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  1. Well all i can say is the easiest way to put people of modelling is buy the Victoria Cross Ikons set. It is absolute junk The Blenheim is going straight in the bin,I won't bother with the Hampden and I am trying to make something of the Battle that resembles an aircraft. The Hurricane with much work was better. This set was bought for me as a present otherwise Mr Airfix could have all £29.99 of it back!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS SET, RUBBISH DOES NOT COME CLOSE TO DESCRIBING IT!
  2. On another forum I frequent this topic has appeared. http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread....326#post1880326 So my questions are Is this a genuine aircraft or is this a very clever photoshoppig job of a model? Theres a lot of headscratching going on about it!
  3. Any willing decal manufacturer fancy making a few sets of Luftwaffe markings for my Spitfires and Hurricanes? I will put a hold on finishing my Fairey Battle for now until I am sure I wont be dragged off to the nick! Japanese Beufighter anyone?
  4. Copied and pasted from another forum, sheer madness! http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?t=115793
  5. Forget the enamels. I am looking at perhaps 200 tins of the stuff. I am going to keep the odd shade fot nav lights etc but not large areas. Like you I brush paint and now use acrylic paints only. As has been said I use Klear and Humbrol Spray Varnishs, I use Grey primer from Halfords and large areas I use rattle cans. I always use sheets of plasticard for testing first never something that has been prepainted. Working on the premise that the model is new and unpainted and I don't want to confuse the issue as how the finish would look.Last tip never hurry it and don't paint when you are tired. Good Luck and Happy Modelling!
  6. Cut a smal piece of paper and cover the rudder on your screen. I just did that and it looks straight to me. I would like to add its a nice build as well! You see the faults in your own work others wont unless you point them out!
  7. Have a look at this thread http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread....831#post1869831
  8. Don't throw the bottom half of the hull away you could make a diorama of "Vince" in the breakers with that
  9. On another forum we are trying to establish the colour of this aircraft. Does anyone here know for sure or better still have a colour photo of it? Link to forum subject http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread....974#post1815974 Thanks Paul.
  10. Yes I started the thread going on that forum. Have a look through the link I posted there is a lot of interesting stuff on there including the Hunter http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=27636
  11. I am looking at my 1a kit as its next in line to be built. I think it will now go to the bottom of my stash. That is astounding work!!!!!!!
  12. Thankyou dogsbody it does help a lot. It shows the demarcation between the upper and lower paint colours.
  13. Seen the Decals now,but I think I will go for the prototype. Thanks Paul
  14. Thank you Iain we both agree on the Connies beauty!
  15. Iain and Jennings thanks for your posts also they crossed with me posting my last reply. Keep them coming though I am really up for this conversion Paul
  16. Thanks Chuck a rapid measure of a fusalage half and conversion from metric to imperial measurements gives me 95 feet. So I am still good to go with this. FYO it is the short nosed Connie with the Heller box saying "C-121A Constellation 'Berlin' kit no 80382 So I think C69 it is despite the box description. Thank you for your help with the colours also. Any further help with this mod will be greatfully recieved as I am flying blind with this one! Best Wishes Paul
  17. As I can't get the MATS decals for my heller C121A I thought about plan B. Modelling the prototype NX25600. seems removing the astrodome and deicing equipment is the major mod. The things I am not clear about are the colours. This is the only pic I can find. http://www.zoggavia.com/c_n_1961.html I am presuming olive drab for upper surfaces and it looks like a kharki tip to the nose? What do you recon to the undersides,also props and spinners look black with yellow tips? I would like to build it with flaps down what do you think aluminium for them? So any help on the above would be great. Thanks Paul
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