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  1. At #38 First printing in bold was a glitch in the computer or my use of it! Second all I was trying perhaps not successfully that the war has been over for 70 years and old enemies are now our friends and most were not even born during WW2 so respect does not really apply in my mind, it is a matter of History that should be remembered and learnt from so that it is not repeated. I see no problem in any one modelling on this subject. Take a look at the box art from our friends Airfix. Do they not show the model downing the opposition whether Allied or Axis? BTW I sold and serviced Japanese photocopiers for 30 years and have a Lexus and a Honda. John T I agree totally with you Just one more point. Yes I am old and not probably in touch with the younger generation but I was disturbed by the gaming I saw at Christmas. My two young Grandchildren were playing with some sort of machine X Box or Playstation I have no idea about these things. It was a "game" which involved soldiers moving though a building and blowing the opposition to bits and this was all done on the living rooms 49" television. I think our hobby is calm and peaceful after that! I hope my post clarifies my position and I have not upset any ones sensibilities.
  2. Would you(or do you) drive a German or Japanese car. They all built aircraft or parts in WW2 to kill the allies?
  3. A very stunning piece of work. I am just about to start on mine and would be pleased to get anywhere near your standard. One question though. Why no black boot topping on the hull?
  4. Bob, I remember it clearly although I was almost seven. I still remember the names of the men involved and most clearly the Tug Turmoil. Daft to ask have you done a model of her? I wonder why my typing has now taken on a list? I can't see that I have pressed anything to do this. I suppose when it reaches 60% it will have to put my monitor on its side to read it. This is spooky though as we are discussing the Flying Enterprise!
  5. Old saying "If you buy cheap you buy twice" That can be very sound advice(unless you are very lucky)
  6. Should have guessed you had made one Bob! Again you take my breath away with your work. If I was younger you would have inspired me to try something like this but now at 70 with Carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis in my hands it is now impossible. Ordinary plastic modelling takes 3 times what it did. My only adventures in nautical things when I was young (8-11)was motor driven balsa wood boats(no R?/C then) from Rip Max. All balsa wood and some sort of dope that smelt of bananas if I recall correctly(I could be wrong on the smell). Hard chine boats were the easiest but my Father would stand over me and I dreaded the words" Thats not right,do it again"! Really that should have put me off modelling for life but here I still am. PS my boats never sank
  7. Beautiful Ship Bob are you going to make her?
  8. Remember coming back from Jersey to Bristol on a Dan Air one. NIce build and happy memories!
  9. Why surprised? Work of your calibre is mind blowing and we recognise that on Britmodeller Bob. BTW its two replies now on youtube!
  10. I just love the ships you make. Another top drawer model excellent as always!
  11. Great build, brings back memories of many a mile travelled in one of these, thankyou
  12. I love this thread any more you can tell. Please do. BTW although I have not commented on all the models you have made I am totally in awe of your work and love every one you have posted!
  13. Wasn't there a build article on this aircraft in Airfix Magazine sometime in the last year or maybe slightly longer?
  14. Dave I thought it was wrong as well. So we both lived and learned!
  15. Unfortunately for the Japanese they did not stop the West Virginia despite the appalling damage done. Once repaired she had a rather active war. Yep do her first she deserves it!
  16. My Grandfather bought a piece of her for my Dad as a memento for a shilling in the 1920's and as he died in 1926 I wonder what is original? As has been said Triggers broom comes to mind. This does not show much just her masts but alive webcam anyyway http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
  17. Warren the Urologist said mine was a wopper but not cancerous. The pills I have been given apparently make my hair grow and will also makes my breasts enlarge. So if you see a well endowed man of 70 with long hair just say "Hi Paul"(especially if he is going into the opticians after putting PE on the deck.)
  18. Great job! I can't say I fancy doing all that deckwork but I will give it a go. I hope you are feeling better I got away with benign prostatic hyperplasia(bph) and that was bad enough!
  19. I like that. 44 was allover grey at one stage that would have saved me hours painting mine!
  20. If anyone knows more than Rich W of the Shackleton Preservation Trust step up to the plate. He and his team have worked tirelessly on theirs outside in all weathers with whatever backing they can get. Eventually she will fly. I will wait for his definitive verdict before I buy a kit. If in the meantime you wish to donate some money do it to his 1to1 venture. http://www.avroshackleton.co.uk/
  21. Very nice as usual. Brush painting is an art and you are a very good exponent of it. Air Brushing is all well and good but at the risk of being burnt at the stake or excommunicated I wish more emphasis was put on the good old hairy stick used well it produces superior results and more pride in your craft.
  22. Can't (dream) top(ping) those remarks they take the cake!
  23. Superb tribute to Ray and Mark. Two exceptional airmen. Ray however in my opinion was by far the best of them. I was privileged to see them both display but Ray was out of this world. I fear we will never see the like of him again.
  24. Just come across this thread, I am sad that such a talent has passed away. RIP sir To Admin is there any way for his content to be preserved perhaps as a sticky for those who join can see something to try to aspire too?
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