer have a business account. Paul
  8. Yes Will Revell, and although I am happy with it I am not posting a picture as your one in small scale looks better by a country mile!
  9. I think this is excellent work in such a small scale. I had enough trouble with my 1/72 but this I would not even contemplate attempting. Very well done indeed.
  10. Its all been said. I would have believed it was real. I can't see how anyone can top that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Very nice indeed, you should be very proud of that. My mustang is the next but one to be done. I weather with pastels but seeing yours I am definitely considering oils now
  12. Have a little trundle through this thread. http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?129458-Mysterious-plane-over-Texas
  13. I am very impressed with this Spit. Remember even though RR made the engine they leaked oil for a pastime During the Battle of Britain if it could fly and fight that was all that mattered,.
  14. Really good for a first kit apart from the decal issue which I think we have all learned about by now thanks to forums like this. I hope you are justly proud of what you have achieved. Keep up the good work and show us the Ju87 when its done. BTW the paintbrushes from the starter kit are round. Try investing in a few flat ones. As a brush painter like you I find they do not leave stroke marks.(not that I can see any on your model!)
  15. That is superb.(Next time put a warning in the title though.)
  16. I really like this. You have done a great job on it!
  17. cracking job there! Triumph over adversity comes to mind after reading your WIP,
  18. Very nice work on an old kit. You have done it proud. Jolly well done indeed!
  19. Thanks for your advice folks. I will not use canned air(I used enough of that in my job)so it will be a compressor. So what's a realisticl priced one to set me on my way for now? Ones to avoid would be good to know if that does not break forum rules.
  20. So in reading all this I would like to ask the wise and good on here what should I do? I am coming up to my 69th Birthday and have been model making since the little blue spitfire came out at two shillings. Without blowing my own trumpet I have always brush painted and the results are generally good but I would like to see what results I could get with an Air brush. So this is going to be a present to me from my wife The nub of the question is I would like to get a brush and compressor that will do a good job for spraying large areas and also cope with camouflaging say something like a 1/72 spit or 109, nothing elaborate. I paint with acrylics now and much prefer them. Can any member or members recommend a fairly inexpensive set up that will do that(I don't want to fleece my wife on cost to much. If I don't get on with it I will quietly put it away and go back to the hairy stick. As for cleaning it out and disassembling it I don't mind that I was a photocopier engineer for 30 years so muck grime and burnt on toner I am sure would have been much worse. Sorry for the ramble but I would like some suggestions.
  21. My MK2 was that colour scheme and that model is a perfect match,whatever happened to two tone cars! BTW is that your GT6 triumphfan?
  22. Well all I can say as someone who owned both the the genuine article and a Mk2 (and wish I still had them) That is a absolutely fantastic model and I cannot fault it very well done indeed. As a matter of interest I bought a 100/6 in 1972 for the sum of £375 in vgc. In hindsight I wish I hung on to it. I wince every time I see for sale adds in motoring mags!!!!!!!!
  23. As a matter of interest HMG has shaken the taxpayer upside down and apparently we now own TWO! F35b's One to park by each tower.
  24. Ordered on the 4th at lunchtime and Warspite arrived today(6th) at 8.30am Dreadnought out of stock but promised on the 12th Thats good service and communication on Wonderlands part in my book!
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