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  1. Absolutely superb as usual. I love what you have done here with the diorama!
  2. Damn tablet will not allow me to alter my first buffer to buffer beams. Still as I said a very nice job indeed.
  3. AVery nice job indeed. If I can make a constructive criticism the buffers and buffers look to clean and bright.a very light wash on the beams and dull silver and black on the buffers.
  4. If you can do it will you give me an idiots guide please?
  5. As you can see photobucket has got you with ransomware pay them $400 in advance and you can post on their crap site for a whole year!
  6. For those new to the forum and may have missed this,I make no apollogy for this link.
  7. Nameplates and cab numbers have a history of "walking" Nice Model Lee.
  8. Outstanding! You have done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. If you get stuck join http://www.shippinghistory.com/ Ask Dartskipper he runs the one on the Dart and he is a mine of information.
  10. Sorry folks I can't resist Bangy McBangface! I'll get my coat, TAXI!
  11. A long time since I saw this splendid work. I think I appreciate it even more now if that is possible!
  12. I really think you should go back on your medication!
  13. This build just gets better and better!
  14. Good start I am watching your build with interest keep the pictures coming! Small point though HMS Hood was a Battlecruiser. I met the last of the three survivors in about 1999 who was Ted Briggs a charming man!
  15. Barrel droop? Any one making Viagra for plastic? robgizlu this is a cracking build and I have been following it intently from the start
  16. You have not lost your mojo Kev you are just thinking which toilet paper for the Heads. Jeyes or Izal, it could be a pain in the ar*e if you get it wrong!
  17. I love your work Kev although I wonder if you have OCDBD(Obsessive Compulsive Dog Boat Disorder) I notice the Tank therapy did not seem to work.
  18. I have been drawn back to this thread so many times now and it is great to see new members discovering this work of art. On a sombre note read what the ships and their men were going into. Its a long thread but an insight into the Falklands war.on the lower decks was like from a nineteen year old Sailor. https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/falklands-war-hms-argonaut.244349/
  19. At last you are back where you belong with ropes,rowlocks and rudders!
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