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  1. Dave I like your build a lot and the creepy thing about this is also getting my mojo back. I have in the last week started my MAS boat! It will probably take some time due to my hands as I can work for half an hour and then have to rest for a similar period before starting again.Hull is progressing and some of the smaller sub assemblies.I am humming and harring about the red and white stripes though so I will probably chicken out and do the black sea version! PS I am still fighting with the PE for the nose of the hull to fit properly,any suggestions as to the best adhesive? Paul
  2. I have watched your build from day one and it is the first item I click onto each day. I must say it is a masterful build and you deserve all praise for it!
  3. Alan probably this. BBC News 29/01/2016: Type 45 destroyers: UK's £1bn warships face engine refit The Type 45 destroyer is one of the most advanced anti-aircraft warships of its kind The Royal Navy's most modern warships are to be fitted with new engines because they keep breaking down. In an email seen by the BBC, a serving Royal Navy officer wrote that "total electric failures are common" on its fleet of six £1bn Type 45 destroyers. The Ministry of Defence said there were reliability issues with the propulsion system and work to fix it would be done to ensure "ships remain available". One
  4. Oh yes another cracker from you. I love that sea effect!
  5. Dave Your post applies to me also for exactly the same reasons so I will do what you are doing. I will look though my stash and see what is simple and easy and will not matter if I muck it up. I hope 2016 will see your health improve both mental and physical.
  6. I have a bias towards MTB's and MGB's and you have built a superb example there. Very well done you should be very proud of that!!!!!!!
  7. Great work Rob,impressed does not cover it! I collect but dont run LMS Locos and have about 15 of them but since I was about 12 my friend had a 3 rail Mallard on his Layout and I always wanted one.Fast forward 58 years and I got a phone call from a Stepson, He had just bought a Hornby Falcon in a box for £10 did I want it. I said yes and could hardly wait like a big kid for last Sunday when he was bringing it up. I was expecting a tired example that I would have to work on. What I got was a brand new in the box Hornby Railroad 2779 example. Out came 3 metres of track,I disconnected my Horn
  8. How much is it please? I want to know how much I will have to squirrel away for it in the coming month or two!
  9. #138 that picture shows it without so that is the way I would go. Just to add I have not commented on your build before but I have enjoyed every bit of it. Excellent work mate!
  10. Nice crisp build on such a small kit, I like it a lot. Very well done!
  11. That was quick! Thanks. A quick Google tells me Bristol Tools(5 miles from me) stock the HSS ones so hopefully sorted!
  12. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have been donated a 12v mini drill bit no bits. My question is where can I get a selection either on the high street or by post. I do not use PayPal so that puts some I have found out of the question. Any Ideas folks,also Is there a best quality brand that I should look for?
  13. Incredible indeed,its fantastic. Is the shed big enough to weather the other side or do you have to take it outside and do a 3 point turn?
  14. paul178


    I would very much like to see it please.
  15. Try this instead the end of Dark Star "Benson Arizona"
  16. Get hold of a copy of this months Flypast they have done a multi page article on this aircraft.
  17. That is very nice and interesting diorama. Only thing that would improve it would be a mooring party on the boat and ashore.
  18. Nice photo I have never seen this one before. Can I ask where you got it? As for colour I would ask Matt Poole he might be able to help.
  19. Nice one Tony but of course I am biased. If you can't find room to display it I would give it place of honour in my abode!
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