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  1. Bloody Hell your work just gets better and better, ostrich egg. never in a million years would I have thought of that. I take my hat off to you Sir.
  2. Congratulations on a superb build.(as I look at mine still boxed and wondering how the hell I can even come close to that!) BTW the "swing out bars" are called booms. Here is an interesting article on them if any one is interested http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpedo_net
  3. I am in awe of your builds. Can I ask on this one what do you make the sails from. In the distant past making plastic sailing ships I rigged them without sails as the ones supplied were horrible and I could not think of anything realistic? Any chance of you posting your photo of Preussen lying at anchor please?
  4. Cracking job there especially brush painted but who forgot the nose weights? It does somewhat annoy me when everything is designed with the airbrush user in mind. Airfix magazine is the worst offender for that now. This is from another hairy stick painter.
  5. I have to post again. I was amazed at the Yarmouth pictures and absolutely mesmerised by your work with this diorama. I have to look at it every time I log on. There are not words that adequately describe your skill!
  6. I am not going to admit to building that kit many years ago after seeing that superb model!
  7. I have the LS Colt 45, Remington auto mag,Nambu,2 P38 one with wooden grip and one with standard grip Mauser, 2 Lugers one as this thread and a long barrel, Colt 38 and S&W 45. They have not seen the light of day for 25+ years. I am restoring them slowly but the years in the Garage have not been kind and in trying to disassemble them they are a bit brittle and the steel parts have rusted. I have also got fair selection of BB guns when it was legal to sell black ones M16 and MP5 which are battery operated. BTW it is illegal to paint the brightly coloured one now so I will leave the subject there!
  8. But how much to shift it? http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?132250-Another-Lightning-for-Brunty-XR713
  9. The more I look at your work, the more amazed and impressed I get!
  10. Excellent work. I bought one of these last week and I am going to chicken out and shut the door. I like the rotor fold thats a great idea I am getting pushed for room
  11. Come on all this speculation ruins the surprise. Am I the only one who can remember going into Woolies on a Saturday morning and rummaging about the bags looking for a new kit.
  12. paul178

    Airfix Swift

    Regarding the comments made about my post of what I thought a good model Swift looked like. I was well aware of the fact that it was by another manufacturer. Look at the date on the link it would not be Airfix unless they have a Flux capacitor.
  13. paul178

    Airfix Swift

    The pictures in Airfix mag make it look "orrible" so I am holding fire until a few of you get your hands on them. Google search images and see if you can find one that looks like that. Here is a nice one from 2012 on this site http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234910179-supermarine-swift-fr5-xtrakit-172/ Panel lines are there but not obvious
  14. She is showing her petticoat so I should imagine there is quite a lot of weighty equipment still to go aboard during fitting out.
  15. What makes my blood boil is we had a perfectly good aircraft industry.This was more than capable of producing a home grown alternative yet we insist on buying American.(I have deleted the rest of this sentence as it contains extremely obscene language ) What a jolly good idea lets put JCB's through our Nimrods and by Rivet Joints and how about flogging our Harriers to the Yanks they love them. Going back a few decades I seem to remember the Canberra was a success over the pond .T-45 Goshawk comes to mind as well Rant over I am now going to take my pills and have a lie down!!!!
  16. Interesting colour scheme on a T Boat. If anyone really wants to drive themselves mad though try modelling HMS Tireless as she looks at paying off. I have one in my stash but not brave enough to try that!
  17. Dave as I said earlier that is wonderful work. Yes I did notice they were c's as they were not on fire. Sorry Boeing I am sure you will fix the problem eventually!
  18. As this aircraft is almost ready to fly get a copy of this months flypast or have a look at it in Smiths it might help you. Not sure if the detail you want is there but my copy is in my car(to read while my wife is shopping) and I am sitting here in my underpants and don't fancy streaking at my time of life!
  19. Dave you retired from work years ago? you are wearing well by your picture then!
  20. Well working where you do I bet the detail is correct! Excellent work congratulations!
  21. Nice one Geoff, just what I am after.
  22. Some years ago I read and downloaded an article from an airfix mag(in its previous incarnation) which had plans on how to do this, Search as I might I can't find them. Has anyone got them or can find them on the net as I an unable to do so? The main thing that is going to stall the project is the length of the superstructure. I believe these boats were a couple of feet different in size but I will live with that
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