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  1. Followed this every step of the way Kev. A truly exceptional build that takes my breath away!
  2. You have done it again! I could not get one when Kitmaster was going! I suppose you will pop up with a Baureihe next? BTW that model looks excellent. Just one thing though,have you thought of adding a fall Plate between engine and tender?
  3. Bob I am sure that there are many modelers on this forum even those with sausage fingers that could build a passable ship. The problem as i see it is that the scale and intricate work that you produce makes us all run back to the safety of what we all know. Yes I understand you will say that it easier than it looks and maybe it is. For my part I am going to try a sailing ship freehand with no plans of an actual ship on a larger scale and if it works out I will post some pics of it. Don't hold your breath though I have some things to get out of the way first so I should start at the end of August. You will know when I start as I will probably try and pester your life out!
  4. Any one got a picture of an inverted XH558?
  5. paul178

    RAF Liberators...

    My Father used to fly Libs in the Middle East with 160 and 178 squadrons among others. If you want a definitive answer PM Matt Poole he should be able to help you. Paul
  6. Very nice indeed. I have been after one for decades now but the prices were just to high if one popped up! Don't tell me you got it for peanuts or you will ruin my day(lol)
  7. Another beauty Bob. A question though "Has some one nicked you pen?" Another question,your cabinets do you cut your own glass or get a shop to do it? The edging on the corners does that hold the glass together or just to hide the adhesive? Sorry for the cross questioning but I an thinking about making one or more for my favorite dust trap models
  8. This build just gets better and better. I can't wait to see it finished in all its glory Kev!
  9. Watching with great interest Bob!
  10. Cracking job Dylan, you are on the way to give your Dad a run for his money. Keep it up! I wish I was half as good at your age.
  11. I like that, I have one in my stash but humming and harring about colour. May I ask what paint and shade you used?
  12. No interest! Well I think this forum thinks otherwise. Exceptional build and a beautiful subject Bob.(as always) Keep them coming!
  13. ​Yes Kev it was the airfix was the one I was referring to after the other build. Sorry for any confusion. Paul
  14. Thank you very much Kev, I have enough Halfords grey primer to spray a truck! Yes 97 it will be then. They exhausts? look very clean so she must be new or a very "tidley boat"! Without driving you nuts MTB 524 looks very similar to the airfix 1/72 kit. do you know if the hull form is the same.If it is I might try converting it. Good for me to do a bit of scratch building after I finish 97. OOB is all very well but after your magnificent offerings (MAS Boat and 385 in progress) I will have a bash but not on your scale as that is beyond me. Cheers Paul
  15. Thanks to a member on here I now have the above boat. I have been researching colours for it. After much googling I am confused. I want to build it as MTB77or similar and the more I look The more confused I get. My problems are I am restricted to aerosols* and I think the Hull colour is near enough 64 and in a conversation with some one who's Dad served in this class in the channel thinks the whole boat was light grey apart from the anti slip areas which were blue grey or darker grey. This was from a model his father made and is recollection only. I want to model this as an early war channel scheme not a Mediterranean one. So can anyone throw any light on this please? All comments and help gratefully received. *I think painting a 25" long hull with a paint brush and acrylics is beyond my skills(unless with a 2" brush and work fast and I am sure that would look a dogs breakfast) The deck if it is a different colour I can do by brush in bits and what colour might that be. Thanks Paul
  16. Excellent photo's to me the B52 is my favourite the B2 may be more capable(or not) but looks nothing in comparison.
  17. 1/24 Spruce Goose(that will keep everyone busy for a bit) Being sensible I would like 1/72 Dog Boat(some hopes though)
  18. Excellent as usual I am waiting for your HMS Valiant now!
  19. Tad more than a prop! http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?135055-Hawker-Hurricane-P3351-on-its-nose-in-France
  20. Hurricane P3351 nosed over after it overran the runway at Darois.No injuries to report but Hurri needs a prop looked at.
  21. My Gob is absolutely smacked at such an amazing piece of work! Absolutely superb does not do justice to you and the finished article!
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